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Nurture Filipino Talents: Acting Workshop with Coach Ghie by EGF Private Education Services

Acting Workshop

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
“Acting Workshop with Coach Ghie April 2018” is now open for reservation until April 14, 2018. P2,500.00 only at Studio A #8 Zalamea Street, DBP Village, Las Pinas City for 6 sessions. The workshop starts on April 17 to April 28, 2018 (TTHS) at 3:00 to 5:00 pm. Enjoy while learning. Enroll now! For inquiries call or text “Coach G.” 09773077632. Hurry! Limited slots only. See you!

Youtube video by; Adtracz

[VIDEO]: Options exercise acting workshop with Coach Ghie.

Nurture Filipino Talent

Ms. Geraldine Flores or Coach Ghie has been serving the showbiz industry from the backstage. Although she also plays supporting roles for GMA and ABS-CBN soap operas, she’s more into gearing up little people who show the passion and love for the trade. She goes beyond teaching how to act. She is proud enough of her product that she acts as stagecoach as well when they go for auditions and even when they get roles as background actors and actresses at first.


Passion Beats The Money Chase

Coach Ghie has been working overseas particularly in Brunei for a greener pasture. But even when she was working there, she still finds ways to teach acting. The limited policies there for the career that she wanted prompted her to come back – even if it means, she has to start from scratch again but many years have passed – she has worked in various studios already locally, regained her place in the entertainment industry and found her new home at Studio A #8 Zalamea Street, DBP Village, Las Pinas City.

Working For the Love of It

Where can you find a coach that is happy enough to spend quality with your kids and impart her talents into yours while you can continue your errands? It’s all possible through the EGF’s Acting Workshop with Ms. Ghie. Just for the love of it. EGF Private Education Services with Elena Grace Flores, Coach Ghie’s sister is the proprietor and publisher of and

Here’s how to contact Her:

Send her a friend request on Facebook: Geraldine Flores. Then a message through the messenger can surely catch her attention. You can also text or call her directly at 09773077632. This program is made possible by Ms. Ghie’s passion in conjunction with EGF Private Education Services, Certificate of Registration OCN# 9RC0000464995 and BIR TIN: 183-670-541-000.

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Is Kylie Minogue and Prince Andrew Romance for Real?

Kylie Minogue

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

POP icon Kylie Minogue is reported to have found comfort in the arms of a royal, Prince Andrew. The Spinning Around singer is said to have been “quietly dating” Prince Andrew since her February break up with fiancé Joshua Sasse at the start of the year.

Youtube video by; Hello Hollywood Entertainment
[VIDEO]: An Australian magazine has made bizarre claims that Kylie Minogue has been ‘quietly dating’ Prince Andrew for ‘several weeks’. New Idea has alleged that the ‘close friends’ got in touch after Kylie’s relationship with fiance Joshua Sasse ended in February.

Old Friends

It is alleged that the pair, who are said to be ‘close friends’, got back in contact after the Australian singer-songwriter split with her fiancé earlier this year. Read more:

Lucky Prince

As a devotee of high-camp drama, I am thrilled the royal family are now dating the sort of people who might cameo as royal dates in The Royals. This is the equivalent of Cameron Diaz being reduced to taking scripts calling for “a Cameron Diaz type”. If you’re Cameron’s agent, you’re far from happy about it, of course – but then, neither you nor I rep the Windsors, and can simply enjoy the show. More here:

Not a Surprise

Palace sources say Prince Charles’ brother, who used to be married to Fergie, reached out after Kylie called off her engagement. The source said, ‘Andrew and Kylie have long been close friends, and no-one’s surprised that their relationship has finally turned romantic.’ Read this:

Are Fans not Up to it?

“Kylie is someone that Her Majesty would welcome into the royal family with open arms. Everyone’s hoping this romance goes the distance.” However, there’s no confirmation yet that Prince Andrew has ever met Kylie. In spite of that, many of the singer’s fans expressed their disbelief via social media.

