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Why do Attacks on Du30 Intensify as Bongbong Marcos’ Election Protest Win Nears?


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Philippine President Rodrigo Du30 hails the late President Ferdinand Marcos as a hero for many Filipinos. He stresses this during the former leader’s 100th birth anniversary. The opposition takes it as a campaign to rehabilitate the image of Marcos to help Bongbong Marcos’ political comeback. The younger Marcos’ election protest against VP Leni Robredo now results in a recount on March 19. He earlier discloses evidence of massive digital frauds. Now Atty. Romulo Macalintal appears to be lawyering for the Comelec. He claims that the squares are a new feature – that the parties apparently know of. He refers to the presence of the squares in the ballot images. Marcos’ spokesperson then dares him to produce any briefing made by the Comelec on the presence of the squares. Macalintal has not replied up to this time of writing.

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Same Accusations

Duterte, who faces the same accusations of major human rights abuses as Marcos, is a friend of the Marcos family. His detractors said that he plays a key role to bolster their efforts to regain the top echelons of political power. Marcos stepped down in 1986 to avoid bloodshed during the EDSA revolution. He died in exile in Hawaii three years later after the late President Cory Aquino disallowed him to return to the Philippines. He wanted to explain the alleged hidden wealth but Aquino refused. His enemies continue to accuse him of embezzling billions of dollars during his rule. That turns out to be a security seal for the welfare of humanity. Now, they aggressively launch a black propaganda against Du30 for the same reasons.

The President’s Dare to Resign

In October last year, Duterte dared Sereno and Ombudsman Conchita Carpio Morales to resign with him, saying the two had allowed themselves to be “used” in the corruption allegations against him. Sereno is battling an impeachment complaint that alleged she had undeclared wealth and betrayed public trust, among others. House lawmakers are expected to resolve within the month if there is probable cause for her impeachment.

Supreme Court CJ can be Fired

Leyte Rep. Vicente Veloso, vice-chairman of the House Committee on Justice, said Sereno only submitted one of her Statements of Assets, Liabilities and Net worth (SALNs) to the Judicial and Bar Council when the panel was deliberating on the new Chief Justice in 2012, despite a notice from the council directing applicants to submit all of their SALNs. A decision from the Supreme Court in 1963 established that “if at the time of appointment, petitioner did not have necessary qualifications for the office…then he did not have the right to be there,” said Veloso.

VP Electoral Protest Update

Marcos’ lawyer emphasizes that Macalintal is just being consistently untrue or he had a special briefing from Comelec exclusively for the then ruling Liberal Party. Either way, the existence of the square is an unlawful insertion and alteration of the digital image. Their excuses are so feeble and insulting to the intelligence of the Filipino electorate as it provides them too little too late, said Atty. Rodriguez. The squares should not be there because, during the source code review, no boxes were shown. If ever, the boxes must have been added after the source code review which is against the law, he added.

How Marcos’ Humanity Wealth Caused Bongbong-Leni War and Du30 Destabilization?

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Bongbong Marcos Camp: Macalintal’s Defenses Show what Robredo Thinks of Filipinos


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Bongbong Marcos’ spokesperson, Atty. Vic Rodriguez said that Atty. Romulo Macalintal’s excuses for his client VP Leni Robredo are so feeble and insulting to the intelligence of the Filipinos. It provides them too little too late.  In short, Robredo thinks Filipinos are stupid. The squares in the ballot images should not be there in the first place. The source code review shows no boxes. Adding it after the review is against the law,” he added.

Youtube video by; PagBabago Ng Pinas
[VIDEO]: Bongbong Marcos supporter, Maharlika details the actions of VP Leni Robredo’s Camp and her allies in power that made Filipinos look stupid.

Marcos Camp’s Counter Claim

The legal counsel of Marcos counters the claim of Vice President Robredo’s lawyer that Marcos was “ill-advised” over his allegations. This is concerning the ballot images in the electoral protest. Marcos’ spokesperson Vic Rodriguez maintains that square marks in the ballot images from Camarines Sur and Negros Oriental that his client previously publicized should not be there in the first place.

