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Proper Formatting and Elements of Script Writing

By: Elena Grace Flores

Screenplay (Photo credit: Matt-Richards)

It is amazing to be able to find a very precise but uplifting video tutorial regarding script writing. Here, the formatting is not only explained but also illustrated in a very interesting but clear manner. Even the tiny bits of the elements of script writing are also discussed  without any hint of boredom. Well done for this video:

How To Format A Screenplay – 5 Basic Elements : FRIDAY 101

Posted at Youtube by: Indy Mogul

Yes, we all have different styles and character in writing a script but whether you agree with me or not, there’s also a proper way of writing one – and by far, this video explains it all. This might be  something basic to learn about the topic but believe me, you can never advance in this field without mastering the techniques shown in the video.

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Satisfaction, a Humorous Script with Moral Values


By: Elena Grace Flores

The Man, the Woman and the Money
The Man, the Woman and the Money (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This script highlights the nature of men – never satisfied with what they have. The circumstances in this script may sound like jokes but there are some truths in them.

Scene I: A very handsome man was walking along the seaside – then stops to talk to himself in front of his reflection on the shallow sea bed…

Man: Hello handsome, here we are again – looking so good and yet no money and no honey.

Reflection: You can have all the women you like but the problem is how to keep them when you don’t even have a decent job.

Man: (Upon seeing a magic sea shell, he whispers…) I wish to have all the wisdom in this world to be able to make the most of what I have! (Lightning strikes and “kablammmm”… he turns into a woman).

Woman: (The woman who was previously a man talks to her new reflection… ) Oh dear…what a beautiful woman you are. For sure, many rich men will be crazy over you.

Reflection: Oh what a change…

Narration: Years have gone by and the woman who used to be a man is very determined to get what she wants. So, she uses her beauty to get the most glamorous job there is – earning lots of money by just walking along the cat walk for few minutes every now and then. Later on, she finally settled down with a billionaire and had a daughter but still found herself talking to herself alone –

Scene II: In front of a mirror…

Woman: So, this is how it feels to be a rich woman…why am I not happy with all the money and fame that I have? Where is my husband? Ahhh still with business partners – forgetting me having to bear most of the cold nights without him. God forbid, I need a man beside me…

Daughter: (Upon  witnessing what her mother just did in front of the mirror, she also positions herself in front of it and says…) Oh God, I want a new Ipad right now, can I have it please?

Woman: (Upon overhearing what the daughter just said, she realizes that she failed not just as a wife but also as a mother and prays wholeheartedly…) Dear God, please listen to your child who’s repenting right now. If only I could go back to the way I was before, I promise to nurture your gift and live according to your will! (Then he becomes a man again)

Scene III: The handsome man on his bed awakens from a deep sleep…

Man: Thanks God – those were just nightmares! Please don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful of my looks and the way I am right now. I am just asking for guidance on how I could fulfill my purpose in life. I trust that you made me for a reason and I gladly obey your will. Please give me the satisfaction and contentment for the life that you plan for me because I know, it’s the best coming from you. (Phone rings…)

Phone Voice: This is Marketing Pro and I’m just letting you know that after reviewing your application, we decided to make you a job offer that that you can’t refuse – as our new Marketing Representative. Will you be interested?

Man: Marketing Pro? Of course, my dream company to work for – I thought I had no chance after not hearing from you for quite some time.

Phone Voice: We’re very sorry that it took us this long. we must admit that there were lots of qualified applicants for this Marketing position that we had to screen – but we feel that you are the right image for our products!

Man: Thank you very much for letting me know and I’m delighted to report to your office as advised!

Phone Voice: Don’t mention it – we’re privileged to have you on board. Bye for now and see you soon.

Man: Bye, thank you.

Lesson in life: If money is your only or main motivation, you can easily go astray. A pure heart with the strongest faith is what leads you to the right path of life and will also make you a good role model to your children – because it’s your actions that they will follow and not what you preach.

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Princess Kitty’s Happy Land Adventure Script



By: Geraldine G. Flores (Ms. “G”) 

Hello Kitty
Hello Kitty (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This Princess Kitty Happy Land Adventure script is a Hello Kitty theme song -inspired kid’s play – that can be a good material for children’s dramatics club shows or for fun activities at home, in the community and school. This is our contribution to your talent development tasks for the young ones:

Scene I “The Dream”
Setting: Kitty cleaning the house.

