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This Happens when the Seniors Donate their Musical Passion


By: Elena Grace Flores
Nostalgic moments abound but nothing can mesmerize musical aspirants when they see their alumni from 43 years ago play a very significant overture. This is despite the fact that it has been more than 30 years since the members of the group play together. Once again, the Seniors of the Rondalla Pioneers of the South brought back to life Aureola by Brigildo Lakandazon. This is during the recent 43rd year anniversary of the Lourdes Parish Rondalla in Cebu with the title; A Bond United by Music through Time. Naila Ylaya Beltran herself, their original mentor directs the magical performance – at least to the musically inclined individuals. To donate one’s talent is indeed very rewarding.

YouTube video by
Elena Grace Flores [VIDEO]: Aureola by Brigildo Lakandazon is brought Back to Life by the Rondalla Pioneers of the South.

Regrouping was Never Easy

The Juniors with Mercy Lapiña’s Facebook group chat is the key to reuniting the rondalla veterans of Cebu. As a school teacher, Mercy spearheads the regrouping tasks. She believes that to donate one’s talent to the youth is the ultimate goal. Cyriel Pavo Lepiten of the Seniors group as a musical mentor to this date, supports the idea all throughout together with his very passionate colleagues. These two passionate leaders passion is really contagious – beating the odds along the way.

Present Plan to Donate Time

Since the existing group members now have different professions, it is a lot of sacrifice for them to donate their time and money during practices. Besides, they are also not getting any younger. A more comfortable practice facility would be ideal. Holiday gigs are in the horizon after finding a good home for this worthwhile endeavour.

The Rondalla Pioneers of the South Identity

The group needs to operate sustainably. To allow this to happen, sponsorships are welcome to compensate some musical provisions. This is on top of the musical gigs for events. Sponsors will be chosen according to the ideals of the organization. Their identity is as good as their sponsors.

Cultural Music Preservation

Music has evolved greatly in the Philippines. However, it is wise for Filipinos to preserve the traditional rondalla. All foreigners are amazed at their first glance of a show like this. Even most Filipinos themselves are not quite familiar with these kinds of instruments because the rondalla is significant only in Cebu. Listening to the experts play can definitely change lives.