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Capturing the Joy of Intimacy


By: Gynn Flores


IntimacyAn intimate relationship with somebody we love and care for is what most of us are longing for. It is a real joy for a person to experience moments of bliss regardless of gender, social status or nationality. In conservative cultures, intimacy is regarded as a reward of commitment but liberated people can become intimate with each other even without it. Commitment is considered by most people as important but not mandatory for some before getting intimate with each other.

In the bible’s book of Genesis, it was clearly recorded that it wasn’t good for man to be alone and so the Creator created a woman to perfectly complement his existence and to keep him company. She’s called a woman because she first existed for a man to be complete – to nurture and help him always in his endeavors. This should be the basis of a man and a woman’s sexual connection- that can follow after a long pursuit of commitment, as a by-product of a commitment-based love. No wonder that even with the aid of sexual drug enhancers there are couples that can still be unsatisfied with their union because of the absence of this kind of intimacy that is regarded by most people as follow:

  1. Being close to someone without inhibitions
  2. Being vulnerable, open and dependent to someone
  3. It is in giving to and receiving from another person that compose the deepest part of who we are- affecting our hopes, fears, secrets and our emotions
  4. To know and be known by another human in a special way
  5. To be one with another person in body and spirit like that of a relationship bound in marriage with trust and fidelity

There are other intimate relationships aside from romantic intimacy. You can be intimate to a friend, with a family member, with a co-worker but the deepest and most meaningful intimacy is that of a husband and a wife who share not only their hearts but also their bodies in sexual intimacy. This can only be fully enjoyed by married couples without inhibitions. In one way or another, sex is a responsibility that husbands and wives are bound to provide for each other and can be further enhanced by prescribed remedies when male wellness is an issue.

Doing it with someone that you love, respect, trust, care for and adore will feel as natural as breathing as one even with drug enhancers. On the contrary, do not expect lustful acts to be as fulfilling despite the use of any modern drug enhancers because if there’s nothing to be enhanced, it will still fail!

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