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Take Me Out of the Dark Lyrics

English: Taken in the 103.5 K-Lite FM booth in...
English: Taken in the 103.5 K-Lite FM booth in Mandaluyong City, Philippines, using the camera of Mano Figueras a.k.a. DJ Monica. For the Gary Valenciano page. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This one biblical song sang by the all-time favorite pop singer in the Philippines Gary Valenciano is a beautiful way of explaining the nature of man against the characteristics of Jesus Christ. If only mankind can be as humble as how we should be, it will be easier to understand what God wants for us. The video of Gary V singing this song is for sure very touching but I opted to share with you the Take Me Out of the Dark lyrics version – so that you will know what I mean:


TAKE ME OUT OF THE DARK By Gary V w lyrics



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No matter how imperfect we are, we can be rest assured that our Father loves us just the same – and His only begotten son should be our role model in following His will. It’s not going to be an easy life but knowing that we are destined for something more precious that earthly possessions, we can relax and be comforted in accomplishing this journey towards eternity!


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Song Rendition that will Make You Cry

Agnus Dei is a song of praise that is often played or sang live during religious ceremonies – but this video of the song by a child singer has captured many hearts. The sensation of his performance coupled by the ambiance created by the adoring crowd were enough to put tears in their eyes. Will this make you cry – if you really try to feel the glory of God’s power in the life of this talented boy? I bet, this will:

Jotta A – Breathtaking Performance Of Agnus Dei From Child Singer


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What makes the song different when rendered by a child who is feeling every word that he’s singing? This is some kind of magic but one can’t help becoming emotional when we realize that God really exist in each one of us – especially with the children who are so dear to the Creator. Nurturing these God-given talents is like showing to the Almighty how grateful we are to Him for his works.


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Lyrics of Most Popular Songs

English: Miley Cyrus singing in concert
English: Miley Cyrus singing in concert (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Rihanna, Bruno Mars and Miley Cyrus are still in the top list of this week’s Let’s Sing It most popular songs – a reputable online music platform for song lovers. This is actually a compilation of 1,000 hit songs – not just title listings but with links to their corresponding lyrics. Massive effort that deserves recognition by those who happen to benefit from it. Check this out:

Songs / Most Popular

By: LetsSingIt


Rank Artist – Song
1 (=) Rihanna
2 (=) Pink
3 (=) Macklemore
4 (+275) PSY
5 (=) Justin Timberlake

Getting the lyrics of your favorite songs is already that simple. This can also be your guide in getting to know the current hits, if you’re really into music – saving you time and allowing you to get updated with the songs that are presently dominating radio stations and entertainment arenas. Certainly a big help if you did not have the chance of going out these days. Hope you enjoy this.

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Cha Cha at its Best

Snappy, elegant, creative, original and passionate moves –  make the cha cha, a classical latin dance looks so vigorously entertaining. You might not be a dance enthusiast but if you watch this video, you wish you have that dashing presence on stage. Here’s the video that should not be hidden beneath Youtube files:

Sergey Surkov & Melia – Cha Cha

Posted at Youtube by: NoielaDanza Italy

The grace, confidence and good looks of the dancers plus the chemistry between them added to the elegance of the dance. Dancing techniques, choreography and presentation lay-out are definitely the works of experts. Truly an inspiration to dancers who are trying to make it to the peak of their career or been there – done that. Simply, amazing!

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Lyrics: After All

There are always songs that stick on your mind even if you did not know who the singers are – whether it’s the melody, rhythm or lyrics. Although this rendition of Cher and Peter Cetera is so melodious that you can be lost in space – just listening or humming with it, the lyrics are so truthfully powerful that they will hit your innermost being. It doesn’t matter if you are a hopeless romantic or still hopeful – as long as you are human, these lyrics would mean to you despite how terrible your love life is:

Cher & Peter Cetera – After All [On-Screen Lyrics]


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After All – is a great material for reflection if you would like to get a conclusion on the kind of relationship you have or on what you want to have, emotionally speaking. One thing is for sure – human beings  are geared to find that sort of connection with a partner… a love that will last despite the odds!

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