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Luyang, Carmen, Cebu Residents Not Enjoying Water Benefits Despite being a Source


By: Elena Grace Flores

One year after the ultimatum of Cebu Governor Gwendolyn Garcia for Manila Water Consortium Inc. to solve the water in the water source, Luyang, Carmen, the new provincial board members have yet to look into it. Board Member, Glenn Soco said that they already know the problem. Soco discloses that Maynilad certainly breaches the contract with the province that’s why the Luyanganons do not have water benefits.

YouTube video by Elena Grace Flores
Glenn Soco Addresses the Manila Water Anomaly in Luyang, Carmen, Cebu

The New Provincial Board to Look Into the Water Crises

Provincial Board Member, Glenn Soco admits that there’s a breach of contract between Manila Water and the Cebu Provincial Government that made water expensive.

Water Connection Promise

Town officials headed by Carmen Mayor, Carlo Villamor previously met with Governor Garcia to thresh out the town’s water woes. Garcia asks the water firm to complete at least 50 percent of the connections leading to “problematic areas.” This must be done within six months. Villamor, in an interview, explains that they want a Level III water connection in the households.

Problematic Areas

He said that the firm should make good of its promise in 2010 to provide water to the town. “Manila Water did not comply with their promise,” said the mayor. “t started from their commitment to Manila Water in 2010. This is to help Carmen with its water problem,” he added. This promise includes the Manila Water providing certain cubic meters of water and a Level III water connection. Seven barangays in his town are still having a water connection problem. These are Luyang, Cogon East, Cogon, West, Dawis Sur, Dawis Norte, Poblacion, and Baring, he narrated.

No Water Benefits: 49 to 29 Reduction of the Province’s Share

Media practitioner, Elias Baquero of the 888 News Forum stresses the Maynilad and Manila Water’s taking advantage of the situation in Carmen. As a joint-force, they seem to take advantage of the governor’s dis-involvement with the case right now. The water price is actually not low from the source in addition to the connection troubles. Why can’t they charge at a cost to the province instead of the subsidized amount since it’s more transparent, Baquero asked. This leaves the town with no water benefits at all since the water companies get the higher cut.

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Social Tourism: How to Handle Debts when Hot Money is Scarce Due to PH’s Economic Turmoils

hot money

By: Elena Grace Flores

The country’s investment records during the first quarter of 2019 show that short-term investments or hot money are leaving the country quicker than in 2018. This situation worsens at the beginning of 2020. Small entrepreneurs immediately feel this as well as individuals who live on a daily grind. May it be from taxi drivers to food sellers in public stalls. Social Tourism enthusiast, Rafael Dionisio shares his experience with a farmer who refuses his monetary contribution and instead, requests for a more tangible need – seeds. Money can disappear in an instant and you’ll end up in debts. While seeds can flourish during the waiting time, explains the good soil cultivator.

YouTube video by Elena Grace Flores
Agricultural Tourism Needs Help Amidst Coronavirus Panic
Tourism advocate for social tourism, Rafael Dionisio explains how farmers can benefit from their products amidst the coronavirus scare.

Hands-on Experience

Rafael Dionisio who is part of the Make a Difference Travel program narrates his experience with a farmer in Zambales.  A farmer who has an ancestral domain for agriculture said that if he accepts the money, he might spend it on gadgets, drinking, and other things that do not last like being fed for a day. He then directs Dionisio to take a look at the vast empty land. If they have a commitment from their tourism partner to provide them with seeds, that would surely go a long way.

Contributors to the Bad Economy

The geopolitical tensions between the US and Iran, the US-China trade negotiations and the current coronavirus scare put not only the general public to panic. They drive investors out of the country that is seeking a safer haven for their hot money. The travel bans alone may be effective in sparing the people from the coronavirus spread – but they also cause them to be empty-handy for the daily expenses.  The series of earthquakes and the Taal volcano eruption made them worse.

Quick Loans Can be a Burden

Once the pocket is empty and families need to be fed, one can only opt for the easily available quick loans. The offers are everywhere taking advantage of people’s tough situations. Some companies are conservatively considerate in their payment terms despite the high interests that are quite helpful. Tala, Atome, and Asteria loans are the reliable ones on that aspect.  Many are just loan sharks especially the hot money providers or lenders from overseas.

Staying Afloat when Money is Scarce

Getting more loans to pay off debts can be disastrous. It is best to sit down, relax, and think clearly when negotiating with lenders. Use the idle period in preparing for the next season or develop new skills that can contribute to better opportunities as business peaks up again. Know that the SEC orders financing companies, lending agents and their third-party service providers to no longer harass borrowers and employ unfair means to collect the debt. Those found to be violating the circular face penalties ranging from P25,000 for lending companies and P50,000 for financing companies for the first offense to P50,000 to up to P1 million for both for the third offense and possible suspension or revocation of their license.

Fr. Jose Bosch Innovative Skills Training Advocacy Cooperative (ISTAC)

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Filipinos’ Optimism Declined as President Snobs EU’s Financial Aid

financial aid

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Filipinos might not be that optimistic nowadays but still hoping for a better life next year. The citizens’ optimism declined in the first quarter of 2017. This is based on the latest Social Weather Stations (SWS) survey. The survey said that 43 percent expect their personal quality of life to improve in the next 12 months. 43 percent expect their personal quality of life to improve in the next 12 months. Six percent expect it to get worse as the country refuses financial aid from the EU.

