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Will a Golden-Ager Forget the Name, Ferdinand Marcos When It Comes to Nutribun?

Ferdinand Marcos

By: Elena Grace Flores

YouTube video by birador HQ

SMC Brings Back Nutribun

San Miguel Corporation rekindles the production of vitamin-packed Nutribun. This is for distribution to charitable groups and critical Metro Manila communities. Priorities are families that have either no access to, or unable to afford, food amid the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Ferdinand Marcos and Nutribun

A golden-ager pro or anti – Ferdinand Marcos can automatically recall that the Nutribun is classic when it comes to the nutritional provision in schools during the late President Marcos regime. The ingredients originally came from USAID. The Marcos administration produces the bread in 1975. Scientists from the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University during the late 1960s and early 1970s put this together. This is to overcome childhood malnutrition in the Philippines.

Mayors Adopted the Nutribun Concept

Mayors Isko Moreno of Manila and Marcelino Teodoro of Marikina revive the Nutribun concept earlier on. Yorme as Mayor Isko is popularly known said that the power bread serves as his motivation to attend school classes every day from Monday to Friday. A worthwhile memory that he can share with the children of his constituents today.

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DOH Cebu Official Shows How Important Social Media is for Covit-19 Monitoring


By: Elena Grace Flores

YouTube video by SunStar Web TV
Mandaue City logs first covid-19 case; PH’s total now at 202

The DOH Official Must Embrace Social Media

A DOH official in Cebu urges people during a press conference not to use Facebook to avoid panic. Little did he knew that the DOH tracker automatically sent a notification that one case of a covit-19 test is already confirmed positive. He apologizes later on saying that he was not informed. This is a clear example of why a government official must embrace technology to monitor and disseminate crucial information properly and efficiently in real-time.

Not Innovative Enough

The governor of Cebu, Gwen Garcia tries to stop the panic during a press conference with an unreliable source of information. She refers to the DOH official next to her who confirms that the Facebook post about one Covit-19 positive case in Cebu is allegedly fake news. Only to apologize later on that it is indeed true. The actual source is the DOH tracker website that the official obviously did not subscribe to.

Use Social Media Wisely

The DOH official even urges people not to use Facebook to stop the worries. However, people are now worried because of such an inefficient move. How can the DOH be on top of the situation when this official is the last one to know about the severity of the pandemic? This is a huge problem affecting the world. Why on earth do some officials think that Cebu will be spared from this outbreak when the province is a tourism destination? Early isolation is the key if it is not yet too late. Wake up, Cebuanos!

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The Archdiocese of Cebu Heeds Gov. Garcia’s Call to Suspend Masses

Archdiocese of Cebu

By: Elena Grace Flores

YouTube video by Elena Grace Flores
Will Church Leaders Follow the Pope’s Example and Comply with the Governor’s Call?

The Governor’s Call to Church Leaders

Cebu City Governor Gwen Garcia calls on the church leaders to apply precautionary measures to fight against the spread of coronavirus. This coincides with the WHO’s projection that if Filipinos continue to behave like as if the coronavirus pandemic will not affect them, the contamination cases will reach 75,000 in the Philippines alone. As a predominantly Catholic province, it is hard to imagine that Cebu would immediately suspend the holy mass celebrations especially on Sundays but the Archdiocese of Cebu led by Archbishop Jose Palma complies with the government’s plea to contain the spread of novel coronavirus.

The 3 Highlights of Archbishop Palma’s Press Conference

1. Even if there are cancellation of PUBLIC LITURGICAL CELEBRATIONS, the priests will still CONTINUE TO CELEBRATE MASSES WITHOUT THE PEOPLE (Missa Sine Populo). AND THE MASSES ARE ENCOURAGED TO BE AIRED ON SOCIAL MEDIA. It does not mean, “no more masses.” And this is very important that we need to know. Please share this because people might just simply say: “masses are canceled.”
3. THE DECISION OF THE ARCHBISHOP COMES FROM THE RECOMMENDATIONS OF HEALTH EXPERTS AND THE GOVERNMENT. THEY HAVE GIVEN VERY STRONG GROUNDS. Understanding Dr. Bryan Albert Lim (from Microbiology and Infectious Diseases), he said that the best way to contain the virus – for now – is through social distancing and proper hygiene.

