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Bongbong Marcos’ VP Electoral Protest Update Amidst ASEAN Big Time Arrivals


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

As world leaders arrive one after the other for the 31st ASEAN Summit in Manila, the supporters of Bongbong Marcos have nowhere to resort to when it comes to getting updates on his electoral protest against VP Leni Robredo. Most media channels are tuned into the big event.  Nevertheless, it is evident on the former Senator’s website that something vital is cooking. A video compilation of the protest’s series of events from the 2016 elections campaign to the poll fiasco is reviewed. The question is: Do you really believe that there was no massive cheating during the last national poll?

Video by; Bongbong Marcos Website

[VIDEO]: Review of events from the 2016 elections campaigns to the present status of Bongbong Marcos’ electoral protest.

Clark Airport Arrivals

Laos Prime Minister Thongloun Sisoulith, Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak, Indonesian President Joko Widodo, Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, Thai Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha, Vietnam Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc and dialogue partners Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull have all arrived at the Clark airport in Pampanga.

NAIA Entries

Arrivals at NAIA include Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, South Korean President Moon Jae-In, and Chinese Premier Li Keqiang. Brunei Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, and Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev also followed. The presence of United States President Donald Trump already grabs headlines.


Protest Update Prior to the Big Time Arrivals

The Supreme Court that sits as the Presidential Electoral Tribunal earlier ruled that the Commission on Elections must pay for the storage fees of election materials kept in foreign posts. In a 6-page decision dated October 10, the PET denied the Comelec’s petition to request that the storage fees be charged to Marcos whose electoral protest against Vice President Leni Robredo is still ongoing. It awaits the SC’s recount date.

Essence of the Video

Judging from news reports on Marcos’ somewhat impossible defeat as they happen, one can immediately conclude that he probably lost because of some dirtiest ever election fraud techniques. The COMELEC chair’s resignation is not enough to let him get away from all these. Even the impeachment of the SC Chief Justice may have also caused some delays to the proceeding. Two other recounts are ongoing before Marcos’ case is taken up. In spite of the uncertainties, a countdown is ignited coupled with teasers for a bright future as far as the late Former President Ferdinand Marcos’ namesake is concerned.

Mainstream Media Starts to Report on Bongbong Marcos’ Initial Victory

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Duterte Clearly Won but not Proud to be a Product of a Fraudulent Election

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
No one could contest the victory of Presumptive President Rodrigo Duterte. In fact, all of his presidential rivals already conceded to him in less than a week’s time. However, a reliable source called in today to inform that Mr. President is unhappy to be a product of a digitally maneuvered fraudulent election.

He was allegedly informed today by Pastor Boy Saycon that a previously pro-Mar politician who is now under his umbrella confessed in the manipulation of votes using Smartmatic in a meeting held few hours ago. The vote smuggling did not affect him considering his overwhelming lead against the Liberal bets – but eventually, at least 3 million votes were taken out from him.

However, it is a different story as far as Bongbong Marcos is concerned. The informer reiterated that the ultimate goal for the cheating is to block Marcos from becoming President in the near future particularly in 2022. If that is the case, manipulators made a huge mistake because sympathy to Marcos are now outpouring via social media and social groups physically!

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Pro and Anti Binay Debate on Facebook Led to Money and Poverty

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Read through this pro and anti Binay debate and see interesting views about money and poverty:

Frank Galarrita: Binay is not good as a President, malabo

Frank Galarrita: But what are 256, are these good for the present?

Frank Galarrita: Elena, you have your bill of rights, nasa iyo iyan but remember that you have a country

Elena Grace Giangan Flores: That’s why i’m pro Binay for the poor.

Elena Grace Giangan Flores: Who will now take care of the 256 provinces neglected by Pnoy? Frank Galarrita

Frank Galarrita: Ngayon Elena, sa constitution ba ay meron na POOR?

Elena Grace Giangan Flores: Show me what you’ve done to help the poor and maybe you get some respect.

Elena Grace Giangan Flores: What a question. Be real Frank Galarrita

Elena Grace Giangan Flores: People are dying of poverty everyday.

Frank Galarrita: Elena, there is nothing there that the people must be poor, show me

Frank Galarrita: In the statement of our constitution, it always say the people and nothing more adjective either a poor or rich

Elena Grace Giangan Flores: The Binays took good care of people. Kaya kahit gaano nyong siraan, Binay pa rin kami.

Elena Grace Giangan Flores: Priority ni Binay education, healthcare and livelihood next foreign relations, national security and ancestral domains.

Frank Galarrita: Matutupad kaya sa isang mentality na corrupt Elena?

Frank Galarrita: Ang corrupt sa palagay mo Elena ay concern sa economy?

Elena Grace Giangan Flores: Well ganyan din sa 2010 pero sya pa rin naging vp Frank Galarrita

Frank Galarrita: Naging VP si Binay yes, pero gawa ng pera, very unfair really

Frank Galarrita: Binay is a lawyer pero he is stepping the line, is that a good leader?

Elena Grace Giangan Flores: Corruption is in the system. SOP or nakaw? Pag walang SOP, wala kang projects meaning wala kang nagawa Frank Galarrita:

Frank Galarrita: Ang kay Binay ay puro project lamang at in future tense, ngayon ang tanong, magagawa kaya iyan sa isang kurakot?

