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Can Senator Imee Marcos’ Joke on Karen Davila Stop Biased Hosting?


By: Elena Grace Flores

Showbiz Snap
[VIDEO]: Cristy Fermin Reacts on teh Interview of Karen Davila with Senator Imee Marcos

Response to Biased Hosting

Senator Imee Marcos can’t help but ask Karen Davila why is she still in the Philippines? When she was vocal allegedly in saying that if Bongbong Marcos wins, she would live in the US. This kind of biased hosting is common the the tune of reporting, body gestures, and facial expressions of popular journalists on TV.

Cristy Fermin’s Views

Cristy Fermin said that although Karen Davila did not deny Senator Marcos’ claim, she has not seen videos of her alleged statement. So, she better not react to that. What’s important was her civil answer saying for the good of the country. On the other hand, the incoming president’s sister apologized for her upfront confrontation with Davila. In a text message, she said that it was just a joke.

Negative Hosting

Calling the new president names like the son of a dictator, tax evader, and plunderer or merely making faces upon mentioning him is certainly negative hosting. This can never win the hearts of people just like negative campaigning. So, if media personalities want to do well in their career at this point in time, they should learn how to be neutral which is basic for journalists.

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