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Bongbong Marcos to Comelec: Allow Hybrid to Prevent Smartmatic Fraud

Bongbong Marcos

By: Elena Grace Flores
Bongbong Marcos

Bongbong Marcos Interview on Hybrid Election System With Deo Macalma of DZRH

The Hybrid Election is A Must for Election Trustworthiness

There’s only a little time for the Hybrid election’s reality. Contrary to the Comelec’s hesitation, it is actually easy to implement, according to Bongbong Marcos. This is if the Comelec would allow it. The manual poll process is common in the country. So, mixing the manual counting and voting with digital transmissions is pretty manageable said, Bongbong Marcos.

Filipinos are Ready to Go Manual for Bongbong Marcos

The manual election is the norm in the country. So, it is not hard to revert back. Besides, there’s no election trustworthiness if Smartmatic manipulates the process. Regardless of the outcome, Bongbong Marcos plans to run. Rumors have it that it can be Bongbong-Sara or the other way around. Decisions must be made by October this year during the filing of the candidacy period.

Distrust in Comelec

The declining number of voting registrations proves that people are skeptical about practicing their election rights. If Smartmatic decides for the country’s leaders, why waste time? Nevertheless, the fight must not be that easy for the culprits. Should there be an election come 2022 despite the Smartmatic monopoly and the Coronavirus pandemic, Filipinos are creative enough to reinvent their ways of producing the right leader.

2 thoughts on “Bongbong Marcos to Comelec: Allow Hybrid to Prevent Smartmatic Fraud

  1. Why not Revamp the whole comelec employees from all the regions, the head to the clerk involved in the election process, most of all replace Mr Jimenez. The previous administration did put a new chairman of the comelec…. Just saying

  2. oo, s mano2/ hybrid election, kc s smartmatic binayaran yan,peo pde pala khit listahan ng mga patay n ay isasalpak dn s dagdag bawas system..kpag lahat ay nakaboto n at nahango n lahat ng voted results ay pdeng isalpak panibagong listahan ng mga bumoto,at hahanguin ulit at un ang ippdala s comelec or meon pang secret department ang canvassing n pdeng meon corruption n or bribery n mangyari at labasan / bayaran n rin ng pera ,tulad s hello garci ,dayaan system..

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