Elena Grace Giangan Flores: Binay just followed rights and laws pero pinamukha sa propaganda na sya ang di sumunod.

Frank Galarrita: Hindi kasi ang judiciary na ang may sabi, a branch of the government

Elena Grace Giangan Flores: Bakit maayos ang lagay ng mga mamamayan nya kung kurakot si Binay? Common sense.

Elena Grace Giangan Flores: A branch of govt influenced by a Liberal president

Frank Galarrita: Remember that there are only three branches of the government, the legislative, the judiciary and the executive. Ang judiciary ay di na kailangan for election kasi di sila selected officials.

Frank Galarrita: You are accusing only the judiciary na pede sila hawakan ng ibang branch, you are wrong with that, nonsense
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Frank Galarrita: Elena, you have no understanding of what is a government, palpak

Frank Galarrita: You have to understanding na may inter independent at may power ang bawat branch, they can not be intimidated

Elena Grace Giangan Flores: Supreme court is co equal with executive ofc so they should have followed SC unless we go on chacha for parliamentary or federalism

Frank Galarrita: You are totally wrong and under the mercy of chismiz, nonsense

Frank Galarrita: Mongering is a crime, you know that· 1

Elena Grace Giangan Flores: Just practicing human rights under democratic laws

Elena Grace Giangan Flores: Innocense is not an excuse frank the sheep

Frank Galarrita: Human rights has nothing in the constitution

Elena Grace Giangan Flores: Tell that to the UN

Frank Galarrita: Philippines is not democratic form of governance but a Republic

Frank Galarrita: Republic means all about laws

Elena Grace Giangan Flores: Are we still having democracy or dancing chacha now?

Frank Galarrita: While Democracy means mob rules

Elena Grace Giangan Flores: Frank study more and apply it

Frank Galarrita: As I have to explain again that the Philippines is not a democratic form of governance but a Republic

Elena Grace Giangan: Flores Don’t twist words

Frank Galarrita: Twist because you dont understand of what is a Philippines

Frank Galarrita: Philippines is your country the only one

Elena Grace Giangan Flores Republic follows democratic system

Frank Galarrita: Nope, read well the form of governance

Elena Grace Giangan Flores: Of course which farm are you from sheep?

Elena Grace Giangan Flores: Seems like you dont know laws of the land

Frank Galarrita: Think about what Benjamin Franklin explained to the public of what is a Republic

Elena Grace Giangan Flores: Better yet hoow we live

Elena Grace Giangan Flores: Cant you see plight of the poor?

Frank Galarrita: The Philippines patterned their governance in similarity to the United States of America, the best country on earth

Elena Grace Giangan Flores: Now going to Benjamin

Frank Galarrita: So do you think Binay is representing the Republic?

Elena Grace Giangan Flores: How about Magsaysay for the poor?

Elena Grace Giangan Flores: Binay follows the law of the land as a lawyer

Frank Galarrita: Forget about Magsaysay, he was already dead long time

Elena Grace Giangan Flores: He represents the masses

Frank Galarrita: You must think about the present and future Elena, we are not dead, are you?

Elena Grace Giangan Flores: Stay with the masses

Elena Grace Giangan Flores: Will die for the masses

Frank Galarrita: Elena is just confused of what is a country

Frank Galarrita: Yeah but Magsaysay was long time dead

Frank Galarrita: We are for the present and future tense Elena

Elena Grace Giangan Flores: Follow Magsaysay’s virtue and you will be loved

Frank Galarrita: Elena, so you think that your breath is a past or present?

Elena Grace Giangan Flores: Live in the present first Frank Galarrita

Frank Galarrita: Can we exhale in past tense Elena?

Frank Galarrita: So what is yours, past, present or future tense?

Elena Grace Giangan Flores: Forget the past or you will miss the future Frank Galarrita

Frank Galarrita: Do we have to survive in past tense?

Frank Galarrita: Well, past tense of Binay was all corruptions.correct?

Elena Grace Giangan Flores: Nope

Frank Galarrita: Forget the past, you mean a Republic has no past tense?

Elena Grace Giangan Flores: He wont be popular if he was

Elena Grace Giangan Flores: He’s the most trusted

Frank Galarrita: So you think that the country has no past, therefore has no plans for advancement?

Elena Grace Giangan Flores: He’s a threat to Liberal

Elena Grace Giangan Flores: He will fight for our rights

Frank Galarrita: So the liberal has no past tense?

Elena Grace Giangan Flores: Only Binay knows how to improve Phils for the better

Frank Galarrita: so where do you exist Elena? no tense at all?

Elena Grace Giangan Flores: Present

Frank Galarrita: Elena, how can Binay improve the Philippines without tense?

Elena Grace Giangan Flores: Who cares about the past? When it’s gone

Frank Galarrita: Yeah, the present but can a present be done without the Past?

Elena Grace Giangan Flores: Look at the life in Makati and 256 sister provinces

Frank Galarrita: How do you do a blue print Elena?

Frank Galarrita: So those were past in 256?

Frank Galarrita: and the future also?

