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How the Liberal Party Demonizes Digong to Discourage the Return of Bongbong Marcos

Bongbong Marcos

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

The president is disgusted by the Amnesty International’s report saying that cops were being paid P8,000 (US$161) to P15,000 (US$302) per dead drug offender. No cash incentive is allegedly given for arrests to ensure that operations always result in the death of a drug suspect. This is a very demonic accusation by a human rights group, just like during the Marcos regime.

Youtube video by; ABS-CBN News
[VIDEO]: MANILA – President Rodrigo Duterte on Friday slammed an Amnesty International report which claims that Philippine National Police (PNP) is paying policemen and vigilantes for every drug killings.

Intelligence Fund

The president only allocates 150 million pesos for intelligence funds for police anti-drug operations. They are used by undercover cops to “buy” drugs from pushers for evidence to catch them. It is the job of the police to arrest illegal drug offenders. It makes no sense for the president to give them an extra incentive for every death. Doing so is crazy, the president said.

Drug War Deaths

Since July 2016, police report more than 7,000 deaths in the war on drugs. More than 2,000 are legal police operations, but the majority are allegedly vigilante-style killings with possible links to illegal drugs. These are considered “deaths under investigation” by the PNP.

Martial Law Deaths

3,257 is the number of deaths allegedly killed by the military during President Ferdinand Marcos’ martial law regime. This is for a ten-year period from 1975 to 1985. This quoted figure is cited to support the complaint that the military under Marcos is guilty of committing human rights violations. Terror and brutality describe the martial rule through media propaganda.

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Demonization of a President

The accuracy of the 3,257 figure of martial law deaths is highly disputed. Serious doubt is cast on the sources of the figure.The possible return of a key member of the Marcos family, particularly Bongbong Marcos is feared by their political enemies. His electoral protest against Vice President Leni Robredo is still ongoing. Digong’s adapting the late Marcos’ winning strategies in governance also faces the same counter-resistance to topple his leadership. On top of that, his endorsement of the younger Marcos in the executive level makes him a more viable target for demonization propaganda.

3,257: Fact checking the Marcos killings, 1975-1985

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Agbimuddin Kiram Did Not Lead Sabah Standoff but the Son and they Continue Jamalul Kiram III’s Sabah Claim Wish


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

It is a personal knowledge that the late Agbimuddin Kiram is way too old and sickly since 2005 to lead the Sabah Standoff in Lahad Datu in 2013. However, he continues to inspire his group headed by his son, Datu Sayed. The group follows the no retreat or no surrender principle when it comes to Sabah Claim. It is totally voluntary and not all of them are Muslim. Some are Catholics. “Over my dead body” sort of mentality. The government has no choice but to support them despite the outcome because their existence is real. No one can kill their nationalistic spirit. The Lahad Datu casualties only multiply the Royal Army equipped with a vengeance.

Youtube video by; GMA News
[VIDEO]: BT: Sultan Jamalul Kiram III, pumanaw dahil sa multiple organ failure

Continue to Fight for Sabah

Sultan Jamalul Kiram III is the acknowledged leader of the Sultanate of Sulu and North Borneo. The sultanate acquired Sabah as a prize for helping the Sultan of Brunei against his enemies that rebelled against his reign.It did not relinquish its sovereignty over Sabah and only leased the territory to the Briitish North Borneo Company starting in 1878. Sultan Jamalul died in 2013 but made his wish known to his wife and daughter; for Filipinos to continue to pursue Sabah. Whatever belongs to the Philippines must be returned.

The Inspiration

The alleged Sabah Standoff leader as reported by mainstream media died in 2015. Kiram, also known as Datu Puing, died at his home at Barangay Tubig Indangan in the town of Simunul in Tawi-Tawi where he is ever since. He continues to inspire his men for the quest through the leadership of his son, Datu Sayed.

