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Bongbong Marcos on the Drug War: Learn the Facts First

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By: Elena Grace Flores

The son of the late President Ferdinand E. Marcos, Bongbong Marcos has something to say to the drug war comments of his rival, the presumptive Vice President Leni Robredo. He said that when he is given a new job. He must know the facts first. This can be done by going around the agencies involved and evaluate the strategies after thorough discussions with the officials concerned. Contrary to his opinion, Robredo conducted regular press conferences to criticize the President and the alleged drug war outcome.

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Robredo Said that the Drug War is a Failure but PDEA Disagrees

Robredo vehemently said that the drug war is a failure. This is an insensitive comment given the fact that many men in uniform lost their lives when reprimanding criminals to minimize the illegal drugs trade. Manila Mayor Isko Moreno said this recently. Region VII PDEA Director Wardley Getalla also shows all the statistics of their efforts including cannine trainings for illegal drugs inspections, port monitoring, entertainment places surveillance, and many more. He stresses that the President’s drug war is definitely on the right track to success.

The Protest is in the Hands of the Supreme Court

On Marcos’ electoral protest against Robredo, he discloses that when the third course of action is acted upon, it would be very easy to surpass the lead of Robredo. The recount result has little to do with its outcome. In the end, it’s still the en banc resolution that can make or break Marcos’ plight. This makes it more difficult for Robredo. By the time this happens, the Supreme Court already has the majority of President Rodrigo Duterte’s appointees.

Life Lines Must Not be Commercialized

On water and other basic needs, Marcos insists that their administration must not be for profits. These are the life lines of the people. Government subsidies are a must when these are compromised. Needless to say, they must not be under the management of private companies.

Likely Tandem is Still a Secret

Marcos refuses to comment when pressed to answer who would be his likely tandem. He confirms that he is indeed running for a national position this elections 2022 but is holding off the announcement as to what post. He said that he has learned from former Senator Manny Pangilinan’s mistake. Pangilinan was first to announce his presidential candidacy. He also added that ex-PNoy only became a candidate in August the previous year then president in May 2010.

Different from Robredo’s Approches

The namesake of the late President Marcos clarifies that if he is in Robredo’s shoes, he would surely do things differently. He may have some ideas on how to pursue the drug war but he knows that the experts would know better at the national level. This is why the second most powerful person in the land can only help the drug war if he or she has the updates of the campaign. Instead of going against the frontline personnel, it is ideal to learn the facts to be able to strategize on how to proceed.

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