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Bongbong Marcos Reputes Claim of Biased Media with their Side of the Story


By: Elena Grace Flores

[VIDEO]: Bongbong Marcos: Home is in the Philippines

Bongbong Marcos’ Claim

Bongbong Marcos’claim in an interview goes like this. His parents were not allowed to leave O’ahu island. This was during their exile in Hawaii. The US has made many accusations against them. These became black media propaganda. Despite the Americans not having jurisdiction with their cases. So, he vows to do all he can to change this.

Making Philippines Better

The young Marcos then can see the sufferings of the Filipinos. The country did not improve at all after the Edsa mutiny. Besides, it was not the majority in a revolution. Marcos said that they left because they did not want people to get hurt.

Made from Malacanang

Now, a movie “made from Malacanang” will tell their side of their story. This is their way of showing the truth that they know. Marcos encourage Filipinos exercise their rights and political will. They must make their life better, easy and, correct. He trusts that his countrymen will do the right thing.

1 thought on “Bongbong Marcos Reputes Claim of Biased Media with their Side of the Story

  1. Sir your Excellency as of this moment I know you will succeed in the said election. Hope the educational purpose of such history from day one after EDSA mutiny by your owned true fact as Son of our former Great Global Leader as President of The Republic of The Philippines. Now as 2022 President will show compassion by your honest Re- definition of true Filipino what late President F.EMarcos Sr. & First Lady done. It is your important implementation should be in continuity by the tasked done by our allied Pres. D.Duterte as outgoing Sentinel and as incoming President as well as Vice President S.D.C should both be in the process of re_ building friendship ASEAN ties as well the whole Nation – NATO be preserved Mutual Understanding through Economic and other important co- operation in the field of communication and stability of Peace of the Pacific Region as well bringing more Ergoeconomics Stability among other foreign interest. Deplomatic update and resolved important solution to our foreign policy which will reflect for immersion of studies regarding our present Constitutional Local/ foreign amendments which might redefined such ” Constitutional Outlook” appropriated to execute foreign relations and policy in the future. Involving our all L.G.U and the representative e:q; local executive up to the highest executive branches of our Philippine Government. The Labour Instituting Cooperative task to Economic importance under this is the Local Law providing task as DOLE,POEA, and Shipper Seaman ,BIR, Custom re checking, ” issue of Land Conversion , preservation of the land for Indigenous people, fisherman Upgrading ” locally use vessel for Modern way of construction under proper Building vessel Law either for commercial use for transportation other things is appropriate due to law implemented by your Executive Branch until this institutional are in good hand of the techno/ manager Lot of change should Comittee Institutionalized on Reviewed to stabilized of data base Law integration then solution maintained. So long and Congratulation, future well said Mabuhay Philippines, be included insurance Government Policy of recovery purpose regarding ( electricity,fuel Problem should under communication law approval be it” classified ” as well since it evolved foreign policy maker are also evolved Deplomatic Representative must be a Key player” evolved are our leading producer of local/ foreign private Co. Which are our main friendship deplomacy involvement the ” tourism under specialized priveldges is under way to redefined task to progress not by next generation of Law Maker but highly envolvement of different expertise,science,engineering mechanical,industrial community but also related commodities under specializing modern agricultural aspect ,dam resources and leading Academe envolving modern task to represent to friends in the K.S.A ,Israel,Russia,China ,Japan Singapore,& Taiwan other ASEAN friends like Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, envolving Relegion outlook perspective and Respect among Nation ***@ Peace to the World for Unity and Progress, to help and total loving Care among our allied Nation.

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