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Campaign Chairman Quits after a Disciplined Trump approach did not Work – and Trump is back to real self


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Paul Manafort, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s campaign chairman, has resigned just two months after taking charge in imposing discipline on Trump but to their dismay, he continues to do badly in the polls and has allegedly fought hard in implementing a damage control strategy. Perhaps, he realized that his boss’s self or “being Trump” is what makes him popular.

He is also involved in controversies over his Russian interests and with former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych – that he denied any wrongdoing of – but that is not likely the reason why he left.

Manafort’s connections to pro-Russia politicians in Ukraine basically distracted Trump’s presidential campaign but perhaps not enough reason to leave. It is more likelly the realization that “being Trump” is how he won the Republican nomination after all – that is maybe not his intention in assuming the post.

Trump’s new team now is engulf by the challenging task of capitalizing on their candidate’s real character by allowing him to deliver direct to the point messages as himself- focusing on attacking Hilary Clinton and not destroying himself by launching distasteful acts.


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