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Can the Extra-Marital Affair Affair of the Dead President Destroy Bongbong Marcos’ Family?

Bongbong Marcos

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

In response to Nagaleaks’s revelation of the late Jesse Robredo’s extra-marital affair, a mainstream media publishes Dovie Beams-Ferdinand E. Marcos’ sexcapades allegedly taped. Like most men in power, both dead men are not spared with the vice that can ruin the family. Nevertheless, can their sexual stories affect Leni Robredo’s Vice Presidency or can they ruin Bongbong Marcos’ family?

Youtube video by;
[VIDEO]: This video explains why Dovie Beams organizes a press conference revealing the recordings of her sexcapades with the late president Ferdinand E. Marcos before leaving the Philippines.

Jealous Wife

Aside from showing off the dead Marcos’ indulgence of the flesh, the article stresses former first lady, Imelda Marcos’ tyranny in trying to know the truth about the affair. Even the word “conjugal dictatorship” is mentioned even if this alleged illicit affair is personal to the Marcos couple. However, it is also evident that despite this very painful incident of a woman’s life, the gracious Imelda Marcos still retain her composure. Just imagine if it happens to just any woman in the Filipino society. Either she cries her heart out, cut his penis off or drag that woman out to where she belongs. This again shows how elegant Imelda Marcos is, in her ways of doing things and reactions. Most of all, in this affair, love is found to be true from both sides despite heavy trials.

Marcos Critic

The writer is a Marcos critic who claims that Imelda Marcos asks him to stop writing negatively about them. He also said that his father attests how the former first lady out-talks him which is a sign of intelligence. He has some narrations on how they listened to the tapes recorded by Dovie Beams while making love to the late president. Marcos allegedly is aware what Beams did but did not mind because she cannot use them in court, he said. Finally, he reveals that he is the one who gave Imelda Marcos a copy of Beam’s press conferences that Madame Marcos is barged to know by her husband for obvious reasons.

Marcos’ Wealth

It is interesting that the writer also claims that in 1970 when he investigates about Marcos’ wealth abroad, he had this perception that Aristotle Onassis might be the richest man in the world but Ferdinand E. Marcos is more liquid than Onassis. Filipinos cannot be prouder than that if true. The more they wanted Bongbong Marcos to be president now.

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The Family of Bongbong Marcos

Bongbong Marcos’ family is a role model to many Filipinos. Despite the work responsibilities of the couple, they are hands-on in raising their children up. The wife, Liza Araneta speaks highly of her husband a good father. They show no signs of pains in the past – just lessons learned. Together, they are a big rock that cannot be ruined just by media propaganda.

18 thoughts on “Can the Extra-Marital Affair Affair of the Dead President Destroy Bongbong Marcos’ Family?

  1. Nothing new in this world. Nothing is perfect. Accept the realities of life. Live with it. Cheer up up matter wha life brings you.

  2. I am looking forward to hearing more true stories about the Marcos’ just like what’s written here…let the TRUTH prevails

  3. No man is sinless, only Jesus Christ who is both full man and full God but the achievements done for the country far out weight whatever scandal the detractors put to fore. He who has committed no sin can throw stones to Apo Ferdinand Marcos…NO not one.

    1. Cammon. Don’ justify your wrongdoings by going back to the bible.

  4. Imelda is an elegant woman, even until now. Leni can never be like her despite the expensive clothes she’s wearing and the make over and photoshopped pictures! #dugyot

    1. Yes I agree at you!!!

    2. I agree

    3. I agree with you…
      Imelda Marcos is the most beautiful woman i’ve ever seen.

    4. Elegant? Yes in the Outside. The inside is rotten and you know where ahe will go when she dies. Poor Filipinos all they care are the external features!!

    5. Dugyot as i’ve seeing in her attitude.. haha,pangit na nga hitsura pangit pa ugali haha,magkaterno dios mio por dios por santo i never be liked this lugaw..

  5. Shame to a fucker woman not to the couple, man is a man thats why they call as a man, first lady is always first lady, she’ll not a tail.

  6. I admire imelda as a first lady and the most beautiful first lady in the universe marcos still the great in the padt and president duterte is second great!

  7. the extra marital affair of the late FEM can not destroy Bongbong Marcos’s family.

  8. And so what if the former President had an affair? It will not damage the performance of BBM. Inggit lang kayo kasi mga pangit kayong mga dilawan! Kasi kayong mga dilawan kung hindi PANOT, Retard, kung hindi Retard mukhang Tukmol, kundi mukhang Tukmol mukhang Gorilya, kundi mukhang Gorilya mukhang TARSIER!!!! Di ba mga mukha kayong TARSIER kasi ang lalaki ng mga mata ninyo lahat!!!!

  9. Hahaha your right we call them Tarsier Aquino

  10. true really….

  11. President Marcos before he died, confessed to the filipino people and the whole world by saying that to quote ” I HAVE COMMITTED MANY SINS IN MY LIFE, BUT TO STEAL THE PEOPLES MONEY IS NOT ONE OF THEM” unquote..

  12. Having an extra affair doesn’t really matter neither affect BBM family..We the supporters we still support them no matter what..MARCOS-DUTERTE are better in a million times than yellow..

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