Lahad Datu Standoff

In February 2013, Kiram led a group of about 200 armed members of the Sultanate of Sulu to Lahad Datu, Sabah. Their intention is to go home and look for jobs. They pick up arms to defend themselves because they know that there’s resistance to their activity.  It is a suicide mission to try to revive the sultanate’s claim to Sabah or now the Eastern Malaysian state. They call themselves the Royal Sultanate Forces. That caused the death of 60 people – 52 Filipinos and 8 Malaysian policemen. 6,000 Filipinos are forced to flee Sabah because of then president Noynoy Aquino’s betrayal. Datu Sayed who is speculated to carry out his father’s mission allegedly escaped.

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Just a Propaganda War for Pnoy

President Benigno Aquino III considers the standoff a propaganda war. He maintained that the Philippines’ dormant claim to Sabah should not be resolved by taking up arms. The truth is, the Sultanate’s men are forced to take up their arms because of his incompetence. In actuality, Sultan Jamalul at first is against the mission but when Agbimuddin’s men carried out the plan, he supported them all the way. This is a very important trait of a leader – never to leave his men in battle. Sad to say, very unlike Pnoy. However, there’s hope in the President and Bongbong Marcos’ leadership when it comes to the Sabah Claim.

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Digong’s Dropping Peace Hope with CPP-NPA Opens Door for Sabah Claim as Promised by Bongbong Marcos

Bongbong Marcos

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Supporting the promise of Bongbong Marcos to push for the inclusion of a provision in the proposed Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL) stating that the Philippines will not drop its claim on Sabah as a consequence of Malaysia’s role in the Mindanao peace talks, the president drops the hope for peace with CPP-NPA who has ties with the MNLF and MILF ever since the late Ninoy Aquino’s days who masterminded their collaboration.


Enough Compromise is Given

The President goes out of his way just to cater to the demands of the MILF and MNLF with their communist enforcement arm, the CPP-NPA. The president already freed some of its leaders from prison but the rebels wanted all their 400 political prisoners to be freed as soon as possible. The president is not a dictator to do that because those prisoners have to go through the due process.

Cannot Tolerate Terrorism Acts

The president withdraws the government’s ceasefire with the communist insurgents. This is after a junior military officer was killed while two other soldiers were abducted by suspected New People’s Army (NPA) rebels while the ceasefire is still effective. Earlier the president appeals to these insurgents group including the MNLF and MILF not to give sanctuary to terrorists like the notorious Marwan that results to the SAF 44 massacre. If they fail to follow, they will be attacked by the military.

Leftist Groups

Communist leader Jose Ma. Sison and fugitive Moro leader Nur Misuari are both released by Cory Aquino from prison. Sison admits that Ninoy Aquino, Cory’s husband sought him out in 1967. In 1973, a commission created by the CPP-NPA founded the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDF or NDFP). It attempts to unify and coordinate various leftist groups.

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Realizing the Guarantee of Bongbong Marcos

The president intends to stake a fresh claim on Sabah after bilateral efforts are exhausted. Like Bongbong Marcos, he recognizes Sabah as a Sulu Sultanate territory. The Malaysians and their supported rebel groups in the Philippines should eat their heart out now. Digong’s all-out war pronouncement with the rebels is a sign that the Malaysians cannot hold his neck anymore through the arranged peace talks that the Malaysian government allegedly helped arranged. Do not expect to have peace with them in this generation, he firmly said.

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Marcos’ Operation Merdeka for Sabah Claim Failed Because of Ninoy Aquino’s Presidential Ambition


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

The same as the late president Ferdinand E. Marcos’ quest for Sabah claim, the president vows to continue it through bilateral agreements first. However, that is changing due to the recent deportation reports of around 7,000 Filipinos from Sabah. In fact, operation Merdeka (Freedom), was hatched by Marcos’ armed forces. The uprising is supposedly the excuse for the Philippine military to invade Sabah, which is originally owned by the Philippines had declared to be part of its territory. At that time, the country’s military is more powerful than that of the Federation of Malaysia, founded only in 1963.

Youtube video by; 1991karah
[VIDEO]: Excerpts of the Discussions of Dr. John Ortiz Teope and Atty. Homobono Adaza..

