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Bongbong Marcos’s Son, Sandro Survives Ambush Interview and Enjoys it

Bongbong Marccos

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Ferdinand Alexander Marcos or Sandro is the eldest son of Bongbong Marcos and Atty. Lisa Araneta. He may be young but the brilliance in him can’t be hidden from the camera as he answers impromptu questions as honest as he could possibly do. So for the media, better refrain from doing ambush interviews with him if you are not prepared on how to handle his answers.

Youtube video: Bongbong Marcos
[VIDEO]: Sen. Bongbong Marcos’ eldest son takes questions from the press after delivering a speech on behalf of his father at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines forum on the proposed Bangsamoro Basic Law.

Ready to Take on the Challenge

Sandro Marcos was not just replacing his father speaking in front of PUP spectators about BBL but Bongbong Marcos who has the great public speaking capability of his grandfather, former President Ferdinand Marcos. But he did it well with flying colors in his own way and ability.

He Apologizes on behalf of his father

Food poisoning made Bongbong Marcos miss his engagement but Sandro saves it by doing the speech himself. He seems not intimidated at all. In fact, he enjoys every bit of it right after he passes  his comfort zone. It is evident that public life for him is just normal.

Public Personality

Sandros’s aura in front of the public is addictive. You just want to find out more after seeing a glimpse of hi, He would be someone to watch out for as he grows older.

Own Opinions

When reporters throw questions at him, he simply answers them back with great enthusiasm. There were no questions unanswered. He was able to satisfy all the reporters who gathered around him right after his BBL speech at PUP.

Bongbong Marcos’ Nature is also his

Bongbong Marcos character reflects Sandro’s. After all, they are father and son. Good breeding is really important in nurturing future leaders and Marcos did a good job on that. No doubt.


The young Marcos is young, handsome. intelligent and witty but you can feel the humility in the tone of his voice. It signifies how he is raised at home. Firm in discipline but humble in many other ways. That is clearly a Bongbong Marcos culture.

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4 thoughts on “Bongbong Marcos’s Son, Sandro Survives Ambush Interview and Enjoys it

  1. give also d credit to the parents of Sandro for moulding him as a good person…

  2. We need leaders not a mere politicians im the Philippines. There is not a monarchial style nor family dynasty but the Marcoses bloodline seems to outstand the selection of effective leaders. Filipinos are unique people that requires specially firm but a charismatic talent that can move people both intellectually and emotionally. The Marcoses persevered lots of trials and persecution from the US and the traitors of this country. Let them continue the legend.

  3. All well said and I agree with that.. .Marcos forever

  4. Brilliant young man aside from having a great charisma

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