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Bongbong Marcos Grateful of President’s Trust, Speeds Up Election Protest


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

It is heartwarming for Bongbong Marcos to hear it from the President that should he is the Vice President, he could have resigned already because of too much pressure. It should be the younger ones who must face those kinds of challenges like the namesake and Cayetano. Marcos responds by urging PET once more to speed up the process of his election protest against Leni Robredo whom the President thinks that she’s not capable enough.

Youtube video by; DU30 News

Marcos’ Strategy

Marcos seeks the immediate decryption of ballot images from the clustered precincts of 30 contested provinces. He also asks the tribunal to print the ballot image from the Secure Digital cards. The other data storage devices from each of the 36,465 protested clustered precincts must be included. This should be done before the scheduled preliminary conference on June 21.

Comelec Supervision

Lawyer George Garcia argues that PET has the power to order the decryption and printing before the scheduled preliminary conference to expedite the proceedings. The process, as per the rules, is to be conducted and supervised by the election records and statistics departments of the Commission on Elections (Comelec).

PET Rules

Rule 29(a) of the 2010 PET Rules enumerated the items to be considered during the preliminary conference. This included other matters that may aid in the prompt disposition of the election protest. They may be something that would “assist in the preparation for the recount proceedings and the presentation of evidence for the election protest.

Anointed Successor

President Du30 adds that he is confident that the country is in good hands if Marcos or Cayetano succeeds him as president. He also insinuates his distrust to Robredo because he is not certain where she plans to take the nation to. Marcos recognizes this and comforts the president by saying; hang on in there, Mr. President, the truth will finally come out. We are doing all we can – not to allow any delay in the process anymore.

4 thoughts on “Bongbong Marcos Grateful of President’s Trust, Speeds Up Election Protest

  1. Dapat lang talagang maumpisahan na ang recounting sa mga balota upang malalaman na sa buong mundo ang mga pandarayang ginawa sa mga dilawan na yan.

  2. Speed up recounting! Nasasayang yong mga Panahon na lumilipas. Marami sanang mga projects ni Bong Bong Marcos na hindi nauumpisahan. Disturbo ang Lugaw na yan!! Kailangan maka upo na si BBM. Para sa ikauunlad ng ating Bayan.

  3. Speed up recounting . for BBM

  4. it should be time for the president to intervene for the speed up of the recount.BBM did all the requirements the PET/SC asked including paying $36m

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