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Kris Aquino Gets Hollywood Break after almost a Year of Rejections

Kris Aquino

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Kris Aquino discloses her immediate trip to Los Angeles. This is to meet Chris Lee, her agent. She is about to sign a Hollywood contract. She passed 5 levels of intense scrutiny and was offered a role. She’s so thrilled reading the script from a Hollywood studio with her name watermarked on every page. I signed a non-disclosure agreement so until they reveal my participation I can’t share any details about the movie and my role,” she said. But a good guess surfaces that it could be for the movie, Crazy Rich Asians!

Youtube video by; EntertainmentPH
[VIDEO]: Kris Aquino Was Rejected By Big TV Station But Is Now Signing A Contract For A Hollywood Movie!

Off to Hollywood

TV host Kris Aquino announced on social media a movie comeback as she flew to Los Angeles  on Easter Sunday, California to sign a Hollywood film deal.: Read this:

A film by Warner Brothers?

According to Kris’ post, “Crazy Rich Asians” will soon become “a major motion picture from Warner Brothers.” Will Kris become a part of this project? Is this among the reasons why Kwan followed her on social media? More here:

Crazy Rich Asians

Kris is slated to play an Asian princess, either of Bruneian or Malaysian descent. She will star alongside Michelle Yeoh, Henry Golding, Constance Wu, Sonoya Mizuno, and Gemma Chan. Read more:

Trust for Right Timing

Aquino hopes to be the role model of her fans who might face uncertainties in life. She thanked her family for being supportive even during the one year that she only got rejections. She almost surrenders to enormous failures but in the end, it looks like she’s on her way up again.

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First Ever Photo Release of Janet Jackson’s Baby – will Daddy let this go?

Janet Jackson

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Fans are thrilled with the first glimpse of Janet Jackson’s baby boy, Eissa. This is through the singer’s website and social media recently. “My baby and me after nap time,” Jackson shared the photo of her hugging Eissa while he yawns lovingly with this caption. Jackson, 50, and her husband, Wissam Al Mana’s first child was born in January without any difficulty.

Youtube video by; Aban News
[VIDEO]: Fans got a first glimpse of Janet Jackson’s baby boy, Eissa, via the pop star’s website and social media on Friday.

First Photo Release Out

World famous Grammy Award-winning singer Janet Jackson has shared an adorable photo of her newborn son, named Eissa. Read more:

Meet Eissa

Jackson’s 14-week-old baby boy adorably yawned as he looks at the camera for a selfie.. More here:

Still in Love

Jackson’s billionaire soon-to-be ex-husband penned a touching message to his estranged wife and mother of his child. “To the most beautiful person in the world, thank you for your divine love, your eternal support and for being my best friend,” Al Mana, 42, wrote on his personal website recently under the title “Love.” “I love you so much, inshallah we will be together in the Great Forever x.” Read more:

Split Not Confirmed

There are reports that Jackson split from her husband Al Mana after five years of marriage – just shortly after giving birth to their son. Jackson’s representatives have not confirmed this news – so fans can only hope that the Qatari businessman will do something to hold the family together.

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Emma Watson’s ‘Beauty and the Beast’ is also at Top Spot in the Philippines

Beauty and the Beast

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Disney’s Beauty and the Beast like anywhere else is now the highest-grossing film in the Philippines. It surpasses Captain America: Civil War. TIhe movie, starring Emma Watson, Dan Stevens, and Luke Evans, had already reached cumulative gross earnings of P667.46 million at the box office and almost $1 Billion in the world. The question is, how much Emma Watson can earn from that?

Youtube video by; E! News
[VIDEO]: The actress plays “Belle” and is earning some major bucks as the live-action remake slays the box office.

