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Budget Slash from DPWH Suggested by Senator Marcos


By: Elena Grace Flores
YouTube Video by UNTV News and Rescue

Senator Imee Marcos: Slash Budget from DPWH Projects

Finding Stale Projects

Senator Imee Marcos should know when it comes to the Build, Build, Build Budget. She knows that there are projects that are not possible yet because of the impossibility of the right of way and other concerns. It made sense to gather all these up first to prioritize buying more Coronavirus vaccines. DPWH needs to act on this proactively.

Price Ceiling

Senator Imee Marcos said that it is imperative to set a global price ceiling.This is to help less developed countries access COVID-19 vaccines. She also pointed out that the national government should be able to secure reservations. That way, it is handy to sort out the priority list for the vaccination.

Budget Sourcing Causes Delay

It is crucial for the Philippines to secure the budget immediately. Reservations must be made at the soonest possible time. Various countries scramble to buy the available stock as they are made available. Money talks in this instance because life is at stake.

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