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Bury your Dead Dog Right

By: Elena Grace Flores

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Dogs are lovable creatures when nurtured well – but what happens when they die? Shall you just wrap them inside garbage bags and throw them like garbage? Worst, secretly dispose them in the backyard or your neighbor’s abandoned land? Even after life, they are still your pets and you should bury them right. Read this:

What Should I Do If My Dog Dies at Home?


Question: What Should I Do If My Dog Dies at Home?

Answer: Losing your beloved dog is difficult in any situation. However, if your pet dies at the veterinarian’s office, they can help handle the remains for you. If your dog dies suddenly at home, you will need to take certain steps and make a few decisions right away.

It was devastating already knowing that my neighbor’s young dog disappeared when I entered the compound gate one afternoon – after buying some dog food. Little did I know that it died because of vehicular accident. I asked where it was buried but my neighbor said – it’s far away. Then this morning, another neighbor complained that bad smell was coming out from the abandoned land next to them. To my dismay, it was the lost dog in my compound that I was looking for earlier.

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