$1 Billion Mark

The British actress looks set to overtake Jennifer Lawrence as she continues to take a portion of the Disney film’s profits. Less than a month since its theatrical release, Bill Condon’s live-action remake of the Disney classic continues to perform well and has now become 2017’s first film to reach the milestone. Read this:

29th Movie to Hit Top Gross Sales

Disney’s live-action remake is the 29th film to officially hit that number at the worldwide box office, helping it to maintain its position as the highest grossing film of the year so far. It is also the highest grossing live-action musical of all time. More here:

5 Movies by Disney

While the monetary milestone may seem par for the course for Disney, which released five of the top 10 highest-grossing films of 2016 (and four that made more than $1 billion worldwide), it is particularly impressive for Beauty and the Beast when compared to other live-action movie musicals. The film was clearly meant for more than this provincial life as it effectively dunked on the competition by earning $600 million more than its closest competitor, Grease. Sure, La La Land may have all those Oscars (except, you know, Best Picture), but Beauty and the Beast has more than double its $438 million global box office. Read more:

Worst Nightmare

With Beauty and the Beast in the to[ spot, lead star, Emma Watson can earn as much as $15 million dollars. That also places Captain America: Civil War at number two. The 3 other films in the top 5 are also Disney movies namely; Avengers: Age of Ultron, Iron Man 3, and The Avengers. The remake is about Belle, who finds herself inside an enchanted castle her father rescued her from the Beast. She ends up befriending falling in love with the Beast.

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‘Thor: Ragnarok’ Trailer Shows Special Moments Borrowed from Comics

Thor: Ragnarok

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Thor: Ragnarok is not about the ruin of Asgard.  Certainly not Hulk’s rampage or even Chris Hemsworth’s Thor sex appeal. A lot of emphases is given to Mjolnir, Thor’s enchanted hammer. Thor is basically lost without his weapon. Good thing, the comics have all the actions it needed.

Youtube video by; Emergency Awesome
[VIDEO]: Thor Ragnarok Trailer 4K Breakdown and Comics Easter Eggs. Marvel Planet Hulk, Thor New Hammer Avengers Infinity War, Thanos Infinity Gauntlet, and Thor Ragnarok Planet Hulk Celestials Easter Egg.

Hammer Holding Time

Following on from the events of Avengers: Age of Ultron, the third instalment of the superhero franchise sees the hammer-wielding superhero imprisoned on the far side of the universe without his trusty weapon. There he must engage in a deadly gladiatorial contest against old ally the Incredible Hulk. Can he survive and get back to his homeworld of Asgard before it is destroyed?:

The Villain

It’s well-known among fans and even more casual filmgoers that Marvel doesn’t have the greatest track record when it comes to its movie villains. Loki is still far and away the greatest big bad the studio has put on the silver screen in a pantheon that is fairly underwhelming. Hiddleston is a fantastic actor, sure, but characters like Ant-Man’sYellowjacket and Guardians of the Galaxy’s Ronan the Accuser are utterly forgettable. They existed in their movies solely to get the heroes motivated. Meanwhile, Thanos is still too much of a distant threat to count. How’s this?:

Thor Trailer

The first trailer for Thor: Ragnarok, hitting Nov. 3, is bent on infusing levity into the Asgardian franchise. Fresh off a comedic turn in Ghostbusters, Chris Hemsworth’s Thor takes the goth-looking villain Hela (Cate Blanchett) destroying his trusty hammer, Mjolnir, in stride. Even as Tessa Thompson’s warrior Valkyrie captures him and forces him into a gladiatorial battle with the Hulk (Mark Ruffalo), Thor greets the news with a hearty cheer. Read this:

Easy Fix

It probably helps that it’s relatively easy to fix Thor’s magic hammer. Especially if Thor can do it just by holding it. Its quick fix is the savior or else Thor and his race will all die. Something to bear in mind watching Thor: Ragnarok this November. Marvel’s Thunder God could start adapting the handy fix on Thor’s weapon should this proves successful.

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This is How Janet Jackson Gauges Single Blessedness after Split with Al Mana

Janet Jackson

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Many can say that it’s a pity that Janet Jackson and Wissam Al Mana have broken up three months after the birth of their son – but for Jackson, it’s a matter of finding herself again. According to news sources, their separation is amicable. Janet continues to live in London with their son Eissa, who was born only last January.

