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Bongbong Marcos Considers Duterte as VP and Confident to Win as President


By: Elena Grace Flores
PweDelie TV

Bongbong Marcos is Confident that He can win the Presidency
Bongbong Marcos might have not clearly confirms to run for President, but if ever he will, he said he can win it. He also considers President Rodrigo Duterte as a VP contender. He already signed the acceptance of his PDP-Laban nomination, he added.

Marcos Considers President Duterte as VP

Marcos only have informal talks with PDP-Laban. In the last elections, he ran as independent. It’s more likely that he will do the same if the other party has other plans. However, it is clear that the VP bid of the president is something that he approves of.

Capability to do the Job

On a president’s health, Marcos believes that the leader must be capable to do the job as President. Regardless of any health condition, the top person of the country may have. He urges everyone to be careful with the Covid-19 virus. He survives it but not all could be as lucky as him. It’s unnecessary to suffer from the extreme symptoms of the virus, he lamented. So, better avoid the infection as much as possible.

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