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Bongbong Marcos is Right that Fariñas in Congress is Cruel as COA Janitor Confesses


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

COA janitor, Pedro Gorospe Jr., an employee of the provincial treasury who was recently assigned to the provincial jail confesses that he stole the original documents of the Ilocos 6 case as compelled by his sister-in-law. Gorospe is the brother of Cynthia Gorospe’s husband, a trusted employee, and coordinator of Congress bully Rep. Rudy Fariñas. He discloses this in a signed affidavit.

Youtube video by; Elena Grace Flores
[VIDEO]: Bongbong Marcos explains the work relationship of the Ilocos Norte government officials with their Governor.

Where are the Originals?

It was a painful scene in the hearing when Farinas’ grilled each of the 6 Ilocos Norte officials as to where the original documents of the cash advance from the tobacco excise funds used to buy the farmers’ vehicles were. Since Farinas has their copies, it is logical to think that he should know where the originals were.

Missing Documents

The original documents were missing during the House inquiry into Ilocos Norte’s tobacco fund use last May 29. Lawmakers ordered the House arrest and detention of the treasurer and five other employees of the Ilocos Norte government for asking where the originals were because they cannot answer their questions accurately without those as a reference because the transaction happened many years ago.


Cynthia Gorospe, however, is in denial. She said that she did not steal the documents. That she only requested a photocopy of the vouchers in 2013 because of a personal grudge against a coworker, Genedine Jambaro. It turns out that she envies the latter’s lifestyle. The public can easily judge on this.

Congress Cruelty

The Congress is now perceived as a House of Horror just because of some abusive congressmen. They detained the Ilocos 6 indefinitely and threatened Gov. Imee Marcos with Contempt Citation with a matching detention room. Bongbong Marcos said that their actions are indeed cruel. Now that this scenario emerged, it is far crueler than people might think.

Imee Marcos says Fariñas aide stole COA papers

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