Quik to Respond Parishes

The Our Lady of Lourdes Parish is quick enough to announce their guidelines for the religious activities following the governor’s request on social media. Then updates follow based on the pronouncements of Archbishop Palma. The Basilica del Sto. Nino church also made its directives known to their parishioners online.

Here are the guidelines of the Lourdes Parish:
1. All Holy Masses (even on Sunday) will be suspended until further notice. Masses will still continue through online. This will be our schedule for Daily online Masses.. 6:30 am. 12n. 6 pm
Sunday online schedule:
6:30 am, Fr. Dan. 8 am, Fr. Joriz.
10:30 am, Fr. Randy. 3 pm, Fr. Keith.
6 pm, Fr. Arvin
We shall be posting all our Daily & Sunday Online Masses at our New Official FB page: Lourdes Shine Cebu. Please invite yourselves to this page.
2. Funeral Masses may be celebrated but limited only to the immediate family.
3. We encourage Baptism & Marriage to be deferred, but if not it will be administered with a limited number of persons.
4. All Religious Gatherings will be canceled like Fiesta, Processions, Recollection, Meetings or Formation to comply with Social Distancing policies.
5. Holy Week Services might proceed without the congregation. But we will use digital technology so as not to deprive the parishioners of these services.
6. Our Church will remain open for prayers. But the Adoration Chapel will be temporarily closed.
7. Our Church Bells will ring at 12n & 8 pm to signal prayers for the frontline health workers and for this virus to cease.
8. All Church facilities will be temporarily closed until further notice.

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Will Church Leaders Follow the Pope’s Example and Comply with the Governor’s Call?


By: Elena Grace Flores

YouTube video by Evening Standard
The Pope calls for prayers for Covid-19 sufferers during live-streamed Mass

The Example of the Pope

Pope Francis holds private daily mass from his residence inside the Vatican. It has a livestream coverge. The pontiff decides not to hold regular mass in public. The Pope’s decision is to help prevent crowds from gathering as a precaution against the spread of the novel coronavirus. His regular online mass aims is to create closeness with those who suffer from the pandemic. “Let’s continue to pray together for the sick people, the health workers, so many people that are suffering from this epidemic,” said the pontiff at the beginning of the mass celebrated from the Casa Santa Marta residence. The livestream of the private morning liturgy will continue every day, according to the Vatican.

The Governor’s Call

Cebu City Governor Gwen Garcia calls on the church leaders to apply precautionary measures to fight against the spread of coronavirus. She discourages group gatherings and encourages social distancing as much as possible. Both personalities are not imposing tough policies to punish those who do not follow. But only people with common sense can realize the severity of the situation.

Not an Order but a Request

The church always gives its followers the option to decide on what road to take when a situation arises. Nevertheless, since the Pope already set an example to his faithful, church leaders must have the wisdom to follow through. If only they can track the updates worldwide, then there would be no excuse for them to have blind faith.

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Bongbong Marcos is Thumbs Up to Motel-Goer Senior Citizens

senior citizens

By: Elena Grace Flores

YouTube video by Bongbong Marcos
Senior Citizens | Bongbong Marcos

Talking about the Senior Citizens

Tayong mga Pilipino ay malaki ang respeto at pagpapahalaga sa mga nakatatanda. Kaya’t sa panahong ito ng paglaganap ng COVID-19, dapat masiguro ang kanilang kaligtasan.

Old People’s Home

Bongbong Marcos narrates his mother’s own experience. Then First Lady Imelda Marcos said that she failed only in the Old People’s Home project. This is because Filipinos prefer to take care of their elders at home. Not to separate in them in the home of the aged facilities and later forget about them just like in some other cultures. Seniors citizens serve as the guide for the young Filipinos and a source of wisdom for those who are willing to listen to them.

Longetivity is Enhanced

Marcos also observes that the Filipino life span increases. This can be the result of improved medical care. As a senior citizen himself, he knows the advantages given by the government to this age group. There’s a 20% discount on all goods that are vatable. Hotels and restaurants are also included in this long list of establishments. He is not sure if motels are in the list – but he’s thumbs up to those 60 years old folks and over who are still sexually active.

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