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Robredo Forgot that she’s in the Position to Cheat – as administration bet!

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Leni Robredo’s fear that there might be a repeat of the alleged cheating in the 1986 snap elections during the Presidential race between the father of her rival, Ferdinand Marcos and the mother of her boss, Cory Aquino is baseless. In fact, she is in the position to cheat – or at least the people behind here. As Chiz Escudero puts it; only the administration is capable to cheat!

It is also obvious that she is doing her own “mind-conditioning” stints – proclaiming herself many times during interviews as winner despite the absence of the official canvass results. Why does she wonders why the Marcos camp is claiming a lead of more than 100,000 votes based on their internal tally of certificates of canvass (COCs)?

Don’t they have their own internal tally like Marcos? So, if they don’t have the initiative to secure that,then how could they make sure that the official canvass tally coincides with their internal results or maybe she did not know that they have to make their own records based on what they witness in the tallying of total votes from the clustered precincts count? This is actually the very reason why they need to watch these physical activities closely and not just rely on the server data.

In response to GMA’s report: News

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Robredo-Aquino: Husbands’ Deaths Staged for Public Sympathy?

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Former President Corazon Aquino’s entry to the top public office happened because her late husband then Senator Ninoy Aquino who intended to topple the late President Ferdinand Marcos was assassinated upon his arrival at the airport tarmac. Marcos warned him not to come back considering the unrest at that time – that might endanger him, but he was quoted as saying; the Filipinos are worth dying for. It was a perfect drama and so, majority of the Filipinos were influenced to vote for Cory but Marcos still won, thus the birth of the Edsa People’s Power revolution that instilled her into power in 1986.

Despite Cory becoming president plus her son Noynoy continuing another presidential term after her, the crime remained unsolved. They can only blame Marcos but imprisoned military men who were part of the security team confessed that the alleged mastermind of the killing was Eduardo Cojuanco – a kin of Cory Aquino.

Now, many Filipinos can’t help but wonder if Jesse Robredo’s, Leni’s husband’s 2-engine light aircraft crash was an accident or staged for his widow to get sympathy votes? What do you think?

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Marcos: Win or Lose, his time for top office will come

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Senator Bongbong Marcos just requested an official canvass and to stop the unofficial server count. He never said that there’s fraud yet. He was just fazed with so many irregularities in the inconsistent number of votes reported. Duterte, the incoming president vowed to look into this.

He said; “In this hotty contested Vice Presidential unofficial results and even reports of irregularities, we call on our supporters and the public to monitor calm and sobriety, and to maintain calm and sobriety, and to await these official results, we appeal for vigilance so that, ultimately, whoever may be proclaimed as winners, the true voice of the Filipino people will prevail.”

Win or lose, a Marcos is a Marcos and he will have his stint in the top office at the right time!

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Robredo-Marcos: It’s tampered – do not accept

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
It’s time to stop hurting people on both sides of the game. It has proven than Comelec has tampered the server. It does not matter how minimal the tampering is – it’s still tampered. Is the featured image familiar to you? We are not advised to drink or eat tampered products. We can either get poisoned or die. The same as the VP election results. It’s deadly for Marcos’ and Robredo’s supporters.

Who can blame Senator Bongbong Marcos into speculating that there’s indeed fraud when the results trend changed overnight? Better yet, Comelec confessed doing minor tampering – but it’s not their call to say it’s minor nor any IT expert. The fact that it’s tampered plus there’s discrepancy between the 2 transparency servers – with one is intended to mirror the other.

In fairness to Leni Robredo also – you won’t be proud claiming the position when many people would think that you are cheating even if you are not. So, manual recount is a must if the ballots are not tampered yet. It is also ideal to conduct another Vice Presidential and Senatorial election because there are many unanswered questions on why such candidates won – and they surged just after Comelec tampered the server.

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President Noy’s Indifference when it comes to Sabah?

Hassanal Bolkiah 2002
Hassanal Bolkiah 2002 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yes, it is quite understandable that Sultan Bolkiah of Brunei’s state visit to the Philippines is for discussions over the ASEAN Summit where Brunei is the host country; but if the President is really concerned about the Sabah conflict, he will take the initiative to insert in the agenda the Sabah issue – even just to get the side of the Sultan of Brunei, since they originally owned the ancestral domain – and their royal ancestors were the ones bestowing it to the Sultanate of Sulu. What is he trying to prove for not lifting a finger over it – and instead just lifting an eyebrow? This is definitely a missed opportunity as per this news:

Sabah, sea row not on Noy-Bolkiah agenda

By: Aurea Calica

MANILA, Philippines – President Aquino is not likely to raise the issues of Sabah and the West Philippine Sea with Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah of Brunei during his two-day state visit, Malacañang said yesterday. Presidential spokesman Edwin Lacierda flatly said “no” when asked whether Sabah would be discussed with Bolkiah.

We can surely feel the sentiments of Sultan Jamalul Kiram’s people – asking what kind of President do we have who will just give a cold shoulder when many Filipinos are already slaughtered in Sabah – plus the sufferings of the regular deportees who will remain homeless whether they are in Sabah or in the neighboring islands of the Philippines. Mr. President, where is your heart?

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Human Rights Violation Over Sabah Crisis

English: Coat of arms of the Philippines
English: Coat of arms of the Philippines (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When do you know that your human rights are violated? Where do you turn to when your government that is supposed to protect you will not do anything to give you justice? Perhaps, we should learn from what the concerned citizens of the Philippines are doing based on this article:

PH lawyers, civil society groups seek UN intervention on Sabah crisis


MANILA, Philippines—Philippine lawyers and other members of civil society groups have sought the intervention of the United Nations over alleged human rights violations in Sabah.

At last, the affected Filipinos can now be rest assured that they are not alone in their quest in reclaiming their ancestral domain. Hopefully, there will be more human rights groups that will follow suit.

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