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Bringing Formula 1 to America can be CMO’s Problem

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welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Formula 1 is a big thing and therefore needs massive marketing campaign when bringing to the United States. Professional marketers knew that successful campaigns must be a combination of digital and traditional marketing strategies. They can’t miss on this one thus triggered the discussions on the topic.

Venture Beat posted: What to Think, is back — and this time, we’re trying something new. In the first of a series of interviews with chief marketing officers, we sat down with Michael Williams, the CMO for Grand Prix of America. We’re calling this miniseries “What to Think: The CMO’s Dilemma,” as it focuses on the challenges that CMOs face in integrating data-driven decision-making with the more traditional, artful approaches to marketing. This series is brought to you with the support of our sponsor, Viant, which has a corresponding series of sponsored posts here on VentureBeat, also titled “The CMO’s Dilemma.” Williams, a speaker at VentureBeat’s recent GrowthBeat Summit conference, is a dynamic marketing executive with a passion for sports.

It added: VB Insight analyst Stewart Rogers and I asked Williams how he’s helping Americans wake up to one of the world’s most popular racing sports. Among other topics, we discuss personalization and how brands can build connections with their most loyal customers. And please subscribe to What to Think in iTunes, and you’ll get every episode delivered to the device of your choice as soon as it’s released! Click the link below for the podcast:


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