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Former NPA: Marcos is Not the Abuser but FVR – Martial Law is Needed to Instill Discipline

Martial Law

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Cabinet Secretary and NDF Vice Chairman Leoncio Evasco Jr.’s “Kilusang Pagbabago”, the communist coalition is said to be mobilizing an assembly to “Occupy Rizal Park” on February 25. At Quirino Grandstand, Duterte supporters are also eager to show off their number on Feb 25 and 26. There seems to be a battle between the Martial Law sympathizers and the Revolutionary activists. Let’s take it from the confession of former NPA on which is better.

Youtube video by; Jazzer musiko
[VIDEO]: A former NPA Reveals the truth about Martial Law and EDSA 1

Discipline is Needed for the Country’s Progress

The NPA’s rebellion in the past becomes the reason for the late president Ferdinand E. Marcos to declare Martial Law. However, not all of them hate Marcos. When they are arrested, it is not Marcos who allows abuses on them but the Philippine Constabulary chief, FVR or former president Fidel V. Ramos. Besides as a narco-country, police and military visibility is crucial to prevent crimes.

It’s all About Money for the Liberal Party

The former NPA in the video interview attests that they were only about 7,200 rebels during the martial law regime. He explains that the insurgents and the soldiers can’t be called victims when they are harmed during attacks. The victims are the collateral damage which should not surpass the number of NPAs. It is not logical that there are more than 100,000 claimants as Martial Law victims. When the Aquino government announces that compensations are allocated to alleged victims of abuses during the military rule, it is but natural that people who are desperate for money would also file for their claim.

LP Can’t Afford to let the Truth be Known about Martial Law

It is understandable that FVR and the Liberal Party people are very noisy about celebrating the EDSA People’s Power revolution in an extravagant way like how it is during the Aquino days. The present government opted for a smaller celebration at Camp Aguinaldo. This angers the yellow faction because if the people come to realize that it is not Marcos who is the culprit as what they are made to believe, compensations to alleged Martial Law victims, PCGG loots from the Marcoses, and funds from the oligarchs would surely diminish.

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Martial Law or Revolutionary Rule?

At the rate it is going, Martial Law seems to be the flavor of the month. The president for one won’t hesitate to declare Martial Law if needed. His more than 16 million avid supporters and the golden era people plus the mindful millennials are also for it. In fact, it’s only the Liberal Party people and the criminals who are scared of Martial Law. They are mostly the ones who cry for democracy but support the revolutionary movements with or without knowledge of it.

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China is On-board the ASEAN’S COC for South China Sea – but No Clue on New US President’s Stand

South China Sea

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

The Association of Southeast Asian Nations or ASEAN and China are unanimous in completing the standards of the code of conduct or COC to settle the South China Sea dispute. The COC is a binding agreement that ensures peace and stability in the region, parts of which the Philippines claims as the West Philippine Sea. Philippine Department of Foreign Affairs or DFA spokesman Charles Jose is confident that even China is onboard toward in this COC conclusion. The ASEAN foreign ministers are also scheduled to deal with the new leadership of the new US President.

Youtube video by; Rappler
[VIDEO]: ASEAN and China vow to finalize a framework code of conduct in the South China Sea by mid-2017, Philippine Department of Foreign Affairs spokesman Charles Jose says

South China Sea Claim

Philippine Foreign Undersecretary Enrique Manalo explains that ASEAN, which the Philippines is chairing this year, aims to arrive at a framework COC within the year. This COC is a binding agreement to ensure peace and stability in the South China Sea conflict. The Philippines claims part of it as the West Philippine Sea.

COC Framework

The framework COC is a vital step towards finalizing the COC itself. The fresh momentum on the negotiations between ASEAN and China over a COC is a hope to finally conclude this already 10 years in the making agreement. The big push is only triggered recently. The reason why the framework must be finished by 2017. The final code of conduct relies heavily on the said framework.

Ongoing Developments

Jose thinks that China is onboard this COC goal. The DFA spokesman tells this information to reporters as ASEAN foreign ministers prepare to meet in Boracay. One of the main agendas is the changes that the new leader of America brings. No clue yet on his COC thoughts but the news has it that US ships are patrolling the South China Sea.

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China Respects Freedom of Navigation but Against Sovereignty Threats

The U.S. navy clarifies that the strike group, including the Nimitz-class aircraft carrier the USS Carl Vinson, conducts “routine operations” in the South China Sea recently amid growing tension with China over its control of the disputed waterway. China always respects the freedom of navigation and overflight under international law, the Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Geng Shuang said. He stressed however that they consistently oppose to threats on its sovereignty and security under the flag of freedom of navigation and overflight.

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Gov. Imee Marcos: Edsa Drama Foretells the Family’s Pain but Brings Mindfulness to the People

Imee Marcos

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Ilocos Norte Governor Imee Marcos in her interview with Mocha Uson discloses how she feels about the 31st Edsa People’s Power Revolution. Since it is a painful event for their family, she finds comfort in looking at the positive changes it brings. Sad to say it is still work in progress but the mindfulness of the Filipinos on the country’s development is enhanced. The millennials need not be told about history. They search for the truth and discuss things over Facebook. So, they have real-time information. Unlike during the Edsa revolt, many people are clueless why they are there as explained by Maharlika – and not even one Aquino is in the event.

