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Bongbong Marcos to Bam Aquino: Prove that the Alteration Made in the Server is Just Cosmetic Change

Bongbong Marcos

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Bongbong Marcos asks for authorization for IT experts to check the altered server. Bam Aquino scrutinizes the purpose. The audit can clarify all inquiries. Why complicate things? Filipinos deserve detailed explanations on the subject.

Youtube video by; Philippines Government
[VIDEO]: SEN. BONGBONG MARCOS PUMALAG! Matapang Na Sinagot Si Bam Aquino

Not a Fishing Expedition but Seeking Clarification

Bongbong Marcos is not interested in fishing for some mistakes. He seeks for clarification how exactly the alterations are done, what particular changes are made and whether it affects the flow of the reports or not.

Marcos Seeks for Authorization for IT experts to Look Into the Server

If Bam Aquino asks for the data on Marcos’ speculation that the flow of the election results might be affected by the changes made. That’s precisely why Marcos bothers to ask for the authorization to audit.

What Changes Were Exactly Done?

The IT experts can check all the changes made to the server. They can also explain its purpose and effects. This is a very simple process technically. It is much more complicated requesting for the authorization to audit than to implement the whole auditing process.

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Wholesale Cheating

Bongbong Marcos wants to make sure that the fraudulent activities did not happen in the servers – because it is wholesale cheating already if ever. He will feel better if for once, the expert would finally clear the doubts that the changes are indeed cosmetic. Bam Aquino seconded the comment.


1 thought on “Bongbong Marcos to Bam Aquino: Prove that the Alteration Made in the Server is Just Cosmetic Change

  1. Can you believe what Bam Aquino said !!! He’s justmtwisting the whole scenario of electoral fraud ????????? What an idiotic question is that ,,,,,,,, its a waste of time . Why not let re counted again ….and we will see who steal the vote of bongbong marcos ……

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