Elena Grace Giangan Flores: Do you know that Makati supported more than 256 LGUs – The city government of Makati has been establishing ties with local governments from the time that Vice President Binay was the Mayor to foster sharing of best practices and economic and social assistance with each other.

Makati offers assistance that would enhance the literacy rate of students from sister LGUs, such as computer units and books. Mayor Binay has announced that qualified students from sister LGUs will be given scholarship at the Makati Science High School upon the completion of its new building. He said that qualified students will also be given a stipend and accommodation inside the school campus.

“Constituents of our sister LGUs can also avail of medical services offered by Ospital ng Makati,” before until Pena took over against the people’s will!

Sister LGUs of Makati are: Cordillera Autonomous Region – Bucay, Bangued, Bucloc, Manabo, Pilar, Sallapadan, Tineg, San Isidro and Villaviciosa of Abra; Flora and Pudtol of Apayao; Atok, Baguio City, Bakun, Itogon, Kabayan, Kapangan, La Trinidad and Mankayan of Benguet; Banaue and Hungduan of Ifugao; Tabuk of Kalinga; and Bauko and Tadian of Mountain Province.

From Region I – Sta. Cruz and Sta. Lucia of Ilocos Sur; Laoag City and Solsona of Ilocos Norte; Agoo, Bauang, Burgos, Naguilian and Sudipen of La Union; and Alaminos City, Asingan, Burgos, Labrador, Mangaldan, Natividad, Rosales, San Carlos City, San Fabian, Sto. Tomas, Tayug and Villasis of Pangasinan.

Region II – Baggao, Enrile, Gonzaga, Iguig, Lasam, Peñablanca and Tuguegarao City of Cagayan; Cauayan City, Palanan, San Guillermo and San Pablo of Isabela; and Solano of Nueva Vizcaya.

Region III – Dilasag and Maria Aurora of Aurora; Samal of Bataan; Gen. M. Natividad, Licab, Nampicuan, Sto. Domingo and Talugtug of Nueva Ecija; Masantol, Minalin and Sto. Tomas of Pampanga; Capas, Gerona, Anao and Victoria of Tarlac; and Cabangan, Masinloc, Palauig and San Felipe of Zambales.

Region IV-A – Lobo, Mabini, Malvar and San Juan of Batangas; Gen. Trias, Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo, Rosario and Trece Martires of Cavite; Famy, Luisiana, Lumban, Pakil, San Pedro, Pila, Paete, Victoria and Magdalena of Laguna; Alabat, Atimonan, Buenavista, Calauag, General Luna, General Nakar, Infanta, Panukulan, Pitogo, Quezon, Mauban, San Narciso and Tayabas of Quezon; and Cardona, Taytay and San Mateo of Rizal.

Region IV-B – Sta. Cruz and Torrijos of Marinduque; Aborlan, Quezon and Roxas of Palawan; and Alcantara, Bonton, Concepcion, Corcuera, Looc, Magdiwang, San Andres and San Fernando of Romblon.

Region V – Jovellar, Libon and Sto. Domingo of Albay; Basud, Talisay, Jose Panganiban, San Lorenzo Ruiz, San Vicente, Sta. Elena of Camarines Norte; Balatan, Bula, Cabusao, Calabanga, Canaman, Caramoan, Del Gallego, Gainza, Goa, Libmanan, Nabua, Pili, Siruma and Tigaon of Camarines Sur; Bato and Pandan of Catanduanes; Aroroy, Dimasalang, Milagros and San Pascual of Masbate; and Gubat and Sorsogon City of Sorsogon.

Region VI – Makato, Malay and Nabas of Aklan; Bugasong, Libertad, Pandan, San Jose de Buenavista, Sebaste and Tibiao of Antique; Cuartero, Dao and Dumarao of Capiz; Ajuy, Carles, Dumangas, Estancia, Guimbal, Iloilo City, Janiuay, New Lucena, Pavia, Pototan, San Miguel, Tigbauan and Tubungan of Iloilo; and Himamaylan, Murcia and Silay City of Negros Occidental.

Region VII – Batuan, Carmen, Cortes, Danao, Duero, Getafe, Jagna, Loay, Pilar, Sagbayan, Tagbilaran City and Ubay of Bohol; and Bantayan, Carmen, Compostela, Dalaguete, Liloan, Poro and San Fernando of Cebu.

Region VIII – Almeria, Biliran Province, Caibiran and Kawayan of Biliran; Guiuan, Hernani and Llorente of Eastern Samar; Alang-alang, Barugo, Burauen, Calubian, Dulag, Hindang, Julita, MacArthur, Mayorga, Palompon, Pastrana, Tabontabon, Tanauan and Tolosa of Leyte; Zumarraga of Samar; and Pintuyan and Saint Bernard of Southern Leyte.

CARAGA – Buenavista of Agusan del Norte; San Francisco of Agusan del Sur; Sison and Pilar of Surigao del Norte; and Cantilan, Lianga, Cagwait and Tandag of Surigao del Sur. Region IX – Katipunan and Siayan of Zamboanga del Norte; Dumalinao of Zamboanga del Sur; and Tungawan of Zamboanga Sibugay.

