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Bongbong Marcos Learns from TikTok


By: Elena Grace Flores

by Bongbong Marcos

How to Bridge the Generation Gap by Bongbong Marcos?
To bridge the generation gap during the internet age is very challenging for seniors. Bongbong Marcos starts from analyzing TikTok. He initially thought that they are just dancing exhibitions. But realizes that it can be educational. Should he do one or not?

Entertainment Plus More

Marcos admits that TikTok is not just entertaining. He learns many things from it. Practitioners in any field can explain medical myths, legal matters, and simply romantic techniques in a humorous way. Thus, to allow fun learning. Therefore education should not be boring. This is why many youngsters are subscribers of the app. Adults should too. This will definitely bridge the generation gap.

To TikTok or Not

The likely presidential bet may hear the calls of online supporters to try TikTok. He would surely not dance because according to him, he has no talent in that area. Perhaps singing will do. However, there are many things he can do for his country that he could probably explain better using this popular application. So, let’s watch out for it.

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