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‘The Greatest Love’ Spoilers: Stella’s Suspicious Apology Will Just Bring Conflict To Alegre Family, And Worsen Gloria’s Health Condition

The Greatest Love

By: Danilo Flores II

“The Greatest Love” is at its peek after the show’s “Deep Impact” episode earlier in January. The viewers are gently pulled into watching the high-calibre performance of the cast especially by Gloria (Sylvia Sanchez who is suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease. “TGL” fans can’t wait for any new events about to unfold in the series.

Youtube video by; ABS-CBN Entertainment
[VIDEO]: Amanda, Paeng, Lizelle, and Andrei get into a heated confrontation.

Stella’s Apology To Gloria

Secondary antagonist of the Philippine TV series “The Greatest Love,” Stella Alegre-Policarpio (Tetchie Agbayani), is on her way in apologizing to the Alegre Family. This is after she knew that Gloria was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. she just took advantage in Gloria’s condition that could possibly worsen it.

She made the whole family believe in her apology. Even Amanda (Dimples Romana) and Paeng/Rafael (Arron Villaflor) undoubtedly accepted her plea for forgiveness. But the family don’t know her real agenda behind her pretentious actions in “The Greatest Love” series.

Conflict In The Alegre Family

The Alegre family of “The Greatest Love” series will face another trouble caused by the doubtful apology of their Aunt Stella. Amanda and Paeng forgive Stella, and tries to convince the whole family that Stella is now a changed person.

On the other side, Lizelle (Andi Eigenmann) and Andrei (Matt Evans) cannot accept it because of the fact that Stella is their enemy. They cannot forgive her easily because of her terrible views towards Gloria’s family. All that’s in their minds is Stella is not sincere in her apology.

The Greatest Love

As a normal plot of the “The Greatest Love” series, the siblings are very vulnerable to misunderstandings and would normally fight over certain issues faced by the family. Even Gloria herself is hesitant on the surprising actions that Stella did.

Amanda and Paeng were directly convinced by Stella and forgive her without any question. While on the other hand, the two siblings, Lizelle and Andrei, cannot really deny the fact that Stella has a bad attitude that accepting her apology is a hard thing for them to do.

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Effect To Gloria’s Condition

With the current situation of Gloria, Stella should not have made an apology to the family.  Her apology will only bring misunderstanding and chaos to them, and would only worsen Gloria’s state of mind. Gloria will likely be more stressed and depressed especially when she sees her children quarreling as previously show by her character in “The Greatest Love” Series.

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‘Die Beautiful’ Best Actor Paolo Ballesteros Surprises Audience In Every Celebrity Transformation

Die Beautiful

By: Danilo Flores II

By now, it’s pretty needless to talk about the awards “Die Beautiful” has gotten or how many international film fests this has been invited to. This is one of the Filipino movies that no longer needs domestic validation from Filipinos too. From the buzz it is making online, Director Jun Lana and Paolo Ballesteros definitely could not ask for more.

Youtube video by; Regal Entertainment, Inc.
[VIDEO]: Can you guess how many make-up transformation Paolo Ballesteros did in this movie?

Life & Death Of Tricia in “Die Beautiful”


Some of the viewers were expecting that “Die Beautiful” would reveal some jaw-dropping twist, a “whoah!” bomb that would surprise audiences while watching. I thought that this twist would be about how Tricia (Paolo Ballesteros) died.

But that didn’t happen. Yet, it wasn’t really a disappointment. It’s because the movie’s narrative was a beautiful irony to everyone’s expectation. Viewers were waiting for the story to elaborate on the specific details of his death because he wanted to “Die Beautiful.”

However, the story wasn’t really about her death but focused more on how Tricia lived his/her beautiful life. This is made even better with her total transformation to different famous Hollywood Celebrities, that made it somewhat different from other Filipino movies in the Metro Manila Film Festival.

Paolo Ballesteros’ Makeup Transformation

Award-winning actor Paolo Ballesteros have already made noise in social media about his versatility in imitating the looks of famous celebrity which he did all by himself. In “Die Beautiful” this talent was showcased.

Plenty of celebrities, both local and international have been shown in the film as the result of Tricia’s makeup transformation. We have Regine Velasquez, Melanie Marquez, Jacklyn Jose and Iza Calsado. For Hollywood, we can see Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, and Beyonce.

