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Imelda Marcos’ Community Project is the Footstool of the First Aeta UP Graduate


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Barangay Macapagal, a settlement put up by former first lady Imelda Marcos. It is on a hill at the northern side of this former United States military base-turned-economic zone in Zambales. This is just one of the many projects of Marcos that is rarely mentioned by most mainstream media here and abroad just because she has a great collection of state of the art shoes. The first Aeta UP graduate proudly resides here, making it his footstool. The Barangay exists to this day as a living testament for the Marcoses’ good governance.

Youtube video by; GMA News
[VIDEO]: Panayam kay Norman King, first Aeta U.P. graduate

Cultural Pride

The Aeta community around Mt. Pinatubo wears with pride its traditional costume. Norman King is the first ever UP graduate, who obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in behavioral sciences. King is a proud native Aeta, during UP Manila’s recognition day on June 20 and graduation on June 21, King wore the Aeta G-string. He is the eldest among seven siblings who workshis way through school.

No Poverty Mentality

His parents, Warlita and Roman only earn as vegetable and fruit growers. This is not enough for the children’s education even if the patriarch worked as the driver for the late Justice Eleazer de Los Santos. After finishing high school in Angeles City in 2004, King worked as a delivery boy for Gintong Sining Art Center in Makati City for P3,700 a month. He studied to become a computer technician in 2005. That’s when he got a job in 2008 at a business process outsourcing company with P16,000 monthly salary. 


Give Back to the Community

King plans to take up law to help Aetas defend themselves and their lands. His aunt, Wyda Cosme of Zambales, is the first Aeta law graduate. This proves that if a Filipino is nurtured by his or her community and supported by the government’s educational system, livelihood is not impossible to undertake to support one’s purpose.

Give Back to the Community

King plans to take up law to help Aetas defend themselves and their lands. His aunt, Wyda Cosme of Zambales, is the first Aeta law graduate. This proves that if a Filipino is nurtured by his or her community and supported by the government’s educational system, livelihood is not impossible to undertake to support one’s purpose. for as long as poverty mentality won’t pull them down. During the late President, Ferdinand Marcos’ regime he established schools and learning institutions nationwide spearheaded by his wife.  This is on top of hospitals, infrastructure, and other public service facilities. These are physical evidence the black media propaganda against the Marcoses can die an easy death because the fruits of their labor still exist to this date and even beyond.

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Supreme Court Prioritizes Internal Issues Over ‘Ilocos 6’ – Imee Marcos to Find Other Means

supreme court

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Associate Justice Teresita Leonardo-De Castro questioned Supreme Court Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno’s “long delay in the filling up” of key SC positions, the appointment to the Philippine Mediation Center Office, and granting travel allowances to members of her staff for foreign travels minus the approval of the court en banc. Earlier Sereno, Associate Justice Diosdado Peralta, and Associate Justice Andres Reyes Jr have inhibited from the “Ilocos 6” case. This prompts Governor Imee Marcos to divulge everything in a press conference.

Youtube video by; ABS-CBN News
[VIDEO]: Congressmen should be the foremost advocates of the rule of law by respecting the authority of the Court of Appeals (CA) to provide legal relief to the so-called “Ilocos Six” officials who were cited in the contempt by the lawmakers, the former head of the country’s biggest voluntary association of lawyers said Tuesday.

Supreme Court Issues

De Castro points out that under Administrative Order No. 33-2008, the full court appoints the PMCO chief, upon the recommendation of Philja. However, Sereno appoints Atty. Brenda Jay A. Mendoza to the post without Philja’s recommendation. On another matter, official foreign travels by court officials and personnel need the court en banc’s approval for travel allowances. However, the Chief Justice granted OCJ staff’s foreign travel allowances without court approval.

Cruel Dealings

Bongbong Marcos thinks that the dealings of the Congress with the “Ilocos 6” are cruel. It’s also beyond words how they threaten to detain the governor. Perhaps, the best thing to do now is to let the House arrest Marcos from her territory. It is not advisable at all to attend to any hearing anymore when you are not given the benefit of the doubt.

Unfinished Business with Ilocos 6

Sereno and Reyes previously issued a joint statement to urge the House committee on good government and public accountability to recall the show cause order it issued against the 3 CA justices from the Special 4th Division. It issued a ruling ordering the House panel to provisionally release the 6 Ilocos Norte officials. However, since 3 justices including Sereno already inhibits the case, the process stops.

Marcos’ Next Step

While the Marcoses exhaust other legal means, Gov. Marcos divulged that the original documents were turned over to COA but it lost them. The Ilocos Norte government said the “Ilocos 6” had “requested to see the original documents before testifying, lest they commit perjury by giving sworn statements based on possible falsified photocopied documents. Marcos cited an affidavit by COA janitor, Pedro Gorospe Jr., an employee of the provincial treasury who was recently assigned to the provincial jail. He confessed that he was compelled to steal the documents by Cynthia Gorospe. She is an employee and coordinator of Congressman Fariñas but she denied the acusation.

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Bongbong Marcos is Right that Fariñas in Congress is Cruel as COA Janitor Confesses


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

COA janitor, Pedro Gorospe Jr., an employee of the provincial treasury who was recently assigned to the provincial jail confesses that he stole the original documents of the Ilocos 6 case as compelled by his sister-in-law. Gorospe is the brother of Cynthia Gorospe’s husband, a trusted employee, and coordinator of Congress bully Rep. Rudy Fariñas. He discloses this in a signed affidavit.

Youtube video by; Elena Grace Flores
[VIDEO]: Bongbong Marcos explains the work relationship of the Ilocos Norte government officials with their Governor.

Where are the Originals?

