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Enrile: Filipinos, Whatever you’re Enjoying Today are Products of Marcos during Martial Law

Martial Law

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Senator Juan Ponce Enrile was there during the late President Ferdinand E. Marcos’ era since 1966. He was vital in his administration and disclosing everything now that his life is ripe. He said that whatever Filipinos are enjoying today are the works of Marcos during the Martial Law period.

Youtube video by; Government of the Philippines
[VIDEO]: Para sa Walang Alam!Tunay na Kahulugan ng MARTIAL LAW, Isiniwalat ni Sen. Enrile!

Two Magna Cum Laude of UP Studied Martial Law

Martial Law was not proclaimed by Ferdinand E. Marcos by himself. It went into a lenghty process. It was well studied and recommended by Senator Enrile himself. It put order into the country and minimized troubles through discipline.

Enrile Instrumental in Edsa

Why would one of the main organizers of the Edsa revolution in the person of Enrile side Marcos himself? Enrile attested that even if Marcos did all the right moves, the people are in chaos over the death of Ninoy Aquino, and it was essential for the late president to step down to pacify the people.

The Liberal Party

If Enrile had an hindsight before, he will not hesitate to arrest all the Liberal Party members. He already know now that they are the culprits. During Marcos’ time, they did not know who the enemies were. Enrile’ life was also threatened many times. He did not stage an ambush. It was real!

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Supported by Most Filipinos

Martial Law, according to Enrile was initially supported by the majority of the Filipinos. It solved the corruption problem. Put order into the country through discipline. The lands were reformed, infrastructure projects were facilitated efficiently. It was in fact, Marcos’ self sacrifice because he has turned his back to the elite. All for the welfare of the Filipino masses.

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Martial Law is not Only Marcos: Knowledgeable Filipinos know that it was Necessary


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
All sectors of the government during the late Ferdinand E. Marcos’ time approved of the Martial Law declaration from the judiciary to the senate. Marcos’ job was only to proclaim it. It was studied and suggested by Senator Juan Ponce Enrile who was Secretary of Defense at that time. He was also the legal consultant of the late president. He agrees with what Marcos said that it was necessary because there was anarchy in the country.

Youtube video by; drei ibanez
[VIDEO]: The Hidden Truth About Martial Law in the Philippines!
Not being published by books and the TV/radio media! Watch, listen and comprehend.

Martial Law Topples Corruption by Installing an Ombudsman

Allegations of corruptions were verified by the Ombudsman. Cases were filed to those with concrete evidence. To this date, the Ombudsman still exist but many high profile cases like the alleged Binay corruption cannot stand in court due to lack of evidence. Just hearsays and mere senate dramas. The same thing with the alleged massacres during Martial Law. If there were really massacres. why don’t the victims’ families file cases when they were given free legal assistance by two Aquino governments?

Negotiation with the American Bases

Marcos never quoted a lump sum for the rental of the American bases. The late president negotiated that it should not be called US aid rather rental for the venue of the American military presence in Southeast Asia.

Land Reforms and Infrastructures

Land reforms were initiated. Agriculture and fisheries were developed. Abundant yields generate from those projects. Rice was exported that very age. The country was the leading economic tiger during Martial Law Days. Most of the infrastructures then are still enjoyed by the present generation. In fact, no new infrastructures in the country can ever surpass the greatness of those built by Marcos through the brilliance of his Secretary for Public Works and Highways, Jesus Hipolito.

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Martial Law was Studied Carefully by All Branches

Martial Law was not only Marcos’ doing. The cabinet discussed the matter agreed with the military. All sectors agreed that Martial Law was needed to rescue and restore the country. Enrile’s supporting EDSA was for the country to survive and save the Marcos family as well. Different things are told by people who did not really experience Martial Law. People who were arrested created trouble. If they are really victims of abuses, they should have filed cases.

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Learn from Enrile on the Bongbong Marcos Take Over: Know your Enemies – see the Video who they Are!

Bongbong Marcos

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Senator Juan Ponce Enrile who was dubbed as a Marcos traitor was actually his protector. Many Filipinos are blinded with the fact that he has never changed his heart to the strongman despite not knowing anymore who the enemies were – after Cory Aquino appointed him as one of her cabinet members. So, learning from his experience would be beneficial in knowing the real enemies of the country with or without knowing it.

Youtube video by; Elena Flores
[VIDEO]: Ang naloko noon ng mga yellow ribbon at sa panahon ngayon.. isa ba kayo sa kanila?

Catholic Nuns and Priests

How could the Catholic church lay men and women cannot discern who is right or wrong? Why did they allow their establishment to be corrupted with the political agenda’s of the yellow race? No wonder, many Filipinos are changing religion. Others who cannot decide rather become Atheist or just study the bible themselves rather than be a part of a big cult who are interfering with the government.

Student Activists

These are the very passionate groups of anti-government factions who would even die for their misleading belief. Most of them government scholars who should have the brains to discern – but got misaligned because of the wrong influence. The Liberal Party’s strategy is giving them the limelight. Even give them credits of rallies and protests that they did not organize. They were simply there to show their talents and strong spirits without checking the full background of what they are fighting about. Parents must be vigilant in this scenario because the young minds are easily influenced especially when they get the company of these users more than their family.

Mar Roxas’ Challenge

Mar Roxas challenged President Rodrigo Duterte to stop talking too much and solve the many problems of the government instead. However, despite not winning as Vice President of Pnoy, he was still the the right hand of the former president and setting aside Binay for 6 long years. Why did they not use that length of time to solve the problems in the country?

