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Bongbong Marcos’ Educational Degree is Obvious in the Way he Thinks and Speaks Contrary to the Media Bluff

educational degree

By: Elena Grace Flores
By Elena Grace Flores from The Good News PH

Degree in Education

Bongbong Marcos studied in the UK. In the ’70s only bright students are admitted to Oxford. Despite being a foreigner there, he successfully got the Special Diploma qualification. Contrary to media bluffs, his certificate is authentic. Education-wise, his achievement is above average. But his wisdom is beyond compare. It’s in the way he thinks and speaks. His educational degree is equivalent to a Bachelor’s degree or even higher.

Why Special Diploma?

Foreign studies in the UK likely opt for a special diploma. That leads to a graduate degree to save time. This means that the bachelor’s degree academic requirements are taken in just two years. They are compressed from the 3-year course. One must be a qualified bright student to be able to do this. In Marcos’ case, he took up Social Studies where Social Science is highlighted. This is necessary for his Political Science agenda as a politician. He did not finish his Graduate Coursework in Business Administration at Wharton because he won as Vice Governor in Ilocos Norte.

Special Diploma is Equivalent to a Bachelor’s Degree

Oxford’s special diploma is not a vocational degree. In fact, academically, it is equivalent to a Bachelor’s Degree. Especially during Marcos’ time. At least at this prestigious university. Now, it is taught at a graduate level. So, it is a bit complicated to compare apples with oranges in education. Although, the character and speech show it all. Therefore, watch what they say.

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