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Habits that Hamper Concentration


By: Gemma Lagasca


ConcentrationDo you always have a problem focusing on your work or studies? According to Lucy Jo, PhD who is a respected Psychologist, there are ways to manage concentration culprits. The biggest distraction why people are becoming less attentive to their daily responsibilities is because of getting hooked to network sites. The activities in the cloud are quick, fuss-free and enjoyable yet they kill attention and time in performing the necessary tasks at hand. And also, losing concentration can have psychological impacts. Here are some advices on how to deal with concentration killers to retain a sound mind:

  1. Mobile gadgets: I think there are only few people who can ignore a cell phone’s ringtone. Once the phone rings, it will already kill your concentration and immediately interrupt your task at hand. To avoid affecting your daily task, try to set a caller ID to identify if it is an emergency call but if you suspect that the call is not urgent let the voicemail handle it. If you are attending an important meeting, put your mobile phone in to silent mode to avoid getting distracted. You may also set a specific time to read all the voice mails and messages received during your free time.
  2. Social Media: They are comfortable means for reaching out to friends and families living in any part of the universe. You can get through your favorite social media anytime and many times for as long as you want. However, social media is number one on the major concentration distractions’ list. To avoid this in your system, stay away from logging in while at work. If you want to get updates, set a schedule or make it during a quick break. This way, your focus on work will not interrupt your concentration. If for some reasons, you can’t resist logging in – then it’s about time to disconnect your internet access until you’re off from work.
  3. Pesky Feelings: Oh! This is quite hard because the problem is within you. Too much worries and concerns will totally devastate your concentration. It’s hard to set your mind and body to start your new task for the day. In fact, you sometimes carry the emotions from yesterday’s event and add them to the current dissatisfaction or disagreement with your boss or partner. However, these disturbing thoughts can be fixed within 3 minutes of meditation. Set yourself for a while to sort out what’s buzzing around your mind. After that, write down your task and highlight the most important chore that you need to complete within a specific time frame. This way, you can push yourself to focus and draw away pesky feelings while at work. You will be surprised with the outcome after you have successfully accomplished your main job.

  4. Boredom or Getting Burn Out: Let’s admit the fact that there are different kinds of tasks every day. Sometimes we get bored of our regular tasks although we have no choice but to accomplish them. As a result, it will take a little harder for our attention to focus. Additionally, the internet is enticing while your friends are online chatting. But, to avoid getting mixed up, hang on for a while and make a deal with yourself. If you prolong this kind of double or multi-tasking, you are only prolonging your agony. If you look forward to enjoy a coffee break, commit yourself – sit down and enjoy the whole process. You can turn on your iPod to listen to your music collections while sipping your coffee. This is not only relaxing but also very inspiring to do.

In conclusion, when you feel that depression is striking your concentration, this is a serious matter. According to the National Institute of Mental Health – being sad, hopeless and quiet are the symptoms of depression and a person detected with these signs needs medical attention as quickly as possible.

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Hydrogen Sulphide: Hazardous or the next Anti-aging Regimen?


By: Gemma Lagasca


SulphurWhat is Hydrogen Sulphide?

Hydrogen Sulphide is a chemical formula in the form of gas. It exists naturally and artificially through the process of laboratory chemistry. The formula for this compound is H2S—it means it consists of 2(+) hydrogen ions (H) and 1(-) sulphur ion (S). This chemical compound is often called “sewer gas” due to its distinguishing stink that is comparable to sewage or manure smell. Traditionally, this kind of element is considered hazardous and known as killer gas. Nevertheless, in today’s modern outlook and fast-phased technological development, the perception changed.

Hydrogen Sulphide has been a useful compound commercially and has several modern applications. Scientists primarily use this chemical in generating pure sulphur that is essential for chemical experimentation and laboratory chemistry. It is also beneficial in manufacturing metal sulphides and alkali metal sulphides.
Hydrogen Sulphide: To stave-off aging?

Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S) is now showing its full potential medically. According to the latest journal of Molecular and Cellular Biology, China’s group of researchers have seen and explored the compound’s ability to rejuvenate human’s aging stage. The researches cited that they have seen essential endogenous signalling molecules in H2S and its significance in humans’ nervous system and cardiovascular system. They confer that the evidences that they gathered are promising in staving-off aging – by forbidding the free-radical reaction and by activating SIRT1—or an enzyme that interacts with the genes. Klotho is an enzyme in humans encoded by the KL gene – as they both contribute in regulating a human’s lifespan and interrupt the aging activity.

Hydrogen Sulphide functions as anti-oxidant. This element can be found naturally in the human body and trigger several essential physiological reactions. According to Zhi-Sheng Jiang, the author of the said study from the University of South China; Hunan “H2S has the ability to maintain the arteries’ cleanliness and prohibit free-radicals as you age. Therefore if the body relaxes the vascular endothelium and makes muscle cells smooth, the result is the slowing down the stages of ageing. Associated diseases are also prevented during the process. Jiang and his team used mice for their experimentation. They discovered that mice are lacking of CSE—the gene for an enzyme producing H2S. They concluded that mice manifest premature arteriosclerosis and fast aging. According to that discovery, they got the idea that Klotho is the free hydrogen sulphide that could be the source of the anti-aging element once activated as natural endogenous anti-oxidant.

H2S in kidneys can get through Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme (ACE) inhibiting activity or acts as ACE inhibitor. The Ace inhibitor has something to do with a certain medicine that will tone down high blood pressure. It was concluded that the lack of H2S can lead to cardiovascular illnesses.

Based on the animal experimentation, the researchers reported that the decline of H2S in the system could be the source of some neurological issues. The endogenous Hydrogen sulphide was found to be a beneficial source to fight against Parkinson’s disease and works well with Alzheimer’s patient. In fact, H2S may also defend the body against cancers.

Jiang concluded that all the needed data are available to enhance their study but strongly endorsed that H2S could be the next potential anti-aging regimen that can also prevent age-associated diseases. In fact, the researchers asserted that they may develop an H2S product which will serve as anti-aging supplement in the future.

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