Youtube video by; Empressive
[VIDEO]: Janet Jackson unfortunately, announced that she might be divorcing her billionaire husband of five years (Qatari Wissam Al Mana)..only months after giving birth to her son Eissa.

Doomed from the Start?

Sources say a clash of cultures has driven Janet and Wissam apart, made worse since the birth of baby Eissa, over whose upbringing and day-to-day care they disagree. Read more:


Though they’ll be separated, the two have decided to co-parent their first-born, Eissa Al Mana, who was born on January 3. “They’re both busy people but determined to be good parents, even if they’re apart. It’s amicable and Eissa will stay with his mother, who is basing herself in London.” However, Page Six reported that the split may have been due to Al-Mana’s ‘controlling’ behavior during Janet’s pregnancy. Here’s more:

More Hints

It seems as though the split might have something to do with the latest allegations of elder abuse against Trent Lamar Jackson. Al Mana’s lack of concern over the allegations was the last straw. “That’s when Janet made her decision that there was no turning back,” a source said. “She was worried about her mother—and Wissam showed little to no concern.” Read through:

Amicable Split

Jackson who was married twice before Al Mana – once to James DeBarge from 1984 to 1985 and second time to Rene Elizondo from 1991 to 2000 now accepts that she’s not for marriage. Despite making compromises, her third marriage still did not work and it’s enough for her to say that she’s one of the women who probably can be happier as a single mother.

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David Beckham Experiences the Fiercest Comments in Social Media

David Beckham

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Football icon, David Beckham spent time in Shanghai and Hong Kong, a territory of China during the weekend for promotional purposes. He wrote on his Facebook page that he had a “Great 48 hours in China”. To his surprise, fans quickly called his attention correcting him that it’s not Hongkong but China. Others say something else.

Youtube video by; Kurt Lord
[VIDEO]: ‘They are totally different!’: David Beckham sparks furious backlash from fans in Hong Kong as he gushes over great holiday in ‘China’

Hongkong Trip

Beckham probably thought he was just sharing some harmless, pleasant content when he posted a silent video of some of the scenery in Hong Kong on Saturday, but all hell broke lose when he captioned the clip, “Great 48 hours in China.” Read story here:

Shocking Transformation

The usually dapper athlete also grimaced in the photo, revealing a set of yellowed, damaged teeth. Beckham’s fans were quick to react to his incredible makeover, with some praising the stage makeup and others exclaiming in disgust. Here’s more:

Look in King Arthur

The notoriously groomed star took to Instagram to share a seflie with his fans – though his face was dominated by a graphic scar. In the shocking snap David’s face is almost unrecognisable as his left side is completely scarred. Rushing to express their concern, one fan wrote: “What happened? Check here:

Hongkong Belongs to China

Some people responded to the sportsman after he changed the caption by pointing out that Hongkong is indeed part of China. Many said that he should not have rectified his message. Not only that, his disfigured image on Instagram for his role in King Arthur is also attacked. He’s just popular no matter what he does!

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Harrison Ford is still Magnetic in Blade Runner 2049 like in the 1982 Sequel

Blade Runner 2049

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Harrison Ford is still as magnetic as ever. He even made Ryan Gosling nervous during their scenes.  Older now but he can still fit into his old clothing during Blade Runner’s 1982 sequel. It’s a special movie for Jared Leto. DP Roger Deakins cannot believe how the movie could become iconic. Director Denis Villeneuve, actor Jared Leto, and actress Ana de Armas all showed up at CinemaCon in Las Vegas for Blade Runner 2049.