Operation Merdeka Destroyed by Mythical Jabidah Massacre

The so-called “Jabidah massacre” is the made-up murder story on Corregidor island on March 18, 1968, of allegedly 24 Muslim Tausug recruits trained by the military for Sabah claim attack. It is projected as an uprising among the ethnic group against the Malaysian government

Ninoy Aquino Used the Non-Existent Jabidah Massacre to Discredit Marcos

Then-senator Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino, Jr., who aspires to replace Marcos as president debunked the allegation of a Jabidah Massacre from the very start. His statements on this are preserved in the records of the Senate as his privilege speech delivered March 28, 1968. That cannot be denied by his son, former president Noynoy Aquino.

Pnoy’s Ignorance on his Father’s Betrayal

The Jabidah myth is so successful that even President Benigno S. Aquino in his Bangsamoro Basic Law falsely compared the Mamasapano massacre of 44 police commandos to the nonexistent “Jabidah massacre.” His ignorance is a mockery to the fallen heroes of the nation. His incompetence actually caused their deaths as the commander-in-chief.

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MNLF and MILF are not the Sultanate of Sulu

Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) used the false Jabidah allegation to trigger Muslim youth’s anger to rally their demands. The MNLF’s (Moro Islamic Liberation Front) Misuari also portrayed it as the collection of genocidal attacks against the Moros; to press that a Bangsamoro—an independent nation-state of the Moros is necessary. They currently put a stop on the ceasefire with government forces. This is after the president warns them that they will be pursued if they give refuge to terrorists. They are the players of Aquino’s lies and has nothing to do with the Sultanate of Sulu, the heir of Sabah.

‘Jabidah’ was a big hoax


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Administration’s Plea to Sabah Deportees: Let DSWD-ARMM Take Care of You First as Sabah Claim Resumes

Sabah Claim

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

The president of the Philippines is very firm upon assuming his post that Sabah belongs to the Philippines. The Sultanate of Sulu owns it, therefore it belongs to the country.  This is the reason why the government is not encouraging Filipino deportees in Sabah to seek reconsideration with the Malaysian government.

Youtube video by; News ThatMatter

Taking Care of 7,000 Refugees

The Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) is preparing an “action plan” that would guide government assistance to 7,000 Filipinos who are expected to be deported from Sabah by February. Social Welfare Secretary Judy Taguiwalo said the deportees will be given basic aid, such as food and medical assistance, upon their return to the country.

Prepared to Talk with the Malaysia Prime Minister

The president is “prepared to discuss” the Philippines’ sovereign claims over Sabah but the issue was not raised during his bilateral meeting with Prime Minister Najib Razak. It turns out, it was not on the agenda. The government seems to avoid provocative measures and as much as possible, peaceful means are favored.

Filipinos to Malaysia

If Malaysia is sincere to participate in the government’s peace talks with the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF), security matters in the Sulu-Sulawesi Sea, counter-terrorism and the Philippines chairmanship of ASEAN in 2017 – Malaysia should return Sabah to the Philippines. Peace can never be attained if native Filipinos remain displaced. In fact, these returnees are not deportees. They are the new generations of the original settlers of the land.

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Do not be Caught in Between Two Nations during Sabah Claim

These Filipinos being deported back to the Philippines do not need the mercy of the Malaysian government. They have all the rights to remain there but since the Malaysians dominate Sabah for the time being as the conqueror of the land, seek refuge first to where you belong. The president of the Philippines is making sure to aid your starting over. It is only a matter of time that Sabah claim resumes. Just remember the late President Marcos’ sacrifice and the betrayal of the Aquinos.

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Pnoy Possibly in Cahoots with Malaysia to Protect Cojuanco Businesses

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Analysts indicated that since 2010 when outgoing President Noynoy Aquino or Pnoy never wanted to disappoint the Malaysian over peace talks in Mindanao where they acted as go between the Aquino government and the Muslim rebels. This could have something to do with his paying back his relatives who were funding his presidential bid by taking care of their interests with Malaysia for their gigantic businesses.