Social Impact On LGBT Community

“Die Beautiful’s” relatability, along with its social commentary on Philippines’ still-uncomfortable acceptance of the LGBT community, is its best asset. The living proof of that is Barbs, the character played by the newcomer Christian Bables.

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This guy, I believe, equally deserves best supporting actor accolades from everywhere. Tricia and Barbs’ chemistry, carrying the language and behavior we have all grown to love in recent times, is definitely why “Die Beautiful” is one of this year’s easy favorites.

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Saving Sally: A Movie That’s Worth 12 Years Of Waiting, Explore Marty’s The Comic World

Saving Sally

By: Danilo Flores II

“Saving Sally” which was finally finish after twelve long years is a perfect harmony of animation and live action. “Saving Sally” is the masterpiece that famous Gallerist Liongoren created by the pieces in between his other projects that tells the tale of a boy who is deeply in love with a girl.

Youtube video by; Pelikula Mania
[VIDEO]: SAVING SALLY (MMFF 2016) Official Trailer Rhian Ramos

Saving Sally 12 Years Production

The successful “Saving Sally” film made its first appearance on the social media site Facebook. Film creator Liongoren at that time was raising much needed funds to finish the movie’s pot-production. Viewers got their first view of what “Saving Sally” had in store through a short trailer, black and white, with unfinished special effects.

The gallerist’s appeal made some noise as live actors took interest. But after some time, “Saving Sally” plea disappeared. Fortunately, a few years later, that is today, the masterpiece was rescued by its creator’s blood and sweat as Liongoren gave everything up just to give Saving Sally its much deserved finish. The film was mostly in English but bits of Japanese anime’s “will somebody say something already” plot is evident.

Saving Sally Plot

From the very moment Sally (Rhian Ramos) rescued Marty (Enzo Marcos) from bullies in school, the boy was smitten and ever since fell deeply in love with her. Marty was an artist and viewers were made to see the world through his comic-books. Saving Sally tells the tale of Marty as he tries to save Sally from the monsters of the world, including herself. One notable character is Nick, Sally’s boyfriend who was totally childish but proved to be essential in making one strong point in the end.

Filipino Customs And Culture

The world through Marty’s comic books is astonishing! Brilliant colors filled all its corners with eccentric shapes and adorable cartoons. Plus, it is refreshing to see that the Filipino culture prevalent in Marty’s comics through the famous Filipino Jeepney and masked characters that go around the University of the Philippines. Even the sight of street foods vendors in the comic-word is exciting.

Saving Sally’s lack of dynamics in terms of moving shots as well as CGI backgrounds for most, if not all, of its scenes on top of character’s lack of mobility during scenes is undeniably a sign of the film’s age. But this was taken as an opportunity for creators to show off their passion, creativity and originality.

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Evolution of Filipino Cinematics

Saving Sally is truly an evolution of the Filipino cinematics. Saving Sally takes viewers to a journey, a roller coaster ride through a light and bubbly plot with adequate references. The movie’s adorable leads and storyline is truly relatable as the story progress. Saving Sally will definitely become a timeless reference that will demonstrate how special outcomes are when visual arts and film-making meet.

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Despite the 2016 MMFF FPJ Award Controversy, Oro Is Truly An Awakening Masterpiece


By: Danilo Flores II

In the middle of teaching elementary kids in her school room, Linda (Mercedes Cabral), amidst the scorching heat of the sun, traverses the steep hill while the background extends far just so she could grab the opportunity to talk to Elmer (Joem Bascon). He is one of the locals who is captured and detained by the group of armed men. This scene alone instantly brought Oro on the top spot among other MMF 2016 entries.

Youtube video by; Pelikula Mania
[VIDEO]: ORO (MMFF 2016) Official Trailer Irma Adlawan, Joem Bascon, Mercedes Cabral Crime Drama

Dog Slaughter Scene

True enough, the film Oro is under great controversy over the sensitive dog slaughter issue in one of the movie’s scenes. Upon initial criticisms and inquiry about the slaughter scene, production representatives’ claim that no dog was harmed since they use a dead goat with prosthetics; the concern is put to rest.