Youtube video by; News5Everywhere
[VIDEO]: Nananatili pa ring ‘excellent’ ang trust rating ni Pres. Duterte sa first quarter ng taong 2017 ayon sa SWS. Samantala, bumaba naman ng walong puntos ang trust rating ng Pangulo sa Class E o pinakamahihirap na Pinoy.

Still High Despite Decline

The result yields a net personal optimism score of +36, considered as “very high” but it is nine points lower compared to the December 2016 result at +45 score. The December 2016 survey also showed that 48 percent expect their personal quality of life to improve. Only three percent expect it to get worse.

Not Bluffing

The President is not at all bluffing when he said that he will not accept conditional financial aid. He is very particular especially when it comes to the country’s drug war. The European Union Delegation to the Philippines confirmed that the country will no longer accept financial aid from the European Union (EU). The announcement comes from the EU-PH Delegation public affairs officer Thelma Gecolea. She states that the country turns down around 250 million euros or ₱13.88 billion of grants which are normally allocated to Muslim communities.

New DFA Secretary

The new Foreign Affairs Secretary Alan Peter Cayetano who just got confirmed almost instantly recently said that the President would refuse any aid that would impact the administration’s war on drugs. Financial aids must be given voluntarily. Therefore, discouraging internal affairs interference.

The President’s Instruction

The President’s instructions go that if nations want to help willingly, they are most welcome. Help with strings attached or conditions must be refused. No meddling in or stopping the campaign against drugs is acceptable.

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Deuterium Deposits: Enough Power to Boost the President’s Ego vs US?

Bongbong Marcos

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

A very large deposit of deuterium can be found in the Philippine Deep, located off the waters of Surigao – but a lot more within the West Philippine Sea.  First discovered and isolated in 1932 by an American chemist Harold Urey, deuterium or heavy water is composed of two isotopes of hydrogen and an oxygen atom, with a chemical formula of D20 or H30.  Initially, the Americans do not want the Philippines to deal with China for its exploration.

[VIDEO]: Vast Deuterium deposits from its discovery to its development with possible partners. Can Duterte’s attitude towards the US fueled by the confidence that Filipinos have an ACE card  with nature’s gift?

The Promise for the Future

Even in highly developed first world countries and the possible costs might be staggering, research on this opportunity is still worth investing in, considering the high stakes involved.  This program could propel the Philippines as the biggest hydrogen fuel (Li-Hy) producer in the world, and become the only fuel producer 40 to 50 years from now in an oil-depleted world economy.

America’s Dream

The United States of America once dreamed of sending a man to the moon.  Now it is history. What she did to pursue that dream made her the world’s most technologically advanced and economically prosperous nation. This could happen to the Philippines.

Hope for the Philippines

Once Deuterium exploration and extraction succeed, public works, private construction, economic and financial booms are expected to happen in the Philippines in the same manner as those which happened in the Middle East and financial centers of the world from 1974 to 1984, with everybody earning their respective comfortable livelihood, while pricing basic prime necessities at reasonable and affordable levels.

US’s Rivalry with China

Since the US and China are now competing with almost everything in the international scene, it is but natural for the Americans to feel bad if Philippines chooses to deal with China for the deuterium exploration. The US has been very confident that Filipinos will remain loyal to them. They have not realized that their part in former President Ferdinand Marcos’s downfall can go back to them at this time.

Duterte as Marcos Loyalist

In one of the interviews of Bongbong Marcos, the son of the late strongman, he mentioned the betrayal of the US to his father who thought that they were in friendly relations. Now, it looks like a Marcos loyalist in the person of President Duterte is here to avenge that.

Better Deuterium Deal

Is Duterte just bluffing the US to get a better deal when Deuterium exploration is predicted – or he is really serious in pushing through with China’s partnership?

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China-ASEAN Expo marks trade investment cooperation


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Despite the tension along the Southeast Asian region, an initiative which is a joint effort between China and ASEAN members nations pushes through to promote trade investment cooperation among members. Here’s an insight on that:

Annual Event

The annual China-ASEAN Expo and the China-ASEAN Business and Investment Summit, are underway in the southern Chinese city of Nanning. The expo has set up pavilions for trade and investment cooperation, highlighting international economic and industrial links.

This year’s China-ASEAN Expo comes at a significant time. 2016 marks the 25 anniversary of the establishment of China-ASEAN Dialogue relations and the first year after the ASEAN Community was built.

An array of meeting and forums have been held during the expo, emphasizing cooperation on cross-border e-commerce, finance, science and technology, agriculture and energy.

The theme of this year’s China-ASEAN Expo is Building the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road, Forging a closer China-ASEAN Community of shared Destiny. More than 26-hundred exhibitors from home and abroad have bring their local commodities on display, that number has reached a historical new high.

This year, Vietnam is the honorary country. And the country continues to send the largest number of enterprises to the expo among the 10 ASEAN nations.

Vietnam has displayed products with potential for exports to China, such as food, wooden furniture, electronic devices and handicrafts.

Many visitors have rushed to the Vietnam exhibition hall for rubber sandals, which are considered as a symbol of Vietnam,

“Our shoes are from Vietnam and our shoes are very popular in China.The shoes are very comfortable. It’s endurable and you can wear it indoor and outdoor, it’s very soft and comfortable,” A Vietnamese seller said.

Many say the expo has provided a platform not only for countries to strengthen relations, but also brings benefits for ordinary people.


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