It was a painful scene in the hearing when Farinas’ grilled each of the 6 Ilocos Norte officials as to where the original documents of the cash advance from the tobacco excise funds used to buy the farmers’ vehicles were. Since Farinas has their copies, it is logical to think that he should know where the originals were.

Missing Documents

The original documents were missing during the House inquiry into Ilocos Norte’s tobacco fund use last May 29. Lawmakers ordered the House arrest and detention of the treasurer and five other employees of the Ilocos Norte government for asking where the originals were because they cannot answer their questions accurately without those as a reference because the transaction happened many years ago.


Cynthia Gorospe, however, is in denial. She said that she did not steal the documents. That she only requested a photocopy of the vouchers in 2013 because of a personal grudge against a coworker, Genedine Jambaro. It turns out that she envies the latter’s lifestyle. The public can easily judge on this.

Congress Cruelty

The Congress is now perceived as a House of Horror just because of some abusive congressmen. They detained the Ilocos 6 indefinitely and threatened Gov. Imee Marcos with Contempt Citation with a matching detention room. Bongbong Marcos said that their actions are indeed cruel. Now that this scenario emerged, it is far crueler than people might think.

Imee Marcos says Fariñas aide stole COA papers

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Robredos’ Pro Tanto Recount Dismissal Plea Ignored as Marcos’ Supporters Pray at Supreme Court

supreme court

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Right after the preliminary conference of Bongbong Marcos’ electoral protest against Leni Robredo, she again revived her Motion for Reconsideration Pro Tanto. Pro Tanto is a Latin word that means “to such an extent.” She asks PET once again to dismiss  Marcos’ recount bid for his alleged failure to “specify in detail the electoral frauds and irregularities. However, Robredo’s repeated delaying action does not attract the mainstream media anymore. The Prayers of the avid Marcos loyalists at the Supreme Court grounds are indeed working.


Youtube video by; News5Everywhere
[VIDEO]: Nakiisa ang former senator at dating vice presidential candidate sa overnight vigil. Bukas magsisimula ang preliminary conference ng electoral protest ni Marcos laban kay VP Robredo.

Pro Tanto Status

Marcos received Robredo’s Motion asking the PET to allow her to file a supplement to her Motion for Reconsideration Pro Tanto that she originally filed last 24 February 2017. In her Supplement, Robredo once again asked the PET to dismiss his election protest for his failure to “specify in detail the electoral frauds and irregularities that were committed during the last elections”.

Prayer Works

Supporters of the namesake of Ferdinand Marcos were outside the Supreme Court prior to the preliminary conference. It was set in motion last July 11. They pray, share inspirational talks and sing songs of praise. Bongbong Marcos even thanked them all in person later that night. Then he showed up fresh the next day while Robredo missed it.

Vigil for the Truth

Some people cannot understand why Marcos’ supporters opt to hold a prayer vigil instead of a rally for the truth to come out. They urged the Supreme Court to order a recount of votes for Marcos and Vice President Leni Robredo in the May 9 elections. In response, the SC announced that the recount is prioritized and the digital election fraud issue is to follow only. This irked Robredo’s camp badly.

Pro Tanto becomes La Tonta

Despite gaining from the recent Pulse Asia Survey, Robredo remains unappreciated, naive and somewhat clumsy Vice President. Just like the Spanish character that depicts the same nature. Never under estimate the power of prayer. It simply works.

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Robredo’s Counter Protest Must be Dismissed as She Defies Supreme Court’s Recount Decision

supreme court

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Vice President Leni Robredo insists that the Supreme Court as the PET should first resolve the issue on the integrity and legitimacy of the digital election system. This is based on the sequence of issues raised Bongbong Marcos in his election protest. She pushes to delay the recount after her payment extension for the second tranche of her counter protest was granted. The SC also clarified that it is difficult to figure out the reliability of the automated poll. Therefore, it is best to move swiftly into the recount proceedings as per popular public demand.

Youtube video by; Elena Grace Flores
[VIDEO]: Bongbong Marcos says that Leni Robredo’s failure to pay the first and second tranches of P8 M and P7 M respectively on time is the basis for the Supreme Court to dismiss her counter-protest.

Pushes for Recount Delay

Robredo’s lawyers Romulo Macalintal and Maria Bernadette Sardillo state in a Manifestation said that she is “open to impleading the Commission on Elections or Comelec to prove the integrity of the AES. It is remembered that Marcos seeks SC to rule that the election agency must be barred from having temporary custody of the ballot boxes.

Marcos’ First Claim

Marcos raised with the PET the “flawed” AES. He cites the failure of elections in several provinces in Mindanao. The unauthorized introduction by Smartmatic’s Marlon Garcia of a new script into the transparency server on the day of the elections was stressed. Robredo’s camp said that Marcos’ claim of “system-wide vulnerability has a sweeping effect on a national scale.” So this can extend to all 92,509 clustered precincts that functioned in the 2016 national and local elections.

No Need to Fish Evidence

Sardillo also asks the PET  separately “to first resolve Marcos’ question on AES first before the recount. Macalintal accuses Marcos of “merely fishing for evidence.” The Robredo camp is badly hurt when Marcos changes his 3 pilot provinces.  All proofs are already with PET.  There’s no need to fish more evidence. They have more than enough.

Attempt to Stop the Recount Quest of the Supreme Court

Bongbong Marcos earlier thank the Supreme Court for their preparedness to facilitate the immediate recount. The pending motions for consideration are also set aside to avoid delay. The SC said that it is their intention to finally resolve who the real VP is. The recount is the best method to determine that. Therefore, they rule that the first issue of the digital election can follow after the recount is done. Robredo obviously doesn’t want this to happen immediately thus the reason for her insistence.