Kitty: Everything is clean now but I’m so tired. I’ll better rest first.
(While Kitty is sleeping, fairies appear dancing and chanting)
Fairies(last line) Happiness Land! Princess Kitty’s Happiness Land!!!
Kitty: Happiness land? My “Happiness Land”? Am I dreaming?
Fairy 1: No! Princess Kitty, it’s true, you belong to happiness land.
Kitty: I’m Princess Kitty? Who are you?
Fairies: We’re the fairies of “Happiness Land”.
Fairy 2: Prince Adonis is also here to give you a present.
Palace Leader: Hear ye! Hear ye! The Prince of “Happiness Land” is coming!
Prince Adonis: Hello, Princess Kitty, here’s our present for you. We all want to see you in “Happiness Land.”
Kitty: Thank you Prince Adonis, I am so happy!
Prince Adonis: You are welcome! See you again in “Happiness Land”.
Kitty: (looks up first then repeated what she hears…) “Happiness Land!”

(Close Curtain)

Scene II “The Arrest”
Setting: Outside the house, friends are playing before Kitty then she approached them.

Kitty: Hello friends.
Friends: Hello, Kitty.
Kitty: The prince gave me this present.
Friend 1: It’s so beautiful!
Kitty: He will take me to “Happiness Land”! He says I’m a princess!
Friend 2: Really? You are so lucky!
Friend 3: Because you are a good girl.
Kitty: Thank you.

(Group Enters)

Bad Boy 1: That’s Kitty! (Pointing to Kitty)
Bad Boy 2: She stole that beautiful flower!
Guard 1: People say you are naughty! We arrest you now!
Friend 1: No! She’s not naughty; the prince gave her the flower.
Kitty: Help! Help me! (Friends trying to help but being pushed back)
Guard 2: Stay away! I said, stay away!
(Friends are crying now while the two bad boys are laughing wildly)
Prince Adonis: What’s going on here?
Friends: They arrest the princess!
Prince Adonis: Don’t worry, we’ll save her.

(Close Curtain)

Scene III “The Rescue”
Setting: In the woods. (Note: This scene will be outside the curtain for the stage preparation on the backdrop and props of “Happiness Land.”

Palace Leader: This way, I think it’s this way.
Prince Adonis: Look there! (They approached the toy drummer boy)
Palace Guard: There’s the key on his arm!
Prince Adonis: I think this is the key to the prison cell.
Drummer Boy: You’re right! Turn me on. Turn me on to get the key!
Prince Adonis: Is he the one talking? (The others nod their heads)
Drummer Boy: Touch my nose! Touch my nose.
(The drummer boy beats the drum, the key fall down upon touching his nose but he stepped on it and said: Dance with me first!!! (Then the funny dance follows). Note: At this point, the toy drummer boy becomes a real boy again.
Voice over of Princess Kitty: Help! Help me please!
Friends: That’s Princess Kitty!!!
Prince Adonis: Don’t worry; we can set you free now! The key?
(Drummer boy gives the key now and marched with them)
Prince Adonis: Let’ go! Let’s save the princess!
All say: Yes! Save the Princess! (six times) ————–(marching out)
Note: Upon their exit, curtain opens for Scene IV with the palace on the background. (A picture of a beautiful place with happy characters)

Scene IV “Happiness Land”

Palace Leader: Hear ye! Hear ye! The prince is coming with Princess Kitty and friends. (Everyone stopped what they are doing and cheered, clapped hands.)
Kitty: Thank you dear prince and friends for saving me.
(Palace Leader guides them to join the group)
King: Welcome to “Happiness Land”, princess Kitty.
Kitty: Thank you dear King.
King: Say hello to Princess Kitty now.
All: Hello! Princess Kitty.
Kitty: Hello, everyone!
Queen: We prepared lots of yummy food for you, Princess Kitty.
Kitty: Thank you so much, my dear Queen.
Minnie: My dearest sister, I miss you. Welcome home.
Kitty: I miss you too. (They embrace each other)
(The queen joins them, and then the king pats the queen’s shoulder and said:
King: This calls for a celebration!
Queen: Let’s dance for joy!
(All casts will dance and sing the Hello Kitty theme song then after that -)
Kitty: We’re so glad to see you all. Thank you for joining us on our fantastic adventure! (Everyone joins Kitty)
All: We love you all… “mwaah”! Ba-bye!

Responsible adults should expose children to worthwhile activities when they are still at a tender age. This will guide them in choosing their career path later on when they are adults. Plays can enhance the memorization, acting and public relation skills of children, so initiate this into their lives when you’ve got the chance.



