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Bongbong Marcos on Panalo: A Hybrid Rap that Ignites Filipino Patriotism

Bongbong Marcos

By: Elena Grace Flores
Bongbong Marcos

Ang kantang ‘Panalo’ ay Hybrid ng tatlong lenggwahe – Ingles, Tagalog at Ilocano

Bongbong Marcos on Hybrid Rap, Panalo

Bongbong Marcos posts a video of Panalo, a hybrid rap of 3 languages: English, Filipino, and Ilocano. He said that this makes Filipino proud. Thus, igniting Filipino patriotism. Nonetheless, the number of voting registrants remain low if Comelec does not adapt to the hybrid election system.

Smartmatic Makes Filipinos Distrusts the Comelec

At this point in time, the number of new voting registrants remains low. It is very far from the 4 million targets of the Comelec. Bongbong Marcos reminds the poll agency that Smartmatic just has too many scandals involving it to massive fraud. Therefore, the youngsters do not see any reason why they should vote if the digital system provider is left to manipulate the results of the upcoming elections.

Not Expensive and Timely

Contrary to Comelec’s reasoning, the hybrid system is not expensive nor it won’t take a lot of time to implement. The electorate volunteers on the ground are already keen on doing their manual tasks during previous elections. The Commission on Election can limit the involvement of Smartmatic to transmissions of results only. It is easy to verify if a count seems suspicious. They just have to revert to the manual count and tally.

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  1. Kung smartmatic ang ggamitin sa 2022 h ndi ako bboto.ddayain din lng.

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