But the issue has risen from the dead and is currently making so much noise in social media after Oro movie representative recently admits to lying about the scene and that a poor dog was indeed killed. While this issue is sensitive and merits great discussion and attention, its focus should be directed first on judging the quality of the movie based on other aspects.

Gata 4 Massacre

The film Oro follows real-life events and tells the tale of “Gata 4 Massacre” where four miners lost their lives to an armed group in Barangay Gata in Caramoan, Camarines Sur in the year 2014. The story is fictionalized in some points in order to refrain from becoming a mere re-enactment of the massacre.

The film is truly a masterpiece. It retells the story of the “Gata 4” victims, the tale of the town and the legend of oppression in itself. Oro proves to be a socio-political film anchored on real life events that have turn-out to be an outstanding narrative suited for the big screen. Every scene is artistically choreographed to build up tension among viewers, that leads them to chaos and the lingering feeling of uneasiness up until the climax – where emotions explode before everyone watching.

Brilliant Casting Team

Oro’s casting team did a great job. The actors that gave life to the film’s characters were complimenting each other, making it easy to believe that they were indeed living their lives together in one community for a very long time.

The movie’s visuals are excellent. Lighting is properly utilized for both of Oro’s day and night scenes and played a great role in achieving the atmosphere of that in an island barangay setting.

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Oro’s Screenplay is  Seamless

Oro’s screenplay is effortless, truly seamless.  Actors and actresses all portrayed their roles with superb acting and the unraveling of the story reveals a brilliant scene direction.

A little point for improvement perhaps would be the integration of the native dialect’s tone. This would be tough on the movie’s cast. Nonetheless, justice for the roles was truly served. Despite the issue that confronts Oro at the moment, there is no argument on the fact that it deserves the Best Ensemble Cast Award. One of the cast members, Irma Adlawan, is also the best actress winner for her role.

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Tom Cruise’s Failed Marriages with Nicole Kidman and Katie Holmes: Can Scientology be Good?

Tom Cruise

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Leah Remini’s series about the cult of Scientology shows just how far the religion’s leaders will go to destroy you. It features Mike Rinder, who is an Australian by birth, was raised in Scientology since age six. He spent 46 years practicing the faith. He served as International Spokesman for the organization for 20 years. He then left in 2007, and two years later began to speak out against the religion amidst rampant abuse.

Youtube video by; Elena Flores
[VIDEO]: If one marriage failed that is of Tom Cruise’s first union with Nicole Kidman due to irreconcilable differences in beliefs, then followed by his divorce with Katie Holmes, this time very openly with Holmes criticizing Scientology, there’s probably some truths in the comments that it’s a no good religion!

Does Tom Cruise has a Choice to Leave Scientology?

Despite the noise about Scientology, Tom Cruise remains quiet and all he can say is, it’s a beautiful religion!

Out to Destroy

Rinder used to be the head of the church’s division setup for the so-called fair game. He was doing that for ten years. The policy of fair game states that any enemies of the Church “may be tricked, sued or lied to or destroyed.” Therefore, he was heading a team that destroyed people who go against the teachings of the faith.

The Plight of Rinder that can happen to Tom Cruise?

Rinder was subjected to long-term and serious incidences of physical abuse at the hands of the leader of Scientology, David Miscavige. Rinder suffered beatings between 50 and 100 times. As part of his henchman duties, Rinder was tasked with preventing a BBC special on Scientology, which included coverage of Miscavige’s physical abuse of congregants. The reporter, John Sweeney, accused Rinder on camera of being subjected to this abuse. Rinder denied the reports. He was also unsuccessful in preventing the BBC special from being aired. In response to Rinder’s alleged “failure,” Miscavage decided to exile him to Western Australia. He was forced to stay away from his family. At that point, Rinder felt as though he had “nothing to lose” in leaving the Church. Since he would be disconnected from his family no matter what. Perhaps, this is what Tom Cruise is avoiding?

Remini’s Fight

As with Remini, the Church’s efforts at silencing her backfires in an explosive way. This has given Rinder to work harder in exposing Scientology’s abuses. The resistance hopes that these revelations may lead to the implosion of Scientology. The viewership and winning storytelling of the A&E special and Remini’s star power propel the defectors’ stories. Their fighting for the truth just paves the way towards the billion-dollar enterprise on TV.