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Car Racing Legend Michael Schumacher Still in Coma

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Michael Schumacher
Michael Schumacher (Photo credit: Whiz Kris)

Michael Schumacher survived and excelled doing a dangerous sports – but it’s skiing in the French Alps that is now threatening his life. He remained in coma up to this time of writing. He has gained his fortune in his chosen  career and retired young to enjoy the fruits of his labor until the accident before his 45th birthday. Read this

Michael Schumacher Remains In Coma On Eve Of 45th Birthday

by: Mark Memmott 

His family has posted a message to those who have shown their concern for his health:

“Following Michael’s sking accident, we would like to thank the people from all around the world who have expressed their sympathy and sent their best wishes for his recovery. They are giving us great support.

“We all know he is a fighter and will not give up.”

As one of the world’s highest paid athletes, Michael Schumacher is a very rich man earning at least 80 million US dollars per year. May he will still live longer to share his blessings. He will be a different man after the coma but we hope for the best. Different in a way that he would know the importance of life. Let’s pray for him!

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