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Bongbong Marcos Lawyer: Robredo Must Not Delay Process for Truth if there’s No Fraud Committed


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Bongbong Marcos lawyer Vic Rodriguez reminds Leni Robredo’s camp that their two motion for reconsiderations in the past before he files the Prelimininary Conference request, show that they are not consistent in their claim that there is no fraud in their part during the elections because they keep on delaying it with such moves.

Youtube video by; TRENDING NGAYUN
[VIDEO]: Marcos Camp lawyer, Vic Rodriguez explains the importance of filing the Preliminary Conference in Marcos’ electoral protest.

Attempts to Scrap Electoral Protest

The legal team of Vice President Leni Robredo is continue to seek ways to scrap the election protest against her because they are “afraid of the truth,” Atty. Vic Rodriguez said. The Supreme Court that sits as the Presidential Electoral Tribunal, affirms that the election protest of Marcos is sufficient in form and substance.  Robredo’s camp plans to set to file another motion for reconsideration in a bid to reverse the resolution but up to now fails to do so.

Beyond Dispute Ruling

Bongbong Marcos’ spokesperson, slams the intended motion, saying, “Despite the Tribunal’s ruling that this issue was already ‘beyond dispute’, Robredo’s legal team is still looking for ways to delay the proceedings.” Their actuations on the protest have been consistent: they are afraid of the truth, he said.  It reveals how much they tarnish and debase the true will of the Filipino people in the last Vice-Presidential race. The Robredo camp cheats their way to the vice-presidency and wants to repeat that by depriving Marcos of his day in court.

Delay Means Longer Term for Robredo

Ideally, a delayed electoral protest benefits Robredo because he retains the position in a longer time. It might label her as a cheater but she does not seem to care. She continues to discredit Bongbong Marcos by discrediting not only him but also his family. Not satisfied, she also criticizes the president for his friendship with him.

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Marcos’ Win Despite Delay

It may take a long while before Marcos’ electoral protest against Robredo reaches a favorable ruling on the truth. But Marcos’ win can show to the people how the Liberal Party’s communism idealism in everything that they do. They are not really for democracy as what they always say. This also proves that no Marcos or ally is a tyrant dictator but the ones who go against them using the media manipulates the public to their advantage.

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