Region X – Baungon, Kadingilan, Kalilangan and Valencia City of Bukidnon; Baroy of Lanao del Norte; Ditsa-an Ramain and Marawi City of Lanao del Sur; Calamba and Oroquieta City of Misamis Occidental; and Balingoan and Initao of Misamis Oriental.

Region XI – Compostela of Compostela Province; Digos City of Davao del Sur; and Mati City of Davao Oriental. Region XII – Maitum and Glan of Sarangani; Lebak and Kalamansig of Sultan Kudarat; and Tantangan of South Cotabato.

Elena Grace Giangan Flores: Until Junjun was replaced by the Liberal Pena

Frank Galarrita: Whoops, copy and paste

Elena Grace Giangan Flores: Sure not invented

Frank Galarrita: and how about the motive of Pena who is not happy with the 256?

Elena Grace Giangan Flores: Blue print? ask an architect

Frank Galarrita: I mean blue print is always a past

Frank Galarrita: there is no good present without the past

Elena Grace Giangan Flores: Ask Pena then – Makati residents hated him

Frank Galarrita: as blue print is always a past

Frank Galarrita: Well, if he is hated, how many of them?

Elena Grace Giangan Flores: Go back to school if you want to learn past and present tense

Elena Grace Giangan Flores: Most of us here in Makati except Mercado’s men

Elena Grace Giangan Flores: He is giving Mercado a new job

Elena Grace Giangan Flores: He fired all the contract workers and replaced with his own

Frank Galarrita: How about the past Mayor Yabut, why he was kicked out that was unconstituional

Elena Grace Giangan Flores: He stopped supporting and contracts with LUG sister provinces when there’s a valid contract as per the country’s mandate

Frank Galarrita: Ano pala ang kasalanan ni Yabut noon?

Elena Grace Giangan Flores Ob are you a relative of Yabut Frank?

Elena Grace Giangan Flores: That’s why you hated BInay?
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Frank Galarrita No but I followed the story

Elena Grace Giangan Flores: I only look at the present situation – no time to go back to Yabut. What happened to him? Not elected by the people?

Frank Galarrita: Your statement must be why the Ombudsman has to sue Binay

Frank Galarrita: Why Elena, the ombudsman?

Elena Grace Giangan Flores: What?

Frank Galarrita: Yabut was officially elected but taken over by Binay for no reason at all.

Elena Grace Giangan Flores: What about the ombudsman?

Frank Galarrita: Why the ombudsman, why they have to investigate?

Elena Grace Giangan: Flores Ask Pnoy

Frank Galarrita: do you understand of what is ombudsman Elena?

Elena Grace Giangan Flores: A little but you can explain to others if you wish

Frank Galarrita: so what is your understanding about ombudsman Elena?

Elena Grace Giangan Flores: I only know that Conchita is bias

Elena Grace Giangan Flores: She thinks she’s popular in social media

Frank Galarrita: Don’t you know Elena, that the Sandigan bayan was created during the Marcos era? Very ironic right?

Elena Grace Giangan Flores: What about it?

Elena Grace Giangan Flores: Marcos made the Philippines rich

Frank Galarrita: Ombudsman Elena is a prosecutor in preparation for a case.

Elena Grace Giangan Flores: We were exporting rice during his time

Elena Grace Giangan Flores: Ninoy destroyed his reputation through media propaganda

Elena Grace Giangan Flores: Do you know that Ninoy and Marcos were frat brod?

Frank Galarrita: Ironically, Marcos was the one who created the anti government corruption, laughable indeed

Elena Grace Giangan Flores: And when Ninoy was in the US with no money, it was Marcos sending him money

Elena Grace Giangan Flores: Ninoy not only suffering from a heart bypass but also troubled marriage with Cory

Elena Grace Giangan Flores: The rumor was, it was Cory’s relation who masterminded the assasination of Ninoy.

Elena Grace Giangan Flore: That is why most Cojuangco’s are against Pnoy

Elena Grace Giangan Flores: Peping supported Binay.

Elena Grace Giangan Flores: Maybe

Elena Grace Giangan Flores: Pnoy only do his interests

Elena Grace Giangan Flores: He is only using media propaganda same as his father to destroy Binay.

Elena Grace Giangan Flores: What else can you charge a good man in politics?

Elena Grace Giangan Flores: Only corruption because the system of our government allows that

Elena Grace Giangan Flores: Overpricing Debate: SOP o Nakaw?

Elena Grace Giangan Flores: I am not against people accusing others that’s for sure – I look at who can help the poor better

Elena Grace Giangan Flores: Been doing charity for a long time. I understand why there are lots of poor people

Elena Grace Giangan Flores: Poverty is a mentality that’s why I like Binay’s educational system

Elena Grace Giangan Flores: He does not want the poor to be mangmang forever

Elena Grace Giangan Flores: Binay also is on healthcare because the driver of our economy is our health

Elena Grace Giangan Flores: Healthy people can have a healthy government.

