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Bongbong Marcos Still Dominates CNN Debate Despite Absence

Bongbong Marcos

By: Elena Grace Flores


[VIDEO]: Ka Leody de Guzman Can’t Get Over Bongbong Marcos

Ka Leody’s Rebuttal with Bongbong Marcos

It’s obvious that Ka Leody de Guzman is not over yet with his rebuttal with Bongbong Marcos at the SMNI debate. He still longs for his presence to further his stand. But Jose Montemayor, Jr. stops him during the recent CNN Presidential debate. So, Ka Leody compares him to Marcos.

Capitalists Must Not be a Priority

Jose Montemayor, Jr. did not agree with Ka Leody that the big capitalists must not be prioritized. Investments must come in first and yet there’s a lot of corruption on the laborer’s side as well. Criminality is also happening. It’s not right to just limit the attention to the laborers. So, Ka Leody calls him Bongbong Marcos because according to him, his opponent seems to favor the capitalists instead of the workers.

Premise for the Presidency

Presidential aspirant, Jose Montemayor, Jr. blasts Ka Leody for prioritizing only the workers’ welfare. He said that to run a government, all sectors must be balanced. Corruption is also widespread in the laborers’ arena. He hints that bribery is all around but he’s not sure if Ka Leody receives bribes as well. Then, Ka Leody realized that Bongbong Marcos’s spirit is actually present.

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