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Bongbong Marcos Camp: Robredo Files an MR Discretely on Feb 27 to Delay Electoral Protest

Bongbong Marcos

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

No media ever reported that on February 27, 2017, the camp of Vice President Leni Robredo files a motion for reconsideration to reverse its latest ruling on her appeal to dismiss the election protest filed against her by Bongbong Marcos. Marcos camp is confident that the Preliminary Conference pushes through. Robredo’s move, however, is successful to delay the said protest.

Youtube video by; ABS-CBN News
[VIDEO]: Bigo si Vice President Leni Robredo na pigilan ang Supreme Court bilang Presidential Electoral Tribunal (PET) na dinggin ang election protest ni dating Senador Bongbong Marcos.

Move to Reverse Feb 24 Decision

In its January 24, 2017 decision, the SC said: “Marcos’ protest that questions the results in various provinces consisting of 662 municipalities and their component cities and the 2,537 clustered from 5 highly urbanised cities, contains narration of ultimate facts on the alleged irregularities and anomalies in stated areas and clustered precincts.” Robredo’s camp, in the appeal filed on February 27 argues that the said irregularities are not specified for all the areas included in Bongbong Marcos’ election protest, contrary to the SC ruling.

Depriving Marcos of his Day in Court

Marcos’ camp accuses the Vice President’s team of resorting to delaying tactics. The supposed issue can be resolved easily with more evidence to be presented as the case proceeds. They deprive Marcos of his day in court which should not be the case if they are sure that their political party did not cheat.

Innocent People Always Want their Case to be Over

Human beings normally hate long proceedings in court cases if they know by heart that they are innocent of the accusations made. Why is Vice President Leni Robredo exert efforts in such delay and not tell the public about it? The Robredo camp especially the Vice President and her lawyer, Romulo Macalintal are often very noisy about minor gossips. Why do they fail to announce that they already submit a motion for reconsideration on Feb 27, just a few days after the SC ruling?

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Clear Deception

It is now very obvious that the Vice President is indeed guilty of the accusations in the electoral protest filed against her. This is why she delays the proceeding. She even attempts to deceive the public that it is not her who is causing the delay. The people can only put the blame on the. SC. So she is also guilty in trying to tarnish the Supreme Court’s reputation.

2 thoughts on “Bongbong Marcos Camp: Robredo Files an MR Discretely on Feb 27 to Delay Electoral Protest

  1. It is very clear that she is the thief in the night.

  2. IfLeni Robredo did not cheat during the May election she should tell the PET to go ahead with the investigation if she is not hiding something. What she did is a manifestation that cheating was done in cohorts with the the Liberal party leaders. what she is doing now is the real manifestation that cheating occured during the election.

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