Elena Grace Giangan Flores: Binay also implemented livelihood programs through cooperatives and small businesses

Elena Grace Giangan Flores: When these 3 basic needs are answered, health, education and livelihood, we are ready to defend our country to the fullest of our ability

Elena Grace Giangan Flores: Today’s technology does not require us to have lots of money to be equipped with arms

Elena Grace Giangan Flores: Must condition the minds of the people and military first

Elena Grace Giangan Flores: When military people are confident that their family will be taken cared of, the braver they become

Elena Grace Giangan Flores: Yes but for those who knew Binay, money was never an issue. Every time he created a project, he will find supporters or financers first

Elena Grace Giangan Flores: He has the diskarte. Do you think that all the money they are talking about are from taxes?

Elena Grace Giangan Flores: We already ran out of tax money to DAP and PDAF

Elena Grace Giangan Flores: Binay’s support system from the private sector is great – he attracted investors and they are willing to fund projects because it will make the place in order and productive.

Elena Grace Giangan Flores: Panong di na get frank? Ikaw naman tong nagtatago?

Elena Grace Giangan Flores: I appreciate you givingme the chance to explain Binay’s side

Elena Grace Giangan Flores: I am not a lawyer but learned a lot during my stint as investigative international journalist in the past

Elena Grace Giangan Flores: Whatever I say are facts. I am noted for that.

Elena Grace Giangan Flores: That’s why retirement comes easy at a young age. No need to work my ass off

Elena Grace Giangan Flores: I wanted to impart my knowledge to my countrymen how I got out of poverty

Elena Grace Giangan Flores: And I saw the system of Binay how he brought out his people from poverty

Elena Grace Giangan Flores: No one can intimidate a Filipino if he lives in a country he can be proud of

Elena Grace Giangan Flores: Stop Poverty. Vote only for Binay.

Elena Grace Giangan Flores: I am a true voter District 1 of Makati – how about you Frank Galarrita?

Frank Galarrita: The understanding of their rights only, healthy enough

Frank Galarrita: Yeah, what are those goodies if deluted with corruptions?

Frank Galarrita: So you think that oil and water can be mixed?

Frank Galarrita: Elena, but think first of the recipe of the 3 basic needs, it always hit the treasury

Frank Galarrita: How can a treasury be filled with corruptions?

Frank Galarrita: All basic needs must have to do with money, think about that

Frank Galarrita: Again, you have to focus your money

Frank Galarrita: How can a country be run without a treasury?

Frank Galarrita: A treasury that is run by a corrupt?

Frank Galarrita: So how much you think the division of the budget, how much for example for the AFP?

Frank Galarrita: LOL, grabe, how about the ombudman?

Frank Galarrita: Ang ibig mo palang sabihin na iyung reklamo ng ombudsman ay bale wala pala, na kahit may kurakot ay yayaman pa rin ang bansa?

Frank Galarrita: Di talaga na get ni Elena kung ano ang bansa

Frank Galarrita: Ang pagka kurakot pala ng isang katiwala ng bansa ay makapag bigay ng budget?

Frank Galarrita: Think about the budget of the education na 45 %, ang kurakot ay meron?

Frank Galarrita Nope, nothing to explain

Frank Galarrita: example na lamang, ang security guard sa isang warehouse ay makapag tiwalaan ba na ligtas ang iyung inventory kung siyay magnanakaw?

Frank Galarrita: kalokohan talaga ano po?

Frank Galarrita: Ito na lamang, ang bangko na mandaraya ay nakakasiguro ka na ang deposito mo ay nariyan pa?

Frank Galarrita: Isa pa, ang isang insurance na nagbabayad ka nang premium buwan buwan ay nakakasiguro ka na safe ka sa mga aksidente?

Frank Galarrita: Ka simple na explaination at bakit di pa rin naintidihan kung ano ang status mo sa pagka Filipino/na

Frank Galarrita: Stop talaga, meaning walang pag asa

Frank Galarrita Voting is a sacred

Frank Galarrita di dapat i show off mo ang pag boto

Elena Grace Giangan Flores: Sorry nagpapicture apo ko hehe

Frank Galarrita: Sacred ang boto, isa rin na di naintidihan ng mga tao

Frank Galarrita: Iyang boto ay iyun din ang rights mo na naka surrender sa isang tiwala mong kandidato kaya sagrado iyan

Elena Grace Giangan: Flores Yes true, so vote wisely. Don’t just believe media propaganda
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Frank Galarrita: Para bang bride iyan na pinasa mo sa isang tao na maging asawa ng anak mo, sentimental indeed

Elena Grace Giangan Flores: True – iluwa mo man like Pnoy voters – wait ka pa hanggang ma annul

Frank Galarrita: dapat kasi iyan ang karapatan mo, your life

Elena Grace Giangan Flores True again – so kilalanin ang kandidato – kung sino maninira yon ang masama. Law of nature yon

Frank Galarrita: Iyang accusation kay Pnoy ay desperate moves lamang, we are only listening to those who lose

Frank Galarrita: What it means, that the losers are whining with no respect with laws

Elena Grace Giangan Flores: Yes, stop throwing mud just wait for election

Frank Galarrita: Para bang natalo sa basketball tapos reklamo pa rin, a game is not a game without a loser, very explainable

Frank Galarrita: Ang election ay nariyan para may pangulo tayo, there must be a winner and a loser
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Elena Grace Giangan Flores: Sure win or lose – just play a fair fight

Frank Galarrita: Kapag puro reklamo na lamang, wala tayong pangulo kaya wala rin tayong gobiyerno

Elena Grace Giangan Flores: Exactly so let’s wait and see – thank you nice debating with you

Frank Galarrita: Kaya nga, pero not Binay kasi siguradong ayaw na ng tao, huwag makulit pero ganoon pa man, there must be an election to fullfill our constitution

Elena Grace Giangan Flores: Binay pa rin

Elena Grace Giangan Flores: Bayaan mo na kung sino ang gusto ng tao kung fair ka

Elena Grace Giangan Flores: Sasagot lang kami pag inaapi si Binay.

