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Can Low Credit Line Credit Cards be Enhanced with PBBM’s Investment Programs?

low credit line credit cards

By: Elena Grace Flores

Filipino Future
[VIDEO]: President Bongbong Marcos manages to bring back investment from his inaugueal visits.

Low Credit Line Credit Cards

Low credit line credit cards annoy Filipino employees and small business people. In many cases, banks even require depositors to guarantee the such. This is just like paying interest and memberships using their own money.

PBBM’s Intention

The Filipino President, Bongbong Marcos may not have mentioned the low credit line credit cards situation in the country, but he did say that he wants his people to get the best financial services. The government does not only take care of the OFWs but also the working groups who drive the economy forward.

Foreign Investments

The president made do with his promise to push foreign investments further. He was able to secure $14.36 billion worth of investment pledges in his recent state visits to Indonesia and Singapore. These are in sectors of renewable energy, data centers, e-commerce, broadband technology, startups, government housing, and agriculture.

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