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Bongbong Marcos could Easily Surpass Robredo’s Lead after the Result Annulment

Bongbong Marcos could Easily Surpass Robredo's Lead after the Result Annulment

By: Elena Grace Flores

The protest of Bongbong Marcos against the presumptive Vice President Leni Robredo makes noise again after he submits a memorandum to Presidential Electoral Tribunal to reconsider, review and re-examine preliminary results of poll recount. Then proceed to his 3rd cause of action for PET to conduct technical exam in 3 Mindanao provinces. He also argues that even granting Robredo won in the recount of ballots despite irregularities, her lead is “not mathematically insurmountable.” Therefore, it cannot render his third cause of action moot.

YouTube video by Elena Grace Flores
Marcos, Robredo camps debate on Rule 65

Analyzing the Numbers

Assuming Robredo leads the race by 263,473 votes, Marcos could easily surpass this overall margin. It’s because Robredo stands to lose 497,985 votes after the annulment of election results in the 3 Mindanao provinces. This third cause of action is based on terrorism, intimidation and harassment of voters. Pre-shading of ballots resulting to the illegality of ballots and the impossibility to distinguish with reasonable certainty between the lawful and unlawful ballots warrant Marcos’ request for the annulment of the results.

The Recount is NOT the Only Basis for the Race

The second cause of action is based on the misappreciation in the counting of ballots which require revision NDappreciation. However, this is not the only basis. Therefore, Robredo’s alleged 15,000 additional votes are not relevant because they can also be the result of fraudulent activities or VCM manipulations.

The Opponent’s Action

Robredo immediately urges the Presidential Electoral Tribunal (PET) to “immediately dismiss” Bongbong Marcos’ election protest for allegedly failing to show “substantial recovery” in the initial recount. Her camp stresses Rule 65 but we already know that the conditions did not end there. Besides, Marcos’ protest has 3 course of actions.

DOST Region 7 Director Paradela clarifies that they are not meddling with the tasks of the Department of Education that was hit by

Evidence Not a Problem

The PET orders Marcos to “present evidence.” This is to justify resorting to a technical examination of the ballots in 3 Mindanao provinces. This is necessary to allow the protest to proceed to Marcos’ third cause of action. It seeks to annul the election results in those areas. The late president Ferdinand Marcos’ son awaits such a presentation of evidence. Since they have massive proofs of fraud against the opponent.

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  1. why it takes so long for the pet and the supreme court to decide or rule electoral it more money or what.or you ate afraid to let the Real vice president Bongbong Marcos to it so hard for you people there to accept the fact that Bongbong Marcos is the real vice president?

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