Misleading the People

Another “yellow” election lawyer Emil Marañon III supports the explanation of Macalintal. He is one of the counsels previously consulted by the Vice President’s camp. He is not an IT expert unline Atty. Glenn Chong who technically verifies the facts presented by Marcos in a press conference.

Questionable Features

The Vice President’s lawyer, Macalintal retaliates with a press conference to explain that the squares are merely among the new features of the ballot introduced in 2016. However, many IT experts can attest that these can be signals to transmit a defaulted report.

Trampled Rights of the Filipinos

“They have trampled on the right of the Filipino people and deprived them of their duly elected vice president. Now two years on, they are continuing their web of lies even in the face of direct and solid evidence of rampant cheating,” said Rodriguez. “This is the grandest and longest deception ever committed against the Filipino people,” he added.

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Why Bongbong Marcos Continues Protest Despite the PET Chair’s Biased Resolutions?


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Bongbong Marcos remains hopeful that the recount can put an end to the VP race dispute. He believes that despite Supreme Court Associate Justice Benjamin Caguioa‘s biased resolutions, there are justices who support his quest. He discloses this during the rally by his supporters directed to the PET last February 7 and 8 to supposedly watch out for the initially scheduled recount. It is his intention not to give up until the rightful VP emerges from the recount set anew on March 19, 2018, instead of February 8. He owes that duty to the neverending support of his loyalists.

Youtube video by; Elena Grace Flores
[VIDEO]: Bongbong Marcos addresses the frustrations of supporters. This is after the recent recount delay last Feb 8. He urges them not to get discouraged. Instead, continue to support the cause because, despite the biased PET chairmanship, he also has silent supporters inside the Supreme Court.

Unmatched Image Replicas

Vice President Leni Robredo seems to accuse the PET of giving Marcos the soft copies with alterations.  The latter also said that those with squares all went to Robredo. Robredo’s lawyer Atty. Bernadette Sardillo retaliates that if the Marcos team is present at the Comelec briefing, they won’t question it now. Marcos’ spokesperson Atty Vic Rodriguez replies sarcastically that the opponent has the privilege of PET’s exclusive treatment.

Marcos Forever

Crowds cheer as Bongbong Marcos shows up at the February 8 Supreme Court protest venue for the VP election recount.  He urges everyone to stay calm and be respectful of the law as he follows the mandate of the PET. The Supreme Court brings out the warrior inside each supporter if another delay happens.

The President’s Supporters

Right after disclosing that both camps have no pending motions Marcos loyalists to stage a protest watch rally from February 7, 2018, from 5:00 PM to the next day, February 8, 2018, in front of the Supreme Court. They said that some of the President’s supporters are also there.

Recount Delay

The recount of the ballots from Camarines Sur is initially set on February 8. Now, it is reset to March 19. Both camps accept each other’s challenges to withdraw all pending motions that can hamper the said recount. Then found out later that there are no pending motions from both. Can you blame Marcos for questioning the credibility of the Presidential Electoral Tribunal or PET chairmanship? He said that Supreme Court Associate Justice Benjamin Caguioa is biased in favor of Vice President Leni Robredo. However, this does not stop him from finding out the truth if he was cheated or not – with the help of his avid supporters.

Bongbong Marcos signs document to withdraw all motions from PET

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Lawyers of Both Camps Debate on VP Election Recount Delay – Falls on the Lap of Caguioa


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Atty. Vic Rodriguez, Bongbong Marcos’ spokesperson, and Atty. Bernadette Sardillo from Vice President Leni Robredo’s camp debate on the legality of certain types of motions for consideration and reasons for recount delays. Only to find out that both camps have no pending motions. Therefore, Marcos’ earlier plea to change the Chairmanship of PET sounds valid.

Youtube video by; Elena Grace Flores
[VIDEO]: The lawyers from the camps of VP Leni Robredo and Bongbong Marcos debate on recount delay. It is confirmed that there are no pending motions from both parties.