Conflicting Opinions on Bongbong Marcos

The Inquirer recently reported a review on the possibility of Bongbong Marcos takeover, saying that there’s a slim chance. However, they forgot that it’s now the opposite side that is reigning and not the yellow race anymore. The president himself is also a lawyer knowledgeable of the law. When an entity is supported by the people and not destroyed anymore by media propaganda because of social media, it will be difficult already for the Liberal Party to do what they did with the older Marcos. Enrile is now very vocal in divulging the the culprits after feeling safe with a like-minded government!

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Enrile Wanted Marcos to Step Down to Protect Him and Never In Good Terms with Aquino


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
The life story of Senator Juan Ponce Enrile written by a former UP activist explains everything from his childhood – and clarifies why he administered the RAM quest on letting former President Ferdinand E. Marcos step down. It also explained how he got appointed to Cory Aquino’s administration then blamed for Coups  d’etats that Senator Gringo Honasan was involved then – when he has nothing to do with them. A true battle of political survival that aims only to protect the people regardless of his fate. He must have done the right thing because at his very ripe age now, he is still as sharp as ever and finally gets to enjoy the beauty of family life. This video says it all:

Youtube video by; Marjingoy Paras
Pres.Ferdinand E. Marcos & United States President Lyndon B Johnson at Manila Summit Conference with other Six Nation’s Leaders.

Marcos is More than a Brother to Enrile

It was Marcos who invited Enrile to join him in politics when the strongman was still a senator. He believed in him as a leader. They never had conflicts and Marcos is always concerned with his safety and vice versa. Enrile’s split from his government has nothing to do with the former president but because of some people around him especially the ones related to him. The military already disunited when many powerful figures form factions that divide the regime.

Administration of EDSA Revolt

As the Defense Minister during the EDSA revolution, he can only direct the military to protect the Marcoses and make sure that there’s no bloodshed. He thinks that it was necessary for Marcos to step down at that point because his and his family’s lives were in danger. Insurgencies were becoming out of control after Ninoy Aquino was assassinated. He still feels for Marcos until this very moment. This is why he continued his support ti his son, Bongbong Marcos, seeing the leadership traits of his father.

Joining Corazon Aquino was not his Choice

It was celebrated by the crowd when he was appointed Defense Minister by then president Corazon Aquino (deceased) – but he was not happy about it. They never see each other eye to eye. They often argued. He was accused of staging a coup d’etat against her that he had no knowledge of. This time, the conflict is with the president herself. This should not come as a surprise because knowing his story, the late president Cory was not at par with his intelligence and loyalty to the people unlike Marcos.

Enrile is Confident that he never Oppressed Anybody

Now, here’s the answer to those human rights victims. The late president Marcos gave all the powers to Enrile to implement orders to the military in accordance to the law. Marcos relied on him on legal matters and would never want to do something that is against the law. Enrile made sure of that – that’s why he’s confident that whatever was ordered, they were not human rights abuses. The police brutality that happened during those times were the doings of “corrupted humans” that happened to be in the law enforcement.

Why not ask Ramos and Enrile about Martial Law ‘abuses’?


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Watch the Video: Imelda’s 1972 Assassination Attempt Was At Close Range Far Out from Bongbong Marcos’ Alleged Double Body Rumor

Bongbong Marcos

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Truths about what really happened during the martial law period come out into the open. The video of the 1972 assassination of former First Lady Imelda Marcos surfaces via social media. It cannot be a fake one. The closeness between the victim and the assailant is unbelievable. This is one of the alleged true incidents covered up by media. Many say it was staged or infiltrated just to discredit the Marcoses. The public can now judge based on the video. This leads us to believe that the alleged attempted shooting of Bongbong Marcos is also a true story. The rumor states that they hired a double body for the son of the strongman for the alleged staged assassination.

Youtube video by; bulatlat multimedia
[VIDEO]: Failed Assassination of Imelda, Full Video!

Imelda Marcos was Stabbed at close Range

How horrifying is is to watch a very intelligent and popular lady during her time being attacked by a man with a sharp-edged weapon  who emerges right from her back. It looks like the man was also on the same stage as her. All it takes was only a few steps for him to plunged the weapon into Imelda’s body. The good thing is, the elegant woman of all times survives to tell her story without any hatred whatsoever.

Bongbong Marcos was Gunned Down

There were doubts cast on Bongbong Marcos alleged shooting attempt – for some senators at that time just laugh it off when they were asked. No one took it seriously but the father himself, former president Ferdinand E. Marcos. Why were those senators conniving to put a shame on the credibility of the Marcos family? We obviously know now. They wanted to be in power like them.

Illicit Love Affair Rumors

Carmen Soriano was rumored to have gone through plastic surgery after a jealous Imelda doused her with muriatic acid. This was after she was reported to get jealous when Soriano  caught her husband’s eyes. Even Soriano herself denied the false rumors. She shows off her face to be natural and no plastic surgery happened as far as she is concerned.

Enrile’s Son was in Trouble

Jack Enrile was accused of killing regal baby star Alfie Anido and in raping Liezel Martinez. Amalia Fuentes herself denied the rumor that her daughter (now deceased) got raped. Jack was never tried for the alleged murder. We are very aware that Juan Ponce Enrile was in conflict with General Fabian Ver then (deceased). Enrile now is backing up Bongbong Marcos while Ver’s ally Fidel Ramos is with the opposition. It was never about Jack Enrile but all about his father. Today, it’s not about the father Ferdinand E. Marcos but protests on his LNMB burial is all about stopping Bongbong Marcos’ return to the spot of his father!