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How can Robredo Make a Plea to Resolve Bongbong Marcos’ Electoral Protest Prior to Evidence Submission?

Electoral Protest

By: Elena Grace Flores
Just shortly after the PET’s denial of the presumptive Vice President Leni Robredo’s plea to resolve Bongbong Marcos’ electoral protest, Marcos urges the tribunal to set a preliminary conference for the submission of evidence. This comes following the death of Pastor Boy Saycon who was an integral part of the presentation of witnesses at the Senate.

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One News PH[VIDEO]: PET junks Robredo plea to immediately resolve Marcos’ poll protest

Robredo’s Premature Conclusion on the Electoral Protest

PET, in its notice of resolution said: “What protestee seeks is the immediate resolution of the instant protest.” The Tribunal has yet to complete the proceedings following Rule 65 of the 2010 PET Rules. This entails judicial recount, revision, and appreciation of the votes cast in protestant’s pilot provinces.”

False Claim

Macalintal, in the motion, also claims that after the ballot recount, Robredo’s winning margin in the three pilot provinces jump to 278,215. This is 15,742 votes more than the 2016 election returns. Macalintal tabulation shows Marcos receiving 14,159,535 votes after the recount. This number is 4,191 higher that the election returns. Nontheless, in July, the PET denied Robredo’s claim of victory. It calls the figures she cited “speculative” and her premise “fundamentally flawed.” Robredo had claimed her lead grew by as much as 15,000. This is allegedly based on the results of the recently-concluded revision, recount and re-appreciation of ballots from the 3 pilot provinces.

Marcos’ Call to Satisfy Public Interest

“Protestant Marcos is now compelled to humbly request this Honorable Tribunal to set the above-entitled case for preliminary conference in accordance with Rule 56 of the 2010 PET Rules. That the dates for the reception of evidence and the submission of the affidavits of the witnesses may finally be fixed,” he said in the motion filed through lawyer George Erwin Garcia. “Public interest demands that this electoral controversy be resolved with dispatch to determine once and for all the genuine choice of the electorate for the contested position,” he added.

Evidence First

The PET also deferred action on Marcos’ move to conduct technical examination on ballots outside the 3 pilot provinces he initially chose. The PET said its rules allow the tribunal to conduct revision of ballots and reception of evidence on the designated pilot provinces first, and on such basis, dismiss the protest if it finds that the protestant will most probably fail to make out a case.

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Will the Re-installation of a Marcos Continue after Pastor Boy Saycon’s Death?


By: Elena Grace Flores
Only a few hours before the proclamation of President Rodrigo-Du30 as President and Leni Robredo, the questionable Vice President, Pastor Boy Saycon reveals the whisleblowers who seek refuge to him. They enumerate the machine manipulation to prevent Bongbong Marcos from getting the second position of the land. Saycon made the Aquino-Binay tandem successful during the last administration but campaigned for the loss of the Dilawans by uniting the 2016 opposition stalwarts. These are the Binay, Honasan, Marcos and Du30 factions. He continues to support Marcos’ return until his death recently.

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Pastor Boy Saycon’s Uniting Power

Pastor Boy as he is known is a well-respected king-maker in Philippine politics. He is the brain of the 2016 united opposition that topples the Aquino contender for President. He, however did not materialize the return of a Marcos to the executive office because of the alleged rigging of votes. Nevertheless, his network did not stop from making this a reality for the good of the Filipinos to this date. In fact, his death inpires key players to see his vision through.

Disunity is Hindering Marcos’ Succession

Despite the obvious hand of the President that favors the Marcoses from the Heroes’ Cemetery Burial to the acquittal of former First Lady Imelda Marcos from billions of the so-called hidden wealth cases, some loyalists are still swayed by the Dilawan-kind of thinking using the pride factor that Marcos can stand alone without Du30’s support. This is detrimental not only for Bongbong Marcos to succeed Du30 but also for retaining the anti-Aquino forces within the government itself.

