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Bongbong Marcos Camp: Recount Requested in the Electoral Protest

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
It was reported earlier that Bongbong Marcos’ Camp sill submit the Election Protest on June 28, 2016. The deadline is a day after on June 29, 2016.Recount of Ballots is subject to to Election Protest filing with all the grounds and evidences to be submitted to the tribunal.

Atty Jose Amor Amorado assured reporters in previous interview that the truth must be investigated for it to come out in connection with the violation of the Cyber Crime Law which they filed against Comelec and Smartmatic personnel before the Manila City Prosecutor’s Office.”

A recount is requested in the electoral protest in specified areas especially where Marcos got zero votes that many voters attested through affidavits that they have voted for him and where Iglesia ni Cristo existence is prominent that endorsed, Marcos’s candidacy as Vice President.


1 thought on “Bongbong Marcos Camp: Recount Requested in the Electoral Protest

  1. Can they not do this earlier that they still have to wait until June 28 to file the election protest. I think the truth shall prevail considering that Smartmatic and comelec have use other servers without public knowledge. In a true and fair election, comelec should be the body upholding this doctrine. Hence, it is just but appropriate that the investigation should not keep the public waiting there should be no buts and ifs if it is really true that there is no vote shaving and vote padding with the script inserted into the transparency server during the height of vote counting. Further, the use of another secret server, a queue server which was not divulge to the public. 3rd party I.T consultants and experts should be the ones to determine if the script introduce has no effect on the vote counting. It is not right that the Comelec and smartmatic are the ones saying there was no cheating also the other parties it should be a 3rd party I.T experts and programmers who will declare that after a thorough investigation and scrutiny have been conducted.

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