Frank Galarrita That is your rights, but remember that you are not only the people, you have to respect their will and voting is always a secret and sacred

Elena Grace Giangan Flores: Tama na ang panloloko sa madla gamit ang propaganda.

Elena Grace Giangan Flores: Tell it to yourself frank. Between us, I have more credibility because you can see my face.

Elena Grace Giangan Flores: The sheep cannot vote for all you know

Frank Galarrita: Yeah, but to hear from you sounds like pang loloko

Frank Galarrita: It depends

Elena Grace Giangan Flores: Oh if intelligent loko? Do you think it’s fair?

Frank Galarrita: Just remember that all living things have spirit therefore have a sense of something

Elena Grace Giangan Flores: Yes, let’s pray and let the holy spirit guide us

Frank Galarrita: Just be thankful that we are alive, voting is nothing once you die

Elena Grace Giangan Flores: Exactly – play a fair election and we will see each other again in eternity

Frank Galarrit:a Reincarnation could be better but who knows, perhaps you reincarnate as a sheep

Elena Grace Giangan Flores: No problem if that’s my destiny

Frank Galarrita: We have no clue of what is life after death, is there any election?

Elena Grace Giangan Flores: Evidence:
AMLC’s Evidence Against Binay is Bias with Julia Abad as Executive Director -…

Frank Galarrita: Better for a Muslim as they can have 72 virgins in heaven but how about the women, what?

Elena Grace Giangan Flores: Just do good and you will not be afraid if you live or die

Frank Galarrita: Well, election is only good if you still alive

Elena Grace Giangan Flores: Whatever happens on earth is also manifesting in heaven

Elena Grace Giangan Flores: Only you do not suffer the weaknesses of the body – no pain or any negative feelings

Original debate here:¬if_t=like

Well, it’s your choice in 2016!

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SOP o Nakaw? – Debate ng Good Governance Group Creator at Direct Government Procurement Staff para sa Alegasyon ng Gobyerno kay Binay’s

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Mga kababayan, kayo na po ang humusga. Nandito si Epoy Salvaro at Elmer Delantar para magdebate na ang alegasyong ng Liberal kay Binay ay matatawag na “corruption” o SOP na ang kahulugan ay Special Operating Procedure na naging kaugalian na ng mga taga-gobyerno kapag sila ay may proyekto na gagawin para sa kanilang mamamayan.

Si Epoy Salvaro ay nagpakilalang creator ng Filipinos Worldwide for Transparency na dating “government contractor” at ang kanyang paniniwala ay, iboboto nya si Binay para Presidente kung masagot ang mga tanong sa senado.

Si Elmer Delantar ay isang “government employee na nakatalaga sa procurement” na may karanasan sa pakikipag usap sa mga “contractors” na tumatanggap ng proyekto galing sa pamahalaan at ang kanyang paninindigan ay, paanong maging overpricing yang mga proyekto ni Binay kung sumusunod lang naman sa SOP ng gobyerno?

Kayo na po ang humusga: (Paalala: Mangyari po lamang na ang debate na to ay naganap sa Freedom Wall ng Facebook)

Elmer Delantar: Sir Epoy SAlvaro. Sir Epoy SAlvaro. May napanood po ako sa sinasabi mong senate hearing. Ipinipilit ni sen. Trillanes na sa binay po ang rosario farm. Ebedensya nya: ang mga letrang EB sa isang semento na nangangahulugan daw na elenita binay. Na tanungin ang isang testigo ang sahot nya ay ang EB ay electrical box. Yon po ba ang sinasabi nyong ebedensya. Sabi pa ng assessor sa batangas wala pong na ka record sa pangalan ng mga binay na property sa rosario batangas.

Epoy SAlvaro: Mr Elmer Delantar wala po ilalagay na electrical box sa lupa dahil pag umulan lulubog po yun, having said that nadinig mo rin ba sinabi ng anak na bunso ni binay kanila ang hacienda?

Elmer Delantar: Sir Epoy SAlvaro. Panonoorin ko pa ang kabuuan ng moro moro sa senado. Para malaman ko ang mga ebedensyang sinasabi nyo.

Elmer Delantar: Sir Epoy SAlvaro. Ano po ba ang sinasabi nilang underground cable. Sa davao may roon na nito.