Social Media’s Misleading Propaganda

The Marcoses themselves plead to their supporters to be patient and trust the justice system for the results of BBM’s electoral protest. It is just sad that many groups are planning to disrespect Bongbong Marcos’ insight into how to proceed with his fight. They are launching destructive disunity campaigns against any Marcos supporter from other political affiliations that are key players during the 2016 opposition slates. This can quickly shrink Marcos’ network of supporters. Not just online but also inside the Congress. Marcos’ installation can never happen if he does not have the majority votes for future nomination or presidential appointment that is likely to happen in the future senatorial or congressional hearings.

The Death of the Unity Keeper

Saycon, a man who built a reputation as a political operator died of pneumonia last August 8, 2019. He was 68. Saycon worked for former presidents Fidel Ramos, Joseph Ejercito Estrada and Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, as well as for President Rodrigo Du30. He was the adviser for international affairs until his death. A member of the EDSA People Power Commission but swears to reinstall a Marcos to power after realizing Aquino’s wrong moves that compromised his righteous beliefs. The go-between of Du30 and Binay and a passionate Du30-Marcos driver.

Another Justice is Served to the Marcoses in the Hands of President Du30

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Another Justice is Served to the Marcoses in the Hands of President Du30

Imelda Marcos

By: Elena Grace Flores
It looks like President Rodrigo Du30 is true to his campaign promise. A couple of months after his election, the President issued a memorandum order allowing the late President Ferdinand Marcos’ burial at the heroes’ cemetery. He said that he is qualified to have his resting place there as a soldier and former President. Now, after more than 30 years, the P102-billion forfeiture complaint against President Marcos’ widow, Imelda Marcos faces its dismissal over insufficient evidence. Is the turnover of the presidency to BBM next?

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GMA News[VIDEO]: Malacañang: Tinutukoy ng pangulo ang umano’y ill-gotten wealth na ‘di pa napapatunayan sa korte

Panelo’s Previous Hint

In a press briefing, Presidential spokesperson Salvador Panelo said that he uses his common sense about the Marcoses’ alleged stolen wealth. The black propaganda says that they stole around 400 Billion Dollars from the country’s coffer. Nonetheless, the Philippines never had that kind of money even until this time. How can they have an ill-gotten wealth when it cannot come from the nation’s treasury?

The Case of Imelda Marcos was Dismissed

The Sandiganbayan has dismissed the P102-billion forfeiture complaint against former First Lady Imelda Marcos, and their cronies over insufficient evidence. In a 67-page decision dated Aug. 5, the Sandiganbayan 2nd Division said the Presidential Commission on Good Government (PCGG), the agency tasked to recover the Marcoses’ ill-gotten wealth, failed to present evidence that the accused committed such crimes.

Campaigning for her Son’s Presidency

The now-90-year-old Marcos is widely acknowledged to have been a driving force behind the 21-year reign of her husband, Ferdinand. He died at age 72 in 1989, having fled to Hawaii. Amidst this corruption stories, there are groups that are focusing on Marcos’ current campaign to guide her 61-year-old son Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. to the Philippines’ vice presidency and eventually the presidency on or before the 2022 elections.

Obvious Timing

The good news about Imelda Marcos’ acquittal coincides with the Showtime Documentary Films’ The Kingmaker. This is about the Marcos family’s political reign in the Philippines, an entry to the Venice Film Festival. Another obvious timing is the impeachment complaint against the presumptive Vice President Leni Robredo. The involvement of lawyer, Larry Gadon and Sol, Gen. Jose Calida to her sedition case already raised some eyebrows. Although Bongbong Marcos cannot benefit from it directly, there’s a constitutional way to make good of the President’s promise. That is through nomination of the Congress and the leader’s direct appointment.

Bongbong Marcos Praises President Du30 for Pushing Smartmatic Out

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Bongbong Marcos Praises President Du30 for Pushing Smartmatic Out

Bongbong Marcos

By: Elena Grace Flores
While the misunderstanding causes chaos among the Marcos loyalists because of misinterpretations of the President’s comments, Bongbong Marcos praises the President for personally pushing Smartmatic out. This then results to the formation of the electoral reforms senate committee where Senator Imee Marcos is the chairwoman. Changes in the electoral protest proceedings are necessary because they made the plight of the protestants difficult, said Marcos.

