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Bondal Lied under Oath – Where’s Nancy’s Gun?

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Renato Bondal who showed video footages to discredit the character of the Binays – to desperately stop Vice President Jejomar Binay’s bid for the 2016 Presidential election has now been proven a great liar! Earlier, he testified that the Makati cake supplier was Nancy Binay’s Millenium Food Business when their product is Greenwich Pizza Franchise Operation and not cakes as denied by Mellinium Board Member Chong during the July 7, 2015 Binay Senated Probe.

Another big lie from State Witness Bondal is the alleged 1,000 Pesos price of the cake when Liberal’s acting Makati Mayor, Romulo Pena himself accidentally disclosed that he was trying to beat the 306.75 Pesos cake price through a bidding – after he was critisized by the Binay Camp through Social Media that he was not following COA’s Standard Operating Procedure to be reimbursed with the expenses on his Goldilocks supplier.

Bondal was even caught on video lying about Nancy Binay holding a gun during the Dasmarinas incident with Mayor Junjun Binay – showing the recording of the event with a bias dubbing. Watch this portion of the video with Nancy Binay on it. Absolutely no gun. Just a handkerchief!

Camp Binay members are now asking; why do senators tolerate the lies of Renato Bondal? Senator Trillanes is often seen on these video hearings warning witnesses that they are under oath. So, what will he do against Bondal? Truly a case of: If you cannot discredit the father, try the children!

Here are the links to the full transcriptions and video of July 7, 2015 Binay Senate Probe:
Part 1: Senate Probe Media Favors Binay Anew – July 7, 2015

Part 2: Trillanes’s Accusations are Opposite from the Witnesses’ – Part 2 July 15, 2015 Binay Senate Probe

Image Source: Kicker Daily News

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