Epoy SAlvaro: Madami yan underground cable what i mean expose yun cable box na may EB nasa lupa lang baka si Ebang balolong yun

Epoy SAlvaro: Mr Elmer magiging mabuti po sa inyo na mag karuon ng open mind kung panoorin mo lahat po ng binay senate hearing , kung sinabi mo na moro moto bago ka pa manuod ay bias kana, kung si mag amang binay ay haharap sa senado maging open din mind ko to listen dahil sa sobrang madaming ebidensya at mga bilyones ng mga binay na pera at hindi nila sinasagot sa akusasyon nag desisyon tuloy ako na totoo po skusasyon sa ksnila

Elmer Delantar: Ok po sir epoy salvaro

Epoy SAlvaro: Binigyan po tayo ng wisdom para po makapg desisyom tayo ng naayon sa ating kaalaman

Elmer Delantar: Asan ang ebedensya mr. Epoy SAlvaro? Di mo pa nga ma compute ang income ng mga binay tspos sinasabi mo may nakaw na yaman na. Sir, alamin mo muna income nila tapos patunayan mo na ang bilyones na yan ay sa mga binay. Pag napatunayan mo na, dyan i minus mo sa income nila. At lalabas ang sinasabi nyong nakaw na yaman. Pag nagawa nyo na yan, yang sinasabi mo ay paninira lamang. Libelous yang mga statement mo sir.

Elmer Delantar: Mr. Epoy SAlvaro. Paulit ulit nalang ang sinasabi mo. Nakaw na yaman na wala namang ebedensya. Kung mayroon ka, e post mo.

Elmer Delantar: Mr Epoy SAlvaro. Asan na ang program of works. Post mo na.

Elmer Delantar: Mr. Epoy SAlvaro. Wag mo kaming papaniwalain sa mga haka haka mo. EBEDENSYA. Post mo na. Simpleng computation lang ng income nila di mo pa magawa.

Elmer Delantar: Kung may akusasyon ka at may mga ebedensya ka at takot kang mag file sa korte, eh di e post mo dito.
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Epoy SAlvaro: Mr Elmer Dalantar paki paste lang po yun sinabi ko nakaw na yaman ng mga binay, sinabi ko po may mahigit 16 bilyon mga binay sa 19 bank acct

Epoy SAlvaro: Mr Elmer Dalantar paki paste lang po yun sinabi ko nakaw na yaman ng mga binay, sinabi ko po may mahigit 16 bilyon mga binay sa 19 bank accts na freeze ng AMLC at naka link sya duon sa 223 (242-19) na bank accts na sinasabi na alipores nya manuod ka ng mga binay senate hearing ng maliwanagan ka, mukha mo mr Elmer Delantar hindi mo ma hantad sino papatol sa iyo

Epoy SAlvaro: Manuod ka next hearing ng mga binay next week mr Elmer Delantar maliwanagan ka
Elmer Delantar Ito na naman tayo sir Epoy SAlvaro. Ghost employee na ako sa makati. Bakit sir may EBEDENSYA KA? Puro ka salita at akusasyon. Nasaan ang ebedensya mo? Sir, kung ako sa iyo hintayin mo ang hatol ng korte sa usaping ito, hindi naman ikaw ang nagrereklamo…See More

Elmer Delantar: Asan ang computation nyo sa income ng mga binay?

Elmer Delantar: Asan ang program of work sa sinasabing overprice makati bulding?

Elmer Delantar: Asan ang mga EBEDENSYA?

Elmer Delantar: Post nyo naman po.

Epoy SAlvaro: Mr Elmer Delantar ang ghost walang mukha gaya po ninyo hindi ako magtataka kung wala ka sa ghost employees kasi po hindi yan name mo talaga.

Elmer Delantar: Wala kayong ma ipost? Meaning , sinisiraan nyo lang ang vice president. Period.· 1

Epoy SAlvaro: Pero wag po ninyo kalimutan ang binay next hearing next week google lang ” binay senate hearing july 2015 makikita na agad yan madami tayong mapag usapan after that
Elmer Delantar: Kaya po di ako naniniwala sa overpricing na yan. Kasi po di naman pi detalye ang presentasyon sa senado.

Elmer Delantar: Ang maiintindihan ng mada ay kung iisa isahin nila ang mga items sa program of work. Magkano ba ang cemento? Magkano ba ang bakal?ang buhangin at iba pang materyales sa proyektong iyan. Ang labor? Over priced ba? Hindi paghahambingin mo lang ang dalawang building na ipinagawa ng pruvate company at yong makati building. Sir, iba po ang costing ng private at government.

Epoy SAlvaro: Mr Elmer Delantar buti po at msy tagahanga ka highly intellectual wow ha kung wala po kayong alam sa construction wag na po ninyo try makipag debate kahit po yung expert ng senado sinabi ang Parking bldg ay nag sabi na dapat mga 800 m lang nagastos du…See More

Epoy SAlvaro: Mr Elmer Delantar common sense lang ang parking bldg ay may initial na budget na 400 to 800 million lumobo ng mahigit 2.3 BILYon ano nsngyari?

Epoy SAlvaro: Kahit yung isang sinabi nila nag bid tumestigo na hindi sya sumali sa bidding sa makati.

Elmer Delantar: Sir, Epoy SAlvaro. Kaya nga po hinihingi ko po sa inyo ay ang program of woeks. Ganoon lang pong level ang kaya kong unawain. Ang e itimized nila ang presentasyon sa nakalagay sa program of work. Mahirap ba iyon? Porket sinabi ng expert na ganoon, maniniwala na kami?. Ang naiintindihan namin ay kung saan doon sa program of work nagkaroon ng overpricing. Hindi po ako mahihiyang sabihin na nagsisisi ako sa pagsuporta sa mga binay kong mapapatunayan na sila nga ay may sala. Ang sa akin lang naman, wag kang akusa ng akusa kung wala kang ma ipost na ebedensya na maiintidihan namin.

