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Bongbong Marcos Asks Supreme Court to Start the Recount Now


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Bongbong Marcos in an interview said that the recount must start immediately if Leni Robredo has nothing to hide. This follows the mandate of the Supreme Court to resolve the election protest swiftly without unnecessary delay. On the other hand, Robredo’s supporter has yet to complete her balance for the counter-protest fee.

Youtube Video by; Eagle News

[VIDEO]: Robredo should agree with recount if she has nothing to hide, Marcos tells Supreme Court

No More Delay

Marcos stresses a large number of undervotes in his protest. He urges the Supreme Court to start the recount in the 3 pilot provinces; Camarines Sur, Iloilo and Negros Oriental. Right after he has paid in full during the Preliminary Conference, he requests the retrieval of the ballot boxes from the identified precincts.

Motion for Reconsideration

Robredo’s motion consideration is already set aside by the PET after deciding for the recount instead of dealing with the first part of Marcos’ protest that questions the integrity of the entire election. Marcos only contested the VP post so might as well resolve that through the immediate recount.

Comelec is Set Aside

The first part of Marcos’ petition is the Automated Election System or AES that raises why Comelec decides on Smartmatic for the digital election. The “traditional” modes of cheating like vote buying, pre-shading, intimidation and failure of elections are the issues for the second part. The third part focuses on the introduction by Smartmatic’s Marlon Garcia of the new hash code into the transparency server.

Robredo’s Supporters Carry the Burden

Robredo’s supporters; social welfare secretary Corazon Soliman, former human rights commissioner Paulynn Sicam, former Bases Conversion, and Development Authority board director Zorayda Amelia Alonzo, award-winning singer Celeste Legaspi-Gallardo, Ateneo de Manila University Press director Karina Bolasco, and Museong Pambata founder Nina Lim-Yuson announced that they have raised 6M Pesos already out of the 7M balance of Robredo for the counter protest. The Supreme Court tends to be lenient to Robredo on monetary issues than Marcos.

2 thoughts on “Bongbong Marcos Asks Supreme Court to Start the Recount Now

  1. Somosobra na at halatang halata ang pagkiling ng PET sa mga paglabag ni Leni Fraudredo. BBM had waited for over a year and complied with what was required, what’s taking the PETso long to act on the protest?#RECOUNT ASAP!

  2. Yan kasi ang kulay nila!!!!kulay pera at dilaw!!!!

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