Danding Cojuanco’s SMC entry into the Malaysian oil industry as SMC President Ramon S. Ang disclosed that SMC is eyeing to buy a multi billion dollar oil and natural gas outlet overseas because it will be like printing money forever – can be one hint. Another business deal includes AirAsia Philippines, a joint venture between Malaysian investors and Filipino businessmen led by Antonio “Tonyboy” Cojuangco Jr. They are aggressively expanding their operation in the Philippines with their recent acquisition of at least a 40% stake in local rival Zest Airways Inc. Tonyboy’s contribution to Pnoy’s candidacy amounted to P100 million.

If these businesses were the reason why Pnoy was so incompetent on issues involving Malaysia, then the massacre of our people must be avenged by holding him liable on his wrong actions.


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Sabah Claim: BS Aquino can be Treason-guilty on Lahad Datu Handling

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Treason is a violation of allegiance to one’s sovereign or to one’s state; the betrayal of a trust or confidence; breach of faith. It’s definition ruled around the offense of acting to overthrow one’s government or to do harm or kill its sovereign – which many law experts believe that the outgoing President Benigno Simeon Aquino is guilty of. His determination to approve the BBL where many policies favor Malaysia over Philippines and his obvious mishandling of the Sultanate of Sulu’s men who returned to Lahad Datu in Sabah via unofficial passageways not manned by Malaysians – knowing that it’s their own homeland eversince their ancestors’ time, are just few of the possible known grounds.

This so-called journey home to Sabah by around 200 Sultanate of Sulu followers became a humanitarian crisis – with majority of these men being slaughtered by the Malaysian authorities with BS Aquino just shrugging off his shoulders. He critisized his own people for pursuing the suicide attack – without compassion and without much efforts in coming to terms with the Malaysian land grabbers for maximum tolerance. Thousands of Filipinos evacuating from Sabah became refugees in Zamboanga, Some said that; “Malaysian policemen ordered Filipino men to run as fast as they could and shot them,” said a report by the Philippine Daily Inquirer. “Even pregnant women and children have been hunted down and killed as the Malaysians fire mortars and embark on a house-to-house search,” according to the Philippine Star. These people did not belong to Sultan Jamalul Kiram III’s forces. They were just native Filipino settlers in Sabah.

Filipinos cannot forget Aquino’s calling Jamalul’s brother Rajah Mudah Agbimuddin Kiram and his men to surrender before any negotiations or please with the Malaysian leaders can happen. He also threatened to charge the Kirams of rebellion, as per the Justice department. They were deliberately turned over to Malaysian authorities to be prosecuted instead of trying to bring them back home safely. Malacañang also acted confused over the legitimacy of Sultan Jamalul Kiram III – telling the media that many members of the Kiram clan were claiming to be Sultans when Sultan Jamalul was the only recognized head of the Sultanate even before his predecessor’s time. He clearly abandoned his own people, kept quiet on the Sabah claim and sided with Malaysia during many instances when his pople needed him the most. Aquino like Razak and his officers are responsible for the carnage of Filipino men, women and children in Sabah – and that will not be forgotten. Justice must be served!


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Sabah War sighted or Paranoid? Najib ordered its citizens to spy any invading forces

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
As Malaysian Prime Minister Da¬tuk Seri Najib Tun Razak vowed to defend every inch of Sabah’s sovereignty, Philippine President Rodrigo Roa Duterte, tough as he is will not retreat to continue former President Diosdado Macapagal’s policy on Sabah.

Najib was quoted as saying that no one can stake a claim on Sabah because it gained its independence through Malaysia’s Cobbold Commission as agreed by the United Nations in 1963. This has been challenged by a Sabahwanon humanitarian activist who is based in the UK – citing that Sabah to be under Malaysia was never the intention of the Bornean founders. In fact, the referendum conducted by the Malaysian government gave no option for Sabah residents; it’s join or leave condition!

Sabah Chief Minister Datuk Seri Musa Aman also said that Malaysia never recognized such claims by the Philippines. Najib added that they will defend Sa¬¬bah from any threat. In fact, it has ordered its citizens to be the spy of any invading forces.


