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Bongbong Marcos: Sabah Claim Continues but NOT Centered to Retain Relations with Malaysia

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By: Elena Grace Flores

On the event of the late President Ferdinand Marcos’ birthday, supporters of the opposition are already in position to spread chaos to the country by staging protests with few of their members. Then, the bias media magnifies them. While his son popularly known as Bongbong Marcos continues his quest for the Sabah claim diplomatically. The friendship with the family of the next premier of Malaysia has rooted – that a peaceful process can now be made possible with the brilliance of the future leader of the Philippines should President Rodrigo Du30’s wish comes true.

Youtube video by Bongbong Marcos

[VIDEO]: Anwar Ibrahim’s visit provided us with meaningful insights on his preparations for 2019, the issue with Sabah and a progressive and optimistic stance on Malaysia and Philippine foreign relations

The Late President’s Message on Sabah Claim

The late President Marcos talked about pursuing our claim to Sabah by peaceful means. To quote him, “I shall therefore merely say that the recent developments do not warrant any impatience or panic on the part of the Filipino people. We are watching developments closely, and we are optimistic that our position will be fully understood soon enough. This position is quite clear and simple. We will pursue our claim to Sabah by peaceful means, and we hope that Malaysia will see its way to an early and satisfactory settlement, either in the United Nations, the World Court, or any forum affording justice and sobriety.”

Ninoy Aquino’s Promise to Malaysia

A former foreign affairs official revealed that Ninoy made a promise to Malaysia to drop the Sabah claim. This is in exchange for Malaysia to support in ousting his presidential rival, Marcos. According to Hermes Dorado, the former National territory division head of the DFA, Aquino met with the Malaysian Prime Minister then, Mohammad Mahathir before he was assassinated.

Anti-Marcos Career

Benigno Aquino as a Senator had been very Anti-Marcos in his career. The main object of his politics was to discredit and destroy Marcos. In his time he has authored only one law, the Study Now, Pay Later law. However, he had delivered an endless slew of anti-Marcos speeches.

Stop the Treasonous Act

In one of his privilege speeches, Ninoy exposed Marcos’ Oplan Merdeka. This was Marcos’ plan to take back territory that was incorporated to Malaysia despite our formal protest. This painted Ninoy as a Hero while Marcos was painted as a knave. However, now we suffer the consequences of that treasonous action.

Making Amends to the Father through His Son

It was only Bongbong Marcos who fought against the illegal removal of former Chief Justice Corona. Furthermore, he has a lot of experience in both the executive department and Congress. He served 12 years as governor and served 9 years at Congress. However, anti-Marcos people paint him in the same picture as his father. They believe for him to have the same essence of evil they believe that the late President Marcos was made of. However, faulty Filipinos can now make amends to the father through his son.

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  1. I can still remember when President F E. Marcos & Family went to our town Manaoag and they were the guest at the house of my grandfather’s brother The Late Gen. G. F. Mendoza that was the time i’ved Seen Imee,Irene & Bongbong!!!

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