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Can PBBM Talks to Russia or China on Gas and Oil Matters Irritate America?


By: Elena Grace Flores

GMA News
[VIDEO]: President Bongbong Marcos Talks to Russia for Oil Import and is Open to Gas and Oil Exploration with China

Importing Oil from Russia

President Bongbong Marcos may have some worries about the political implications of importing oil from Russia, but he’s firm to say that national interest comes first. Russia’s President Vladimir Putin earlier offered their petroleum and gas products to the Philippines at cheaper rates.

Gas and Oil Exploration

PBBM also said that it is open to the joint exploration of oil and gas with China in the South China Sea. This can serve as an additional source of fuel worldwide. The region is said to be abundant with the said elements. However, there had been many hindrances in the past to starting this up.

Political Implications

The Philippine President recently had talks with American President Joe Biden in New York. He clearly said that the country continues to be independent as far as foreign policy is concerned. It aims to promote peace worldwide. President Biden seems to respect that.

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