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Can Annuity Settlements for OFW Retirement Security be Feasible with PBBM’s Economic Plan?

Annuity Settlements

By: Elena Grace Flores

Filipino Future
[VIDEO]: PBBM’s State Visit to Singapore

Annuity Settlements for OFW Retirement Security

Annuity settlements or structured payables are periodic payments awarded to an injured party. This follows in certain court cases. Payments are most often funded through an annuity contract with a life insurance company. But they can serve other purposes, too, such as income security in retirement crucial for OFWs. President Bongbong Marcos’ team would likely put this in place as their assurance should they come back home.

Introduction of Key People

During the president’s state visit to Singapore, he introduces to the OFWs the government’s key people who were eager to join him and see for themselves the ever-loyal Filipinos working in the country for the welfare of their families. Finance Secretary Ben Diokno and Central Bank Governor, Felipe Medalla were among the delegates. Annuity settlements are not a stranger to them. Tourism Secretary Christina Frasco, House Speaker Martin Romualdez, and many more were also there voluntarily.

Cong. Sandro and the First Lady

The event did not happen without some Jokes. President Marcos said that his first lady is not suitable to be called madam. Perhaps, unlike his mother’s distinctive look. Attorney Liza Araneta Marcos has her own special image as she is. While he still cannot get over his son, Sandro Marcos.¬† He still steals the limelight as always.

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