Youtube video by; Maharlika
[VIDEO]: Mocha Uson Interviews Gov.Imee Marcos and Maharlika

Marcos Stigma

Imee Marcos said that she and brother, Bongbong Marcos are even shocked with the intensity of the Marcos stigma. They are young when their father becomes president. Yet, they are often asked to explain the accusation against their father. She is, however, convinced that their patriarch has done more good than bad – or else, she won’t win as governor.

Entitled to Own Opinion but not Own Facts

Gov. Marcos admits that her father’s reign is not perfect but if this is compared to the yellow regime, the country during the Marcos era is more productive. President Digong’s disclosure on his flexibility to resort to martial law when there’s a need for it made the Governor realize that since many people are outlaws, the country needs utmost discipline. People should search for the truth first before making false accusations. There’s no such thing as own facts, just opinions.

Infrastructure and Agriculture

It is a pride of the Marcos golden age that infrastructure and agriculture yields are abundant. People are not hungry. Jobs are not scarce because public services are the priority of the Marcos government. This is the opposite during the Aquino stints – where the poor becomes poorer and the rich becomes richer – just like before martial law.

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Marcos Rule Mishaps

The good governor also admits that there are mishaps during the Marcos regime. Abuses do exist in the military but not as extensive as publicized. There are laws that are not implemented in localities due to lack of political will by some local leaders. The Marcos siblings try to correct these mistakes in their own capacities – and that’s when they know they are loved by many people.

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Davao Death Squad: Former Mayor’s Order to Kill Criminals Made Him Win the Presidency

Davao Death Squad

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

In today’s Filipino society after the big disappointment from the “straight path” policy of the Aquinos’, the people do not worry anymore in determining who’s right or wrong – but who can do the job well. This is the reason why the former Mayor of Davao City won as President because of his vigilante style of instilling peace and order in his territory. What’s the big fuzz with the revival of the Davao Death Squad Drama?

Youtube video by;
[VIDEO]: Retracting his earlier testimony at the Senate, a Davao City policeman who had testified on the Davao Death Squad (DDS) resurfaced on Monday and claimed that President Rodrigo Duterte ordered the killings of criminals in Davao City when he was still its mayor.

Lascañas’ Testimony

The Free Legal Assistance Group presents SPO3 Arturo Lascañas during a press conference in the Senate. He claims that the president personally ordered them to kill criminals when he was still the mayor of Davao. He also testifies that the existence of the DDS is real.

Killing for Money

Lascañas details his claims that DDS members are paid by the former mayor from P20,000 to P 100,000 depending on the importance of their targets. He also expresses his regrets in his part in the killings of his brothers because of money. This is a great proof that Lascañas will say anything for money.

All Lies

Lascañas’ statement is a turnaround from his earlier testimony when he faces the Senate justice and public order committees that investigated the alleged extrajudicial killings in the country. He said that Matobato’s testimonies implicating him as a member of DDS are all lies. Does he still have credibility after changing stands? It’s clear that for him, it’s just a matter of how much!

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Political Will

The former Mayor’s political will to implement laws and take care of the people is what made him win the presidency. Besides, he cannot be impeached for anomalies that happened in the past and not directly related to his current position. All these accusations as usual, will remain a media propaganda and nothing else.

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DDS Propaganda Did Not Matter because People Know that the President’s Military Hold is to Protect Citizens


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

The loyalty of the military to the administration is vital in the leadership of the President as he expresses during the Philippine Military Academy or PMA alumni homecoming recently. The president said that he needs the military in leading the county. Not for social control but for the protection of the citizens from the lawless, the reckless, and the selfish people of society. This is contrary to the Davao Death Squad or DDS drama in the senate probe. Those rumors are not new in Davao but none of that matters because the people know that the scare is the President’s way of protecting his constituents.

Youtube video by; KyleIsAwesome
[VIDEO]: Dinner with Philippine Military Academy (PMA) Class ’67
President Rody Duterte speaks before the golden jubilarians, Philippine Military Academy (PMA) Class ’67,

No Situation that could Warrant Martial Law

Persistent fears are created by the president’s critics that his strong-handed actions are a prequel to the declaration of martial law. The president is quoted as saying that he won’t hesitate to proclaim martial law if needed. Armed Forces chief General Eduardo Año clarifies this by saying that there is no situation that warrants the declaration of martial law. The military is in full control. Martial Law is feasible only when there is destabilization as per the constitution.

Boost the Military’s “Morale”

Upon his inauguration, the president sees to it that he visits camps nationwide. These are his means to boost the troops’ morale. It is also possible to enlist military support for his war against illegal drugs. Año also denies a possible coup against Duterte. He assures that the whole armed forces are solid behind the President up to this moment. Their focus is to eliminate all internal threats.

ISIS Resistance

The president discusses the need to continue his war on drugs. The influence of the foreign terrorist organization Islamic State (ISIS) in the country must also be contained. The ultimate purpose of these operations is to instill peace and order for the general public. Somehow, ISIS finds its way into the country but the administration devotes all available assets and resources to secure Mindanao.

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DDS vs Various Wars

Duterte ordered the “cleansing” of the Philippine National Police and said he was extending the war on drugs to the last day of his term. Año said he has ordered the troops to intensify operations against local terrorist groups. “As soon as possible, we should reduce or eliminate the Abu Sayyaf,” he said. If DDS can handle these threats, then let it be – as per the attitude of the Filipino majority.