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Sweet Smiles Script



By: Geraldine G. Flores (Ms. “G”) 

Image representing Skype as depicted in CrunchBase
Image via CrunchBase

In life, what we planned for our family is not always what will happen. We just have to be flexible and set pride aside. There may be tough choices we have to make but as long as we have faith, things will fall into place when the right time comes – and we will then realize why they happened that way. Enjoy this Sweet Smiles script-

Scene 1: In the living room, mommy Beth and baby Bea are rehearsing. Daddy Ben arrives from the office.

Daddy Ben: Seems like our baby girl is joining a talent show… (Mommy Beth & baby Bea kisses the dad)

Mommy Beth: Not at all, our daughter would just like to show you how talented she is. She’s just 3 years old yet she wants to go to school already. I said; if Dad would agree and would like your presentation, she can. (To Bea) Are you ready, baby girl? Show daddy how talented you are while I’ll set the table ready for dinner. (To Dad) Okay dad, just sit back & relax.

Baby Bea: Yes, mom. (Bea recites the poem: “The Creation” and sings the action song: “I’ve Got Joy”).

“The Creation”God made the earth, God made the sea.
God made the fish and the birds that fly.
Animals, flowers, trees so tall,
God made everything, great and small.
God made all that I can see.
God made you and God made me.

Baby Bea: I thank you. (Then she bows, Dad claps his hands)

Baby Bea: Thank You Dad.I would like to sing a song for you now.
(Bea sings the action song)

I’ve got joy down in my heart, deep,deep down in my heart.J – O – Y down in my heart, deep,deep down in my heart.

Baby Bea: How about you?
(Both hands pointing to her Dad on the last line of the song)
Daddy Ben: Of course my dear, having you both is my greatest joy. That was wonderful! (Dad claps his hands again for Bea’s presentation)

Voice over of Mommy Beth: Dinner’s ready! (Daddy Ben carries Baby Bea to the dinner table)

Scene 2: At the dinner table while the family is having dinner, they had a small talk.

Mommy Beth: So how was it? Is baby Bea ready for school?

Daddy Ben: Yes, of course. Do you really want to go to school now? (To Baby Bea)

Baby Bea: Yes, dad and mommy would like to be a Teacher again too.
Daddy Ben: What does that mean? You like to work again as a Teacher? (To mommy Beth)

Mommy Beth: Yes, if you will allow me so I can help you also in the expenses here in the house and we could save also for Bea’s education.

Daddy Ben: No, my dear, that’s why I work double time now. Just give me your “sweet smiles” and I’ll be fine. I’ll provide you both with everything that you need. (Mommy Beth and baby Bea gave daddy Ben their sweetest smiles then he bid them goodbye.)

Daddy Ben: I love you both, sleep tight. Goodnight… I have to leave now for my part-time job in the restaurant.

Baby Bea: We love you too, daddy, goodnight.

Mommy Beth: Okay, bye! Dad, you take care …

Narration: While the mother and daughter were asleep, they had no idea about the accident involving daddy Ben.

Scene 3: At the hospital the doctor speaks to Mommy Beth who is crying after she was informed about the accident. She learned about it at daytime already.

Doctor Reyes: I’m sorry Mrs. Francisco but it will take several months for your husband to work again as he was badly hit by the big truck that bumped his motorcycle that throw him out several meters away. Investigation is still going on as there was no witness who saw the accident this dawn, the truck driver was kind enough to bring him to the hospital and told us that it was not his fault.

Mommy Beth: I understand doctor – maybe my husband had fallen asleep while driving because he was tired and sleepy already. Can I speak to him now?

Doctor Reyes: Yes, go ahead; he could be awake by now. Just don’t show him your tears. Be strong.

Mommy Beth: Thanks, Doctor Reyes, I will. (As she enters the room she could hear her husband crying. She went near him & embraced him)

Daddy Ben: Why did this happen to me? How could I provide for you and baby Bea with all that you need now? This is so unfair! I am really sorry.

Mommy Beth: You don’t have to be sorry, my dear. We have to thank the Lord that you survived that accident. Don’t worry I’m here for you and our daughter. Remember last night? I was trying to ask permission from you to work again. I do have an urgent offer to work but in Thailand as an English teacher. The pay is really good and it will just be a two year contract. We could save some capital for sure for a business by the time my contract ends so, you don’t have to work day and night. Please don’t get me wrong. This is for us too.

Daddy Ben: I really don’t want you to work. I should be the one working but with my condition now, how can i? What will your parents say to me now… a parasite?

