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Binay – Marcos Winning Despite Media Propaganda

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
The truth really sets the innocent free! This saying is very appropriate to Vice President Jejomar Binay and Senator Bonbong Marcos who are now getting stronger as the media propaganda against them are getting undeniably desperate.

It is now evident that the cases filed against them are nothing but mere gossips escalated by the media to destroy their chances of becoming President and Vice President come 2016.

The more lies their enemies are spreading, the more love they gain from the Filipino masses – who are sick of hearing news that are untrue. Imagine being the fastest growing economy in Asia but the average Filipinos are struggling to afford their daily sustenance.

Binay and Marcos are noted to have excellent public service records in their own territories and beyond – and a great defender of human rights during their legislative and executive days. So, whatever negativity the news say, the people knows them better than anyone else – and that can be seen thoroughly after the 2016 election.

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It’s Binay – Marcos After All

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Ever since Vice President Jejomar Binay was in the process of selecting his running mate for Vice President, Senator Bongbon Marcos was the most popular name that emerged from the different Binay groups. This went sour when Senator Marcos declined Binay’s invitation via live TV.

Not to the dismay of many Binay-Marcos supporters, we never know if the rumor is true that the alleged decline was just a show. In short, perharps the work of Binay’s politial advicers and strategists to gain the best of both worlds.

This speculation cannot be denied in the following circumstances:
– Marcos believes that the allegations against Binay were not anti corruption moves but an act of politics to destroy his chances in 2016
– Gringo, Binay’s running mate indirectly endorses Marcos despite being a rival in the Vice Presidential post saying: Bongbong must not be burdened by the sins of his father (If there’s any)
– Campaign materials distributed by Binay’s campaign headquarters are more on the Binay – Marcos tandem.
– Binay already announced through the media that Gringo will definitely be his Crime Czar when elected into the highest office

Should this strategy be successful, the nation will surely be on its way to healing from past pains, nation building and massive progress through their common platform in providing quality public service to all citizens of the Philippines.