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Bongbong Marcos Endorses the IT Expert that Helps Discover the Digital Election Fraud

By: Elena Grace Flores

Casino was a member of the Comelec Advisory Council (CAC), mandated by law to advise the poll body on the automated election system. He told reporters that he if wins as senator, he would push for economic reforms and easing out of Smartmatic from the country’s elections. He said during the Congressional Hearing on Election Oversight that Bongbong Maarcos is the winner of the 2015 VP election by one million votes lead over Leni Robredo. Now, BBM endorses him for Senator alongside Atty. Glenn Chong and his sister, Imee Marcos.

YouTube video by
GMA Public Affairs

[VIDEO]: Pagsasaayos sa sistema ng eleksyon isa sa mga plataporma ni Toti Casiño

Casino’s Logical Theory on the 2016 VP Election

IT expert Edmund Casino is logical enough to quote the corresponding rule in the 1987 constitution on the mandate of the Comelec. He is very loud to say that they are incompetent or illiterate not to stop counting after a tampering act. It was a nationwide knowledge that Bongbong Marcos was leading at one million votes consistently during the 2016 election. The sudden shift of the total votes after the insertion of a correction can void the rest of the votes because direct tampering is a violation. Therefore, the rest is subject to forensic evaluation. In short, it should be VP Bongbong Marcos, not Leni Robredo.

The Commission on Elections’ Incompetence

Casino addresses Senator Antonio Trillanes’ inquiry on any judgment of a protest. He vehemently said that the department is the juror, prosecutor, and judge. It can never make a clear and satisfactory decision. Smartmatic does not have the capability since 4 years ago and yet the Comelec is still using the digital election provider.

IT Expert by Experience

The firm Mr. Casino criticizes the Comelec’s incompetence in understanding basic computer mechanics. They are not literate enough to even understand “WSIWYG” that stands for “What you see is what you get.” Meaning, whatever can be seen in the system must be the same in the image. This is in reference to the boxes found on the images when they are ovals in the actual voting forms. Casino’s background is economics but he was trained in the IT field all throughout the beginning of his career.

Marcos is the Legitimate Vice President

Direct tampering in the middle of a live transmission is a violation. Results prior to that must be the legitimate one. They should have stopped counting and declare whatever the result was. Beyond that is already subject to forensic evaluation. This clearly means that Marcos is the legitimate Vice President, Casino said.

The Senatorial Candidate’s Political Platform

Casino vows to eliminate electoral fraud if he wins as Senator. This is vital to Marcos who is a victim of such digital poll fraud. This is definitely the ultimate reason pf Marcos’ endorsement of the latter. They share the same goals among others.

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