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Marcos Detractors Turn to Imelda as the VP Electoral Protest Pilot Recount Finishes


By: Elena Grace Flores

The VP electoral protest recount is now finishing in the 3 pilot provinces of Bongbong Marcos. PET must issue a ruling few months from now. This seems to be the fear of the presumptive Vice President Leni Robredo’s camp. Plus the rest of the Marcos detractors. The massive propaganda against the former First Lady is nothing but to discredit her son. This is their enemies’ chance of tainting the narrative. A jail term for her is unlikely according to the law. Despite that, the LP manipulated media massively covers comments on her alleged arrest or imprisonment.

YouTube video by Philippine Scoops

[VIDEO]: Ordered Arrested! Imelda Marcos found GUILTY after 26 years on charges against her!

Mere Gossips

Atty. Glenn Chong said that comments about parole, pardon, and probation in the case of Rep. Marcos must not be the highlight at this stage of her case.  The accused has not been sentenced yet and there’s no final judgment on these 7 counts of graft verdicts as the appeal for each is on its way.

More Remedies

The judgment on Rep. Marcos is not final because she could still file a motion for consideration at the Sandiganbayan. Worse comes to worst, even if the motion is denied, she can still appeal it to the Supreme Court. Unless the decision is executory, talks on the pardon, parole and probation are not necessary unless the detractors are into politicking someone who can hold the highest position in the land. It looks like attacking the mother to destroy the son scenario.

Jail is Far Away

The Marcos patriarch is somewhat safe from jail even if the judgment on her cases becomes final. She can always bail out.  It is very possible that the court grants her that option because of her old age. The former first lady can still have her freedom after all.

Senator To Be

Whether or not the bail is approved or canceled, the judicial jurisdiction prevails. Under the 114 NIV Rules, Rep. Marcos’ age is a big factor. She can remain free while the appeal is ongoing. Former Senator Juan Ponce Enrile’s case is the same. Although his case is plunder and not graft.

Electoral Protest or Perpetual Disqualification?

On the issue of perpetual disqualification to hold public office, this decision will only be final if the judgment is already executory. Therefore, Rep. Marcos can still run for Ilocos Norte governor. Meanwhile, nothing is heard from the mainstream media about the VP electoral protest update of Bongbong Marcos. They even failed to report on Smartmatic’s no-show during the November electoral reforms hearing. There’s no mention about the missing 10 voting machines as well. It won’t be a surprise anymore when the tide turns to BBM’s favor soon. The panic is pretty obvious amongst the anti-Marcos stalwarts.

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Bongbong Marcos: Greets His Ate Governor and Future Senator Imee in a Hilarious Way


By: Elena Grace Flores

Bongbong Marcos said that his elder sister who is running for Senator has been his source of inspiration. She is really an “ate” in the great sense of the world. Someone whom the VP protestant looks up to ever since they were younger. Gov. Imee Marcos often introduces difficult words and a model for parents in bringing up their children. However, these are presented in a hilarious way in the birthday video.

YouTube video by Bongbong Marcos

[VIDEO]: Happy Birthday Ate! I know you will always succeed at all that you do! Enjoy your day!

The inspiration of Many People

Gov. Imee Marcos is not only her brother’s inspiration but the model of many people. Despite their many down periods, she remains positive and forgiving. Her heart was not hardened by the sad circumstances in their lives. Yet, like gold, it shines furthermore.

Offering Her Hand

Gov. Imee as she is fondly called often lends a hand to help those who are in need. Moreover, this is projected in the video literally. At a drugstore, the governor happened to greet people. She then extended her hand to the sellers for a handshake. Unfortunately, the supposed recipients were either stunned or surprised that they just froze.

Down to Earth

The airport clipping also shows her being so down to earth. She naturally takes off her shoes following the airport check-in protocol as a safety measure. All of a sudden, she outbalances when attempting to wear her shoes back.

Senator To Be

Gov. Marcos said in a statement: I believe I can contribute much to our country when it comes to the economy.” She cites some of the country’s problems, such as inflation and the rising prices of commodities. As the eldest daughter of the late president Ferdinand Marcos, she earns the respect of the clan. She also served as Ilocos Norte governor starting from 2010 up to the present. The lady governor is on her last term.