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Eagle News[VIDEO]: Sa Ganang Mamamayan interviews former Senator Bongbong Marcos

Impeachment Does Not Benefit Bongbong Marcos Directly

Bongbong Marcos agrees that he cannot benefit directly from the impeachment of the presumptive Vice President, Leni Robredo if the complaint against her is successful – unless he is nominated and approved by the Senate. In short, nominated by the Senate, appointed by the President for a cabinet position, and confirmed by the Congress.

Sol Gen Calida’s Hand for BBM

Marcos also denies his involvement with Solicitor General Jose Calida’s assisting the filing of the sedition case against Robredo. They are not close friends, he said. It just happens that it’s the mandate of Calida’s office as the lawyer of the government.

The President’s Campaign Promise

Like the Endo, president Du30 himself already discloses his wish to get rid of Smartmatic. Although its removal is not in his hands, the formation of Senator Marcos’ electoral reforms committee arises because of that. As what the lawmaker said, it’s purely constitutional and not presidential. Changes in the election laws are necessary. It’s only Smartmatic that would qualify as the election device provider at the present time.

The Importance of Unity

Former Senator Marcos is confident that if given the chance to be Vice President for just a short time, he can still make a substantial contribution to the government because the two of them are on the same page. The alliance is a powerful bond because this allows the continuity of the President’s projects. Not to mention the possible turnover of the presidency from Du30 to Marcos as promised during the election campaign period.

Senator Imee Marcos’ Solution on Kris Aquino’s Confusion Over Du30’s Remarks

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Senator Imee Marcos’ Solution on Kris Aquino’s Confusion Over Du30’s Remarks


By: Elena Grace Flores
In connection with Kris Aquino’s misunderstanding on President Rodrigo Du30’s remarks, Senator Imee Marcos previously urges those who have personal knowledge of former senator Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino Jr.’s murder to come forward. This is to allow the truth about her father’s involvement to come out and end all speculations about the case. Like what the Marcos loyalists always ask; Why did the two Aquino Presidents fail to find the real assasin? Instead, it’s a Marcos who pursues the opening of the case.

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ABS-CBN News[VIDEO]: The World Tonight: Gunman in Aquino assassination insists on innocence, wants case reopened

Wrong Interpretation

President Du30 recently said that the late President Corazon Aquino is popular today just because her husband died in the hands of Marcos.This sarcasm is not a compliment to the yellow icon. It simply means that the late President Ferdinand Marcos was in great hierarchy than Aquino – that they have to blame him for the assassination of her spouse to gain sympathy from the people.

The President’s Explanation

Du30 made the statement as he laments Aquino’s promise to declare land reform in all of the Philippines but did not include her own land, Hacienda Luisita. In his speech, the Filipino leader said that Aquino may be known as an icon of democracy but but questions the contradiction on her own agrarian reform program.

Escalated Propaganda

Aquino’s assassination was a contributing factor in the transformation of the small opposition during Martial Law. His assassination galvanizes the opposition even more and got widespread support for their cause. It culminated in a People Power revolt in 1986. Now, his daughter uses the President’s figure of speech to separate the Marcos-Du30 alliance.

Senator Imee Marcos’ Solution

Senator Marcos refuses to comment on the possible reopening of the case. She points out that only the courts can determine whether any new evidence will merit a reinvestigation.

She said a “cycle” of commemorating “landmark dates” has been going on for the past several years. This cycle begins with the EDSA people power revolts on Jan. 20 and Feb. 25, Aquino’s death anniversary on Aug. 21, her father’s birth anniversary on Sept. 11, the declaration of martial law on Sept. 21, and her father’s death on Sept. 28. “We call these landmark dates,” Marcos said.

The Senator rules out speculation that her father ordered the killing of Aquino. She claims it was “a known fact that her father was extremely ill that time.” “My father has said, ‘I will be judged by posterity and history,’” Senator Marcos said.

Bongbong Marcos Urges Loyalists to Stay Calm with Comelec’s Supreme Court Excuse for the Win