Youtube video by; Access Hollywood
[VIDEO]: He may be a Hollywood superstar in his own right, but Ryan Gosling can still get intimidated in the presence of a legend. The “Blade Runner 2049” star tells Access Hollywood’s Alex Hudgens at CinemaCon in Las Vegas why he was a bit nervous to work with Harrison Ford in the upcoming sequel. “Blade Runner 2049”

Renaissance Period

There’s no doubt that Hollywood is enjoying a renaissance period tied to iconic sci-fi films made in the 1970s and ’80s. Star Wars, of course, made its valiant return with The Force Awakens to wrap up 2015, and Ridley Scott pressed ahead last year with his Alien prequel Alien: Covenant, which is set for May release. Scott will also return in October – but in executive producer mode – as Arrival helmer Denis Villeneuve directs the long-awaited sequel to Scott’s 1982 classic Blade Runner with Blade Runner 2049. Read here:

Extension of Ridley Scott’s Vision?

Last night at CinemaCon, Sony Pictures Entertainment gave those in attendance a look at some new footage from director Denis Villeneuve’s upcoming film Blade Runner 2049. Let’s just say that I walked away really, really excited. Read more:

2017 Films

During the hour and a half presentation, Warner Bros. highlighted a number of their upcoming 2017 films and while I could spend a long time talking about everything, in the video and text below I’m going to focus on their DC films, the Blade Runner sequel and Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk. Check here:

Intense Experience

Villeneuve finds it mind-blowing to see Harrison back in his character of Rick Deckard. He also praised Deakins who is in every frame of the film. The original Blade Runner had the most intense and exciting cinematic experience of his life, he said. Now, the new Blade Runner 2049 opens on Oct. 6 via Warner Bros. stateside while Sony handles the Alcon title overseas.

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Nobody Likes the Kiss From the Power Rangers Trailer

Power Rangers

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Power Rangers tests audiences over the kiss between Kimberly or Naomi Scott and Jason or Dacre Montgomery in real life. The nostalgia-driven fans are even pissed off because Kimberly should only be paired with Tommy who isn’t in this movie. The teaser trailer online showing the kiss might disgust many fans – but it worked to remove the scene from the movie after utmost relief is expressed by patrons.

Youtube video by; Lionsgate Movies
[VIDEO]: Power Rangers (2017 Movie) Official Trailer – It’s Morphin Time!

Millennials King of Movie

Lionsgate was correct in its hunch to target die-hard fans of the show, who are now full-grown millennials, a tech-obsessed demo that relies on a variety of entertainment platforms. Also, Power Rangers, which skewed male (60 percent), served as an antidote to Beauty and the Beast, a female-skewing, family friendly film that powered to $88 million in its second weekend. Read here:

Nobody Liked the Kiss

“Nobody liked the kiss,” director Dean Israelite admitted to EW, referring to reactions from test audiences. “It’s one of those rare times in a preview when something is so unanimous.” The kiss was supposed to happen right after the former Queen Bee of Angel Grove High snuck into Jason’s bedroom and revealed why she ended up in detention. So, did audiences hate it because they didn’t want to see Jason and Kimberly get together? Nope. There’s a much better reason than that. Here’s more:

Tailing Disney’s Beauty and the Beast

The live action Disney musical has already accumulated $206.2M after $17.9M yesterday, charting the best pre-summer Tuesday of all-time (the studio just reported their official morning figures) — and that was with 11% K-12 and 15% colleges off. In its second go-round, Beauty and the Beast stands to make $80M. Comparing the film to another big grosser, Disney/Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War, that pic opened to $179.1M and fell 60% in its second weekend to $72.6M. The observation there is that fanboy movies are top heavy, hence the drop.  But despite Beauty and the Beast‘s groundswell of millennial fangirls, the film also appeals to those 5 years of age to 90, and it’s that generational appeal which is fueling the pic’s legs. Here’s the statistics:


Old Fashioned Making Out

The fact that this kiss was missing from the final film was certainly a relief. It turns out, nobody likes it. Director Dean Israelite said that the audiences hated the scene during the preview. It takes a scene about Kimberly’s evolution and turns it into one that is about her relationship with Jason. The romantic moment just undermines her character. The scene is somewhat old-fashioned and becomes a movie trope of the female lead who is just there to boost the popularity of the male actor. No romance felt at all as far as fans are concerned.