Happy Birthday

The Marcos supporters join Bongbong Marcos in greeting the future Senator a happy birthday. At the beginning of the video, her brother apologizes for not having a naked woman somewhere because his wife, Liza did not agree with it. This gives way to the detractors to criticize. Nevertheless, this is the reason why most people can relate to the Marcoses. They are just so real and very Filipino. Especially when it comes to humor.

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Rep. Imelda Marcos’ Jail Term Exception Can’t be Based on Age as Per Leni Robredo


By: Elena Grace Flores

The presumptive Vice President Leni Robredo said that the verdict of Rep. Imelda Marcos’ 7 counts of graft proves that the Marcoses were guilty of such accusations. Meanwhile, the Malacañang’s statement reminds Public officials to see the conviction of the Ilocos Norte Representative that they also can be held accountable if they do some abuses. Robredo adds that if the congresswoman can still run for public office in the midterm elections, she must serve some jail time if she can still party.  She even compares, Marcos’ case with Senator Leila De Lima’s plight.

YouTube video by PH News Unfiltered

[VIDEO]: REAKSY0N ni Leni Robredo sa desisyon kay Imelda Marcos. Panoorin.

Official Statement

President Spokesperson and Chief Legal Counsel Salvador Panelo issued the statement after the Sandiganbayan announced its guilty verdict in the graft cases against the former first lady. We treat this decision by the anti-graft court as a good reminder to all public servants that public office is a public trust and that we are all accountable to the people we serve,” Panelo said in a statement on Friday.

Respect for the Sandiganbayan

Malacañang said it respects the Sandiganbayan’s ruling. “The Executive Branch is not in the business of exerting undue interference. Nor it will influence in the affairs of another separate and independent branch of the government. As such, we manifest our respect for the decision of the Sandiganbayan,” said Panelo.

Impartial Justice

The ruling, he added, only proved that the country has an “impartial” justice system. “While we note that there are still legal remedies available to Congresswoman Marcos, this latest development underscores that our country currently has a working and impartial justice system that favors no one,” said Panelo.

Political Supporter of the President

The Marcoses supported the presidential bid of President Rodrigo Du30, which the President is grateful about. Du30 also openly expresses his preference for former senator Bongbong Marcos as vice president so he could feel resign anytime. The younger Marcos has an electoral protest against the opposition leader who won in the 2016 polls by a narrow margin possible because of digital fraud.

Jail Exception is Unfair to Senator De Lima?

Robredo strongly stresses that the justice system must improve. Aside from the very long process, it is also somewhat unfair. She cites the age consideration. Rep. Marcos is already 89-years old and like former Senator Juan Ponce Enrile, she cannot be jailed. While Senator De Lima is serving a jail term without a concrete evidence, the older Marcos is still free despite the 7 counts of graft, Robredo said. However, De Lima is found guilty of drug-related cases whereas the former first lady’s verdict is non-executory yet because she can still file an appeal. Another thing, graft pertains to the diversion of funds, unlike the unbailable plunder which is getting a commission or benefitting directly from the government’s coffer. Rep. Marcos repeatedly reveals that it is not them who steal money but it was the PCGG who robs them. What’s ironic about that is, there were no missing funds during the Marcos regime. In fact, the people were well provided for through government facilities. Most of which stand durably until this time.

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Election 2019 Noise: See Why Former First Lady Imelda Marcos can Still Run for Governor Despite Graft Conviction


By: Elena Grace Flores

It took 27 years for the Sandiganbayan Court Fifth Division to sentence former First Lady and Rep. Imelda Marcos. It also happens to coincide with the upcoming midterm election where she is running for the current post of her daughter, Gov. Imee Marcos. Not too long after Gov. Marcos’ Congress intimidation, her mother is now the target of dirty politics. While the Marcos matriarch would be disqualified from holding public office if the conviction isn’t overturned, she still can continue to run in next year’s gubernatorial race until the anti-graft court’s decision is finalized.

YouTube video by News5Everywhere

[VIDEO]: Nag-ugat ang kasong graft sa naging partisipasyon ng congresswoman sa pagpapatakbo ng mga foundation sa Switzerland habang nasa gobyerno.

Warrant of Arrest

Since Rep. Marcos failed to appear in court at the end of her corruption trial, an arrest warrant is issued against her. The 89-year-old widow of the former President Ferdinand Marcos was not present in court Friday. It was announced that she had been found guilty of seven counts of graft. Despite her absence, Marcos was sentenced to a minimum of up to 11 years for each count. She was acquitted on a further three counts of graft. However, she can post bail and perhaps not spend any day in prison.