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Malaysians Tried not to get bothered by Duterte’s Sabah Claim Remarks

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
John Teo, a Kuching-based journalist has implied over his article that Malaysians should not worry about the reported Sabah Claim to be pursued by the new Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte. It has been observed by the media and political officers in Malaysia that there has been a feeding frenzy on Duterte’s Sabah claim position when it could only be the result of his holding unofficial or informal press conferences and not as official statements – or things to do as President. He called Duterte a political street fighter whom you have to guess if he’s joking or half-telling the truth in his at random speeches.

However, the Philippine media insisted that the Malaysians could ignore the news information from Duterte as they want – but not the reality of the Sabah Claim being pursued again by Duterte in whichever way they can. It is so obvious that the Malaysian writer doesn’t know Duterte at all – as a principled man who will fight for whatever he believes in and at top speed.

The Malaysian should take these media noises as a warning that if diplomatic talks are not possible, then the Philippine President will not hesitate to use force. The incident at Lahad Datu was already a proof that without high-tech weapons and government support, Filipino Muslims will die for their land. How much more if they are supported by their government under the new El Cid – who vowed to fight side by side with his Muslim brothers. That is Rodrigo. Coincidence or not, President Rodrigo Roa Duterte also has the same name as Spain’s Rodrigo Diaz Vibar, the ancient El Cid.


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US$1,305 Annual Sabah Lease: A Mockery

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
It’s ironic and a mockery for Malaysians to boast for the slight increase of Sabah lease from US$1,305 to an undisclosed amount – since the issue has not been resolved among its heirs from the Sultanate of Sulu. Actually, there’s no actual confirmation yet from Sultan Phugdal’s side, who replaced Sultan Jamalul Kiram after his death on how much the increase was and if it’s accepted or not. It has been known by this writer that then Crowned Prince Adbimuddin Kiram’s direct family did not agree with the said increase prior to his death as narrated to me by his son Datu Sayed in Zamboanga City in 2005.

The irony is, the Malaysian government publicly attest to the said lease but they denied Sabah being a property of Sultanate of Sulu which is a Philippine entity. Therefore, not acknowledging that it’s a Philippine territory. Can’t they understand the meaning of lease?

Duterte’s stake: “What has been the policy will always be the policy of the government, especially those for the interest of the country. We have to stake our claim. His administration recognized Sabah as the territory of the Sulu sultanate, as is claimed by the Kiram clan, who are citizens of the Philippines.

Details of Duterte’s stake are from here:

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Government to Position Forces side by side with Sultanate

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
An insider told me that after a meeting with Pastor Boy Saycon, adviser to the Sultanate of Sulu, he clarified some issues pertaining to the Sabah claim saying; Malaysia knows that as per the United Nations, the sultanate as a sovereign has proprietary rights over Sabah. We will go to war if needed – but we will position our forces side by side with the sultanate.

These statements coincide with President Rodrigo Duterte’s stand on Sabah as it was noted when he said; “Whether you want to believe it or not, that is beside the point. The point is, that is ours.”

That point of view by the President is also applicable to the territories in the West Philippine Sea versus China. In fact artificial islands over the reefs and shoals were already built by the invader – despite the United Nations Arbitral Tribunal statement warning China that the country violated the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea because it’s within Philippines’ 200-km exclusive economic zone and territorial seas.


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Saycon on Sabah Claim: Malaysians can dream all they want

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
The Sultanate of Sulu now headed by Sultan Phugdal will no way compromise the Sabah claim after all that they’ve been through. The Malaysian government can resume their yearly lease but following present market value and under the conditions of the Sultanate. The BBL law can also take effect for the peace process to materialize but can never make Sabah as the reward for their efforts.

Circumstances are now favoring the sultanate with President Rodrigo Duterte’s support, Bongbong Marcos’ scrutinizing the details of BBL and many concerned Filipinos cheering for this historic event to take place especially those who have loved ones tortured while being deported from Sabah to Zamboanga despite insisting that they are in their homeland.

