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The Strategy of Senator Imee Marcos in Pressing for Philhealth Answers


By: Elena Grace Flores

YouTube video by Filipino Vines Originals


The Senators are Dismayed over Philhealth Interrogations

Philhealth Senior Vice President Chief Information Officer, Jovita Aragona faces the senators with Senator Imee Marcos on the lead recently. However, the interrogation went nowhere after the officials in question evade giving direct answers. This prompts the senator to speak in local dialects; Waray Waray? Negrense? with the officer-in-charge of fund management. She stresses the provisions of massive funds in Tacloban without known Coronavirus infection.

On the Blue COA Reporting

Senator Panfilo Lacson comments on COA’s disclaimer on Philhealth’s usual report adjustments. It looks like they made it look like revenues are on the blue with regards to OFW collections. Then, they get adjusted to the final reporting.

It System Anomalies

SVP Aragona defends the IT budget allocations by saying that the procurement stage made it difficult for her department to finish its programs. They can procure the hardware but the data software customization still needs a revamp. No real-time reporting, no IT Tax, cannot cope up with reports and no confirmations of the claimant’s status are some of the major problems. Complete listings of the responsible people with their corresponding tasks are one of Senator Marcos’ requests to further the investigation. This is on top of the breakdown of all the major spendings and short-term and long-term plans.

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Subsidy Woes: Will you Pay your Philhealth Dues after Hearing this?


By: Elena Grace Flores

YouTube video by GMA News

PhilHealth, posibleng bangkarote na sa 2022 kung hindi matatapos ang COVID pandemic

Philhealth Subsidy Woes

PhilHealth’s funds will allegedly run out by 2022. This is if the COVID-19 pandemic continues next year. PhilHealth officials admit this at the Senate hearing. The senators also scrutinize the anomalies on billions of PhilHealth funds that are lost due to possible corruption. The question is: Wil you still pay your premiums after hearing this? The government immediately assures the public that a subsidy is one immediate resort to keep it afloat.

Not Contribution but Subsidy

A Philihealth official said that it needs more contribution to save the agency from bankruptcy. However, Senator Franklin Drilon stresses that a subsidy is more likely. During the pandemic, people are spending tightly because of economic uncertainties. Therefore, delinquent and tardy premiums are more likely.

Corruption Investigation

The state-run agency’s former anti-fraud legal officer Thorrsson Montes Keith resigns due to his claim of “widespread corruption.” He said that “mafia members” are responsible for the anomalous transactions. The whistleblower believes that the total amount of such deals reaches around ₱15 billion. The senators have a full plate on this one.

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President Duterte Ignites the Congress to Marcos Gold but Hangs in the Balance


By: Elena Grace Flores

YouTube video by Filipino Future

Why the Mahárlika (Philippines) is the Wealthiest Nation in the World Today

Maharlika and the Philippine Congress

The Philippines’ change of name might be tedious in Congress but this is possible. Several attempts in the past were made to rename the country. Among the earliest was that of then-Senator Eddie Ilarde in 1978. This was when the administration of then-President Ferdinand Marcos tries to carve an identity for Filipinos. This is to do away with the country’s mindset as a former colony. Ilarde’s Parliamentary Bill 195 explains that Maharlika ingrains the country’s heritage long before Western colonialists set foot on the country’s shores.

President Duterte and the Marcos Gold

President Rodrigo Duterte awaits Congress’ approval to deal with the Marcos gold. The ball is now in the legislative branch’s court. Congress is needed to set parameters. It takes into account the concerns of critics and the citizenry. The President cannot simply act on his own on this matter. The legislative has to come into play in this case as per the constitution. This only shows that the Marcos gold is not an ill-gotten case. This has something to do with the world economy. It follows a legal process that any entity that tries to steal it lands in jail.

The Strenght of the World’s Capitalists

The capitalists are running the show for decades now. The Filipinos ought to know where they stand. However, the players of the world’s monopoly hold important positions in the Duterte administration. The President has to balance his supporters to avoid dictatorship issues. The situations of the marginalized poor are getting harder. The middle class and the rich ones are helping despite their own financial blows. However, they may not be enough to feed everybody. Elections 2022 may be fast approaching but many people are in need now. It might be necessary to rally on this issue to put pressure on the government’s priorities.

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BBM’s Economic Survival Strategy during the Pandemic


By: Elena Grace Flores

YouTube video by HUGGER PH

BARTER: Old Ways in the New Normal | Bongbong Marcos

Back to Basic Economic Survival Strategy

The misunderstanding of the barter trade tax is now water under the bridge. Bongbong Marcos is happy that clarifications are made available at once. Bartering goods is an economic survival strategy during this time of crisis. The association of large corporations already agrees to pay higher taxes to exempt the entrepreneurial activities of the common Filipinos. This includes the barter activities we see online.

Barter of Essential Goods

The barter trade is a very ancient form of commerce. Trust is an essential component. This strategy strengthens community relations in the country. Thus bringing out the reliability and unity of Filipinos. There’s no need to convert goods to cash. One can immediately exchange the items with whatever he or she needs from another trader. Indeed a very timely process in the world today with the Covid-19 situation.

Luxury Products are Taking the Back Seat

Luxurious brands now took the back seat in today’s world economy. In fact, the numerous outlets of these big names are on the verge of closing down. This is if they are still afloat. Expensive rentals and manpower are just impossible to maintain without any income. Many people prioritize their daily needs over these luxury items during the current economic disaster.

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Imee Marcos’ from Nothing to Something Rich in Cebu


By: Elena Grace Flores

YouTube video by Imee Marcos

ImeeKabuhayan Cebu

From Poor to Rich

Shortly before the pandemic, Senator Imee Marcos launches her #IMEEKabuhayan livelihood program last September 2019. This is to promote women empowerment and encourage women in rural and urban poor areas to rise above their current conditions. The beneficiaries are from the mountain barangay of Busay in Cebu City, and Gaas in Balamban town in western Cebu. They go through formation, education, and training. They also take part in the monitoring and marketing of the plants. The trade shows may be on a halt but the production becomes the way of life of the members. This is therapeutic during the times of crisis and can also prevent mental illness for their rich patrons since flowers can ease up depression and anxiety.

Purchases from the Rich during the Crisis

The bougainvilleas were on display and the newborn ones were on sale at 3pcs. for Php100 at the Bougainvilleas Extravaganza 2020 in Ayala Terraces, Cebu City last March. Perhaps, no one would think of buying flowers during the crisis when food is scarce. However, the rich ones may still have some savings. Some of them may be prone to mental conditions due to the uncertainties of their jobs or businesses. Therefore, the wise can only resort to these lovely creations to calm their minds. These flowery plants are indeed therapeutic.

Changing the Way we Think

The digital lifestyle can easily be the norm nowadays. Healthy living is a top priority since physical movements are not like before. Online trading can soon face a surge of inquiries for mental health. This is definitely next to essential products. The reason why the rich remain rich is the flexibility to adapt to the trends. Thanks to Senator Imee Marcos.

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