Cases in the 1990s

Marcos, a member of the Philippines House of Representatives, will be given 30 days to explain her absence. The charges, filed in 1991, are traces from companies set up by the family in Switzerland prior to her husband’s ouster in 1986. Re. Marcos held various positions in her husband’s government during his 21-year regime while she was the first lady.

Almost the VP

Imelda Marcos’ son, Bongbong Marcos narrowly lost the election for Vice President of the Philippines in 2016. His protest against the presumptive VP, Leni Robredo is still ongoing. Currently, there are still 1,284 ballot boxes that remain to be counted from Negros Oriental. The 388 ballot boxes are now completed from its 4 towns and 2 cities. The damaged 194 ballot boxes may be verified using the decrypted ballot views as per the wish of Robredo’s camp.

Accusations are Stronger During Elections

The Marcos family were accused of stealing billions of dollars from the Philippine people during her husband’s presidency. Nevertheless, the numbers do not add up. All the funds during the Marcos regime are all accounted for. Many of their patriarch’s projects are still serving the people to this date from hospitals to roads. Nicknamed the “Iron Butterfly,” Rep. Marcos was portrayed to have a lavish spending. She left over 1,000 pairs of shoes and more than 800 purses behind when fleeing to Hawaii in 1986. These were used to magnify her alleged extravagance. Only to find out that most of these shoes are made or samples from her supported shoe industry in Marikina.

Next Possible Steps

As loud as it may seem, the verdict is not yet final. Rep. Marcos still has many remedies to resort to. She can appeal to the Supreme Court for one if the conviction is not reversed in the Sandiganbayan Court. At the end of the day, all these will just be the same old noise during elections. Perhaps the reason why her daughter who is running for Senator can’t comment more on this issue.

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Gov. Imee Marcos at 63: All Endorsements for Senator are Welcome


By: Elena Grace Flores

Gov. Imee Marcos said that It’s Showtime host Vice Ganda is right to say that a viral photo of himself arriving in Ozamis City alongside the November 12 birthday celebrant shouldn’t be taken as an endorsement of any kind. The governor is no-doubt a dashing personality at 63 years old. Although Gov. Marcos adds that all endorsements for her as Senator are welcome for her election 2019 quest. At this point in time, her popularity is already surging high.

YouTube video by Allan Diones

[VIDEO]: Ms. IMEE Marcos, NAGSALITA na tungkol sa PAGKIKITA nila ni VICE GANDA sa OZAMIS City!

Vice Ganda’s Clarification

To my fans who are asking: I don’t care about Imee Marcos’ itinerary in Ozamis. I went there to entertain people from Ozamis. Not to endorse any politician. I am not a Marcos endorser! This is what Vice Ganda tweeted when the pictures of their chance encounter went viral on social media.

Popular Candidate for Senator

Gov. Marcos, the elder sister of VP Protestant, Bongbong Marcos is the incumbent governor of Ilocos Norte and is the daughter of the late president Ferdinand Marcos. She will be running for a Senate seat in 2019. Her supporters are aiming for the number one Senator post that is likely to happen if the election is not manipulated digitally.

The Yellow Media’s Effort

The yellow media naturally did a major PR campaign on Vice Ganda’s denial of not being a Marcos supporter. Vice seems to have performed in the city over the weekend, based on pictures from an Ozamis-based photography studio. Marcos is cool about this saying that it is indeed true that there was no political agenda during the coincidental meeting. It just happens that there’s only one flight to the destination that day.

Sad about Nora Aunor

Though reportedly part of the shortlist of nominees, actress Nora Aunor is not chosen for the honor as one of the members of the new set of national artists despite her massive contribution to the entertainment industry. Gov. Marcos is quite pissed off about this because, for the second time, Aunor is again ignored for the recognition award. However, the Palace said that Aunor is the “People’s Artist.”

Senator at 63

Since as early as a few days ago, birthday greetings for the Senator are flooding social media pages. Her birthday is on 12 November 1955. She is also really fond of the local activities in her home-town. One of which highlights gay beauties. Marcos is larger than life especially when she laughs out loud. She would really paint the town red during her celebration with the people who support her all throughout the years.