Pastor Boy Saycon said after seeing the media propaganda by the Malaysian press; that they can dream all they want but the Sabah claim cannot be compromised – they have to return it to the Philippines no matter what. Saycon is an adviser to the sultanate when it comes to the Sabah claim. He helped them gather evidence and documents that will help the move to push the Sabah claim in the United Nations – thus prompting the UN to issue a resolution to settle the claim in a peaceful manner. Formulating strategies are also Saycon’s notable skill thus giving him the title; Political Hing Maker – as the man behind Noybi!

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Kiram no Senate seat but Marcos’ Sabah Claim Stand Secured with Duterte

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Senatorial candidate Princess Jacel Kiram in the past election did not make it to the Senate but her pushing for the Philippines’ claim over Sabah will definitely not go into vain. She was quoted saying by GMA that the $72 billion yearly income from the gasoline industry were enjoyed by the Malaysians instead of by its rightful owners, the Filipinos.

Better yet, Senator Bongbong Marcos, chairman of the Senate committee on local government that scrutinized the proposed BBL during the previous Aquino administration, will already get the statement from Malacañang and the Department of Foreign Affairs that the government will not give up the country’s Sabah claim in exchange for Malaysia’s help in the peace process – now that President Rodrigo Duterte is installed into power who is a Marcos loyalist.

See details here of their previous statements:

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No Compromise for Sabah Claim: Duterte backs the Sultanate

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
North Borneo or Sabah belongs to the Sultanate of Sulu and the Philippine government now recornized it as sovereign ancestral property again like in older times therefore, there is no more denying that Sabah is a Philippine territory regardless of the Malaysian Referendum held by their Federal government showing Filipinos prefer to stay there.

Regardless of the outcome whether the Malaysian government will resume their yearly rental or submit to the newly drafted BBL conditions, the Sultanate of Sulu will not compromise it’s ownership. It has to be returned to the Sultanate or to the Philippines for that matter.

Excerpts from Manny Piñol’s Post: Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte, said that the Philippine Government must never abandon the Sultanate of Sulu and the people of the islands West of the country in their search for the recognition of their proprietary rights claim over Sabah. “The proprietary claim of the heirs of the Sultan of Sulu and the people of the islands West of the Philippines cannot be ignored and abandoned by their own government”.

Duterte’s position on the Sabah Claim also indicates his strong and ardent adherence to social justice and the protection of the Filipinos’ rights over what they claim as theirs. “It cannot be denied that there is a recognition of the proprietary right of the Sultanate over Sabah and that is the yearly payment being made by the Malaysian government to the heirs of the Sultan,” Duterte said recently.


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Sabah Claim: Malaysia’s Fear now Happening in Duterte’s Presidency

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
The Malaysians’ fear for the Philippine government joining the long-time quest of the Sulu Sultanate is now happening. President-elect Rodrigo Roa Duterte has the same views with Senator Bongbong Marcos when it comes to the Sabah Claim. They will continue the plans of the late presidents Diosdado Macapagal and Ferdinand E. Marcos to claim back Sabah as a Philippine territory in whatever cost it may take. If peaceful means will be ignored again by Malaysia through the re-drafting of the Bangsamoro law then the alternative to go to war will not be spared.

The Malaysians’ continued press releases on all the lies concerning the Sabah claim are all over the net. This is just one indication that they are now scared because they knew, they cannot mess with the new President of the Pgilippines – who is willing to die or lose his presidency rather than alter his principles.

It has been observed that after the suicide attack by the Sultanate’s men in Lahad Datu which then President Noynoy Aquino disregard as a Philippine initiative, Malaysian authorities were the ones trying to continue the dialogue with Filipino counterparts in fear that the Philippine government might support the Sultanate.

Now, this is happening – and the Filipino warriors are again geaared up for this noble quest but this time, with the Philippine Government’s official declaration that the Sultanate of Sulu has sovereignty over Malaysia with regards to Sabah and therefore, a Philippine territory!