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Bongbong Marcos’ Views on Drug Problems Support Alvarez’s Firm Death Penalty Campaign

Bongbong Marcos

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez faces criticisms over his arm-twisting leadership when it comes to the reimposing the death penalty. He mentions that former president Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo can leave her post as deputy speaker should she chooses to go against it. However, he seems to find an ally in Bongbong Marcos who is in favor of death penalty for illegal drug crimes.

Youtube video by; ABS-CBN News
[VIDEO]: Pinatawag na ng liderato ang mga kakamping kongresista para tiyakin ang suporta sa death penalty. Binalaan din ni House Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez na tatanggalan ng pwesto sa liderato ang mga kongresistang kontra sa death penalty.

Alvarez Unfazed of Declining Majority Support

Alvarez serves as Arroyo’s Department of Transportation and Communications secretary from January 2001 to July 5, 2002. Many lawmakers already warn Alvarez against his arm-twisting members of the lower house. He is at risk of losing the majority’s support due to his tough campaigning for the House leadership vote in favor of the death penalty bill. He is at all not worried about it, he said.

Addressing Drug Addiction as Social Problem

Bongbong Marcos explains that the drug problems are not just police concerns. They are threats to society. He stresses what the “We Parents” organization is doing to help address the problem of drug addiction since they existed in 2012 in Pasig City. The do livelihood program for one. The organization comprises of members of parent-teachers associations, homeowners associations, public utility drivers, and operators associations. They provide skills training in partnership with the local government. Marcos urges all sectors to come together and focus on values formation of the children to strengthen the Filipino family. He thinks that the solution lies in a strong family that the child can depend on, Marcos said. This, however, takes a long period of time. The government from the authorities to lawmakers must also do their part and it should be soon. That is what Alvarez is doing.

Why Marcos Supports Death Penalty for Drug-Related Crimes?

92 percent of barangays in Manila are affected by the illegal drug trade. This is alarming not just because of the increasing crime rate. It is a serious problem because pushers prey on the children, who are our country’s future. If the children are messed-up children, the country’s future is destroyed, said Marcos. The “Shabu Market” is the proof of the negative effects of illegal drugs. It changes the morality and mentality of society.  It convinced Marcos to support the death penalty for the traffickers because they already sell shabu like candies from stores.

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Solution Must be Done even through Arm-Twisting Strategy

The Speaker wants the public to know that he does not threaten those who oppose the death penalty. He does not force anyone to go with his stand, he said. He just announces to their members that they support HB 4727. PDP-Laban is the President’s party who wants the return of the death penalty. Those who are against it are “free to resign” from the party, he said.

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