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Bongbong Marcos’ Motion is Not to Delay Protest but Stop Robredo’s Abuses


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Bongbong Marcos recently filed the motion for reconsideration after the PET allowed Robredo to have copies of decrypted ballots. These are from the secured digital (SD) cards of Camarines Sur, Iloilo and Negros Oriental. VP Leni Robredo’s lawyer, Romulo Macalintal calls this  “unnecessary.” He added that if Marcos really wants to get a speedy resolution of his electoral protest, he should refrain from doing so. However, professionalism dictates that if something is not agreeable, a motion must be filed for the record. Abuses of the law can then be very clear in the end. Media stunts come and go but official records stay.

Youtube video by; PH TODAY

[VIDEO]: In this video clip, Bongbong Marcos’ lawyer, Atty. George Garcia laid out how they can prove a one million voting discrepancy generated by PCOS machines.

Passing the Blame

“By doing this, they have no one to blame but themselves for any delay,” Romulo Macalintal said. The lawyer refers to the partial motion for reconsideration filed by Marcos. He questions the decision dated Nov. 7, 2017, of the Supreme Court that sits as the Presidential Electoral Tribunal or PET.

Normal Practice by Spirit

“Like in any other case, both camps are given copies of all documents. This is the standard practice in the spirit of transparency and fairness,” Macalintal said. He explains that the soft copies can help both parties protect their rights. Marcos earlier questions such explanation because if Robredo’s Camp really believe in it, why did they block it and not help pay for the process?

The PET approves the urgent ex-parte motion filed by Robredo’s camp last Oct. 23. That she be furnished soft copies of the ballot images and reports in a decrypted format from the three pilot provinces of Marcos for his election protest. This despite the latter’s disagreement.

Stop Robredo’s Abuses

Meanwhile, Atty. George Garcia of the Marcos Camp can only shake his head on the many cases of abuse done by its rival Camp. First, Robredo expressed her fear that Marcos might steal her seat. Demonizing him once more using his father’s black media propaganda initiated by her party. Second, she has not paid fully for her counter-protest against Marcos but SC tolerates her so far. Lastly, but not the least or limited to it, she has the most motions filed dubbed as a dilatory tactic to drag the protest further. Macalintal is obviously just passing the blame on to Marcos.

Macalintal Must Watch How PCOS Let Robredo Win before Accusing Bongbong Marcos

3 thoughts on “Bongbong Marcos’ Motion is Not to Delay Protest but Stop Robredo’s Abuses

  1. Robredo should concede now! While there’s time for her to clean up what PCOS have done.. should she apologise to the entire nation is the right move to save her family’s honor & her reputation ( if there is?)
    By not paying the full amount due to her is a clear sign of her defeat ! While the SC is trying to save her through a delaying tactics is oviously biased.

  2. This is my comment on what malalintal said about BBM lodging his latest motion> BBM has the right to question PET’s decision for allowing the fvp a free soft copies that cost BBM the decrypted secured digital (SD) cards P2.9 million plus. it seems the fvp’s camp is now begging for crumbs. incidentally crumbs has a double meaning that is appropriate to the fvp’s camp and i.e. courtesy of google Slang. A CONTEMPTIBLY OBJECTIONABLE or WORTHLESS PERSON . that in itself says it all about the fvp camp.

  3. Macalintal has just twisted the real score that indeed the delay be blamed to the Marcos camp. The fact is, it could not be real since the Marcoses will not benefit the delay but want a fair treatment from the PET. The Robredo camp must be denied the copy of the decrypted ballots because of the neglect to pay their counter-protest payment. It is understood that they are saving whatever money they must pay because it will only be wasted as they knew, at the end will only lose.

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