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Bongbong-Bong Tandem Emerges as Mayor Sara Insists on her Re-election


By: Elena Grace Flores
ANC 24/7

Mayor Sara wants re-election as Davao Mayor
Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio apologizes to her supporters. She wants to run for her last term as Davao mayor. Her re-election is important right now. This means that she won’t run as president or vice president. That stops any national bid for her.

Forging an Alliance with President Duterte

Marcos forges an alliance with President Rodrigo Duterte to be his vice president in the 2022 election. Although he said he is open to a possible “Bongbong-Bong” tandem with Senator Bong Go. The president surprises the public when he withdrew his plan to run as vice president to retire.

Bongbong-Bong Tandem

Bongbong-Bong or Bong to the 3rd power sounds so familiar with the Nostradamus prediction. This is if President Duterte refuses to substitute Bong Go in November. Just like the 2016 strategy. So it is not a surprise if it happens again.

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