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Bongbong Marcos’ LSI Wish for the Government to Do

locally stranded individuals

By: Elena Grace Flores

YouTube video by Bongbong Marcos

Kalagayan ng LSI at mga Probinsya | Bongbong Marcos

The LSI’s Plight

The plight of our LSI is a real problem for our LGUs, cities, and provinces. Clear policies and sufficient funding from the national government are needed to reopen the doors to their own constituents, Bongbong Marcos said. These locally stranded individuals desperately need help on a larger scale. Immediate at that. Only the government has the capacity to secure international loans during the crisis.

Locally Stranded Individuals

There are more than 4,000 locally stranded individuals in different holding areas in Metro Manila. Most of them lost their jobs and cannot pay up their rent anymore. Due to the protocol in place to prevent the further spread of Coronavirus, they are stuck in unlikely facilities if not in public places. They are certainly under extreme exposure to the virus. Not to mention the uncertainty of their livelihood.

Airborne Scenario

The scientific analysis that Covid-19 can be airborne contrary to the initial perception poses greater hazards to all. Not just to these individuals. Judging to the experience of Japan, their exclusivity for COVID-19 hospitals and the administration of yearly flu vaccines do help in keeping their fatality rate low. The government can certainly do more to ease these sufferings.

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