Mommy Beth: Please don’t say that. Any minute from now they will be here also with baby Bea. They even volunteered to take care of you and our daughter while I’m away. We’re a family! We care for each other.
(At this point the in-laws arrived with their granddaughter. They just brought in baby Bea inside the hospital room, waved and went out again to buy food.) (Mommy Beth carried Baby Bea to kiss her dad then baby Bea sits on the hospital bed)

Baby Bea: Hello, Daddy, grandpa and grandma says we will be staying in their big house that’s why we fetch you here. They say – it’s our home too. Are you okay now daddy? Let’s go home. (Dad wiping his tears…)Dad, why are you crying?

Daddy Ben: Your mom will be leaving us soon. She will teach in Thailand.

Baby Bea: Mom, I don’t want you to leave us. We will be very sad. We will all stay happy in grandpa and grandma’s home. Please don’t go to Thailand. Please don’t leave us. (Baby Bea crying already so, mom got carried away and burst into tears)

Mommy Beth: My dearest baby, you know that I want to be always near you. I’m doing this for our family. Mommy will be able to buy you your favorite Barbie doll and all the things that you need.

Baby Bea: No, I just want you here with us. I need you more than the Barbie doll. I love you mom, don’t you love me?

Mommy Beth: I love you and your dad more than anything in this world. Please understand me now. Grandpa, grandma and your dad will take care of you while I’m away.

Daddy Ben: Maybe, it’s not a good idea for you to teach in Thailand you will be alone there no relatives and friends to look after you also.

Mommy Beth: Just give me both your “sweet smiles” and I’ll be fine. I will remember it always and I will feel I’m not alone because both of you will forever stay in my heart. Just give me this chance to help you then after two years I’ll be home (to daddy Ben). My precious baby, cheer up! We’ll often see each other on Skype (to baby Bea). You want to go to school so show me now that you are not a cry baby anymore. So, now both of you can you just show me your “sweet smiles”! (Both smiled now – then embraced each other.)
(Grandpa and grandma arrive with the yummy food that they bought.)

Grandpa: Did we miss something? (Upon seeing them -)

Grandma: Come on! Skip the drama, I’m starving. Let’s eat now. (Everyone burst into laughter)

Lesson in life: A person can only do quality work for 8 hours straight a day. So, balance your time between work and family – if you want to save up and not spend your hard-earned money in the hospital!


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Son, I Love You



By: Geraldine G. Flores (Ms. “G”) 

Español: Regreso del hijo pródigo, Louvre
Español: Regreso del hijo pródigo, Louvre (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Rebellion sometimes happen when parents unintentionally hurt their children while trying to discipline them. No matter how hard it is, we should always honor our father and mother regardless of the situation – because they can’t be with us forever! Here’s a short script between a brother and a prodigal son…

Najmi: Rahim, Rahim.
Rahim: Why are you here?

Najmi: “There’s no place like home, my dearest brother,.” So you better come home with me now.
Rahim: I’m sorry, but this is my home. I’m happy here. I don’t think father would like to see me – for him, everything I do is wrong!

Najmi: Of course not! Father is just telling you things for your own good but you don’t listen to him, you ran out of the house! Mother is always crying because of your absence.
Rahim: Excuse me Najmi. You’re just my younger brother. Don’t act like father. Go back to your house now! I’ll stay here. They’re nice to me. They’re like a family to me now.

Najmi: I really don’t want to get angry with you Rahim but I’m having difficulty controlling myself but I can have more patience because of father. He pleaded for me not to be angry with you. He wants you to go back home because he loves you so much!
Rahim: Loves me so much? Huh! You’re kidding! I know- he doesn’t care for me. He even scolded me over the phone, so – I hung up.

Najmi: Even for the last time, you don’t want to see father?
Rahim: What do you mean for the last time?

Najmi: Father’s gone – and it’s all because of you! (both with tears in their eyes now)
Rahim: What? Father’s dead? Oh no! I don’t believe you.

Najmi: Yes, it’s true, when you hung up on him over the phone, he had a heart attack but before he died, he asked me to give him your picture. He embraced it and he said, “I love you my son. I miss you. Please come home.”
Rahim: Father…. I’m so sorry. I love you too father. Please forgive me.

Najmi: (Nods his head) Let’ go home…
Rahim: Yes and from now on I’ll be a good son and a good brother to you also.

Lesson in life: We can lose a loved one in an instant so, always let them know you care.


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