Elmer Delantar: Sir Epoy SAlvaro. Wag nyo naman pong ipagdamot ang program if work na yan. I post nyo na po.

Epoy SAlvaro Ano po ibig nyo sabihin sige nga?

Elmer Delantar: Sir Epoy SAlvaro. Sa program of work po nandoon ang list ng mga items na gagawin. Ang quantity, unit price at total. Nakapaloob din dito ang deyailed estimate kung saan nakalagay doon kung ano anong materyales ang gagamitin mo para sa item of works na iyan. Ang quantity, ang presyo at total. Yon po ang hinihingi ko sir.

Epoy SAlvaro: Ibig mo sabihin ilan cemento ginamit at ilang buhangin bskit po mr Elmer Delantar ? sasakit na naman tiyan ko sa kakatawa joker po pala kayo

Elmer Delantar: Sie Epoy SAlvaro. Kahit mano mano o ginamitan ng mga heavy equipments ang paggawa sa building na iyan ginagamitan po iyan ng cemento at buhangin. Kung saan ang detalye nito kung ilan ang quantity at presyo nito ay nakapaloob sa program of work.

Elmer Delantar: Sasakit talaga tyan mo. Kasi nagkukunwari kang may alam sa construction. Simple lang naman ang sinasabi ko di mo alam.

Epoy SAlvaro Baka nakita mo program of work yung cr gagawin

Epoy SAlvaro Basehan yan sa pag bigay ng estimate pero hindi po ganuon pag evaluate kung ilang cemento or ilang buhsngin. Pag usapan na lang po natin mr Elmer Delantar may chance po ba makabalik si jun jun sa city hall bilang mayor?

Elmer Delantar: Sori po sir Epoy SAlvaro. Ngayon ko po napatunayan na kulang ka sa kaalaman sa proseso sa pamahalaan. Tama po kayo, basehan yan sa estimate. At ang estimate na yan base sa standard ng dpwh ang gagamitin para ma compute ang ABC na sya namang magiging limit ng mga supplier o contractor sa kanilang bid.

Epoy SAlvaro: Yan mabuti nag mamahalan kayo yan dapat palagay ko po mam Elena bagay na bagay kayo parang nancy at vp

Epoy SAlvaro: Mr Elmer Delantar pasensya na po ayaw ko po makipag usap sa deskasyon na wala po skong mapapala sorry dahil parang mag sasayang po ako ng panahon pag usapan na lang po natin yung may matutuhan tayo

Elmer Delantar: Ha ha ha….. ang gusto ni sir Epoy SAlvaro . Na pag usapan ay ang mga tsismis at akusasyon. Kayo na lang po sir. Labas na po ako dyan. Mag cocomment nalang ako paminsan minsan. Sa mga usapang may katuturan. Magandang hapon po uli.

Epoy SAlvaro: Magandang hapon po namsn wag mo kalimutan ha binay senate hearing next week

Elmer Delantar: Sa aking pag aaral sa mga program of works na ginagawan ko po ng report bilang isang TWG member ng BAC. Sa pangkalahatan ang kongklosyon ko po ay walang nangyayaring overpricing sa mga project ng gobyerno. Kasi po sa pag gawa ng mga engr ng costing sumusunod sila sa guidelines ng dpwh kung saan ang nasabing guidelines ay maluwag pagdating sa paglalagay ng costing. Halimbawa , sa materyales pweding magbigay ng allowance for breakage or shortages. Sa pag eestimate ng days ng completion may allowance din. Na kong ikaw na contractor ay efficient ,savings mo na ito. Isa pa may allowance din ang mga presyo ng mga 10% sa prevailing market price. Kung saan suportado ito ng generally accepted accounting and auditing rules na pag ang overpricing ay di lalagpas ng 10percent sa prevailing market price ay ok pa ito. sa pagkakaalam ko sa ngayon ang breakdown ng abc ng isang govt projects ay ganito: direct cost(matrials+labor) plus indirect cost. Kung saan ang indirect cost ay ganito ang breakdown. Contractors propfit 10 %ng direct cost, 5%vat ng dc at cp, 8-12%ocm(contingency). In short kung may 10 cp+5vat+10ocm+10allowance daw sa pagtaas ng price which is legal+ 5% volume discount sa materiales, maagang natapos na project which is savings ng contractor. Ang lalabas 40 ang indirect cost at 60 nalang ang dc. at sa 40 na indirect cost 5% ireremit sa bir. so may 35 na tira ang contractor. So, ikaw si contractor ano gagawin mo para makakuha ng project?

Ayan po ang kabuuan ng ating debate. Sa palagay nyo po – magnanakaw ba talaga ang mga Binay o sumunod lang sa SOP na pinapairal ng gobyerno natin na ginagawa naman ng lahat ng may katungkulan? Tandaan nyo po. Pag walang SOP, walang magagawang proyekto!


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