Media Stunts

Robredo’s camp gets the taste of its own medicine when Marcos discloses all its camp’s findings on the discrepancies in the ballot soft copies compared to the original. Sarcastic exchanges are evident but both lawyers remain professional. Atty. Sardillo expresses that Marcos must not go to the media directly so as not to mislead the public. However, she fails to tell her client and fellow lawyer, Atty. Romulo Macalintal who publicize every comment they want to say – valid or not.

Proper Legal Process

Atty. Rodriguez answers why they ignore Robredo camp’s advisory announcing that they would wait for Marcos last Feb. 7, at the Shakey’s Pizza on Roxas Boulevard in Malate, Manila. A restaurant is not the right venue for such legal process. It must be served in the attorney in charge’s office, he said.

Proof of Commitment

Atty. Rodriquez also stresses the importance of VP Robredo’s signing the withdrawal document for future motions to avoid further recount delays. He also assures that effective immediately until March 18, they do not have any objections allowing the recount for Camarines Sur to finally happen on March 19. The Vice President’s commitment on this issue must be sealed by her as she owes her position to the public.

Recount Delay

The recount of the ballots from Camarines Sur is initially set on February 8. Now, it is reset to March 19. Both camps accept each other’s challenges to withdraw all pending motions that can hamper the said recount. Then found out later that there are no pending motions from both. Can you blame Marcos for questioning the credibility of the Presidential Electoral Tribunal or PET chairmanship? He said that Supreme Court Associate Justice Benjamin Caguioa is biased in favor of Vice President Leni Robredo.

Bongbong Marcos signs document to withdraw all motions from PET

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Is Du30’s Hint to Resign an Indication of Bongbong Marcos’ Recount Win in Camarines Sur?


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Bongbong Marcos said that if he gets half of the 600,000 undervotes of Camarines Sur, no further recount is needed. This is likely because most if not all VP candidates during the election 2016 are from Bicol. Former Senator Gringo Honasan, Senators, Allan Peter Cayetano, Antonio Trillanes IV and Chiz Escudero are also from Bicol like VP Leni Robredo. Coincidentally, President Rodrigo Du30 hints of resigning that is now trending via social media. Marcos needs only 263,473 votes to be the rightful Vice President. Besides, it is unlogical that most votes just went to Robredo.

Youtube video by; Elena Grace Flores
[VIDEO]: Bongbong Marcos said that the anomalies found in the digital copies can easily surpass the discrepancy in Robredo’s VP win.

Marcos Withdraws Motions

Bongbong Marcos signs a JOINT MANIFESTATION to withdraw all and any pending motions relative to his election protest. Marcos’ spokesperson, Atty. Vic Rodriguez said that Robredo has no intention of withdrawing her pending motions because she did not sign the JOINT MOTION that her lawyer presented to the media. Rodriguez pointed out that in his JOINT MOTION only the name of Robredo’s counsel, Atty. Romulo Macalintal, appeared on the document.

Deceiving Act

According to Rodriguez, the absence of Robredo’s signature puts into question her sincerity to hasten the pace of the electoral process. It likewise casts doubt on the authority of Macalintal who signed the motion. Robredo could later on even disown the motion because it was made without her conformity. “Without Mrs. Robredo’s signature, the motion is a mere scrap of paper and maybe later disowned by her as having been signed without her authority. Looks like she wants to deceive the people again,” Rodriguez said.

Playing Games

Rodriguez questions the JOINT MOTION prepared by Macalintal saying the same only covered pending motions and not future motions that may delay the proceedings. He said Marcos’ JOINT MANIFESTATION was more sincere because it covered both present and future motions in the election proceedings. Macalintal then signed the joint motion with a prayer asking the tribunal to “withdraw any and all pending motion which may delay the recount proceeding.” Macalintal plays the PET again and said that ballot recount is set to start on March 19.

Resignation Speculation via Social Media

President Du30’s speech wherein he said that he might not finish his 6-year term because he has lots of enemies, stirs social media users. Both anti and pro Du30 supporters are reacting. The President is well-known for his squeaky move. He stunned everyone with the late President Ferdinand E. Marcos’ burial at the Heroes’ Cemetery. It is not impossible that one day, Filipinos wake up the next day only to find out that Bongbong Marcos is already the new President.

Robredo will not withdraw any pending motions – BBM camp