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Bongbong Marcos Spent P72 Million on the Recount but More to Beat Robredo in 2022

Bongbong Marcos

By: Elena Grace Flores
by ANC 24/7

Bongbong Marcos confident of beating Robredo in 2022 election scenario
Former Senator Bongbong Marcos is gunning for a national post next year. He believes he can finally win against Vice President Leni Robredo in another face-off. His camp spent P72 million for the recount in his electoral protest against the sitting VP. But he’s confident he can beat her one-on-one in another face off challenge. Money is not a question.

Another Face Off

He can win over Robredo in the 2022 election, Bongbong Marcos said confidently. Both Marcos and Robredo have yet to finalize their political plans for the upcoming polls. Nonetheless, Marcos already travels around to get his winning numbers. While Robredo continues to criticize the Duterte administration.

Securing the VP Post

Meanwhile, President Rodrigo Duterte accepts the nomination of his party to run for Vice President. He wants continuity of his projects. He can help even if he does not lead, he said. On the other hand, Senator Bong Go already declines to run as President. So, that leaves Bongbong Marcos for President and Duterte for Vice President. A substitution could happen still at the last minute, with perhaps, Mayor Sara Duterte.

1 thought on “Bongbong Marcos Spent P72 Million on the Recount but More to Beat Robredo in 2022

  1. He is the real elected vice president and Leni does not deserve to be respected. The kind of person that she is has no place in this world. Bong Bong Matcos will shine because he deserves to be the successor of Rodrigo Duterte. The man of the hour will make another history because he will make our country Philippines the richest country in the world. Mabuhay ang ating minamahal na susunod na Pangulo ng Pilipinas. Mabuhay ang SOLID BONG BONG MARCOS FOR